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You can now view all of your personalized horoscopes for your sign, and this since 2013. Your monthly horoscope is offered over the years with advices on Love, Shape, Social Life. It tells you of heavenly influx you will cross over time so check them without further delay.

Discover Your Monthly Horoscopes for 2026!

In 2026, Neptune enters Aries for good and leaves its home, Pisces, which it has occupied since 2011. The last time Neptune was in Aries was in the 19th century (from 1861 to 1874) and corresponds to the American Civil War and the abolition of slavery. Therefore, we can hope for fundamental changes in humanistic issues, even if these changes require some upheaval. In February, Saturn will join Aries and, willy-nilly, structure and organize a metamorphosis. At the end of April, Uranus enters Gemini for 7 years. This planet of change will be much more at ease in this mobile and adaptable sign than in static Taurus. Chances are that changes will be more flexible, better accepted, and better lived. Communication and exchange will change dramatically during this transit.In 2026, Neptune and Saturn will be conjoined in early Aries, in sextile with Uranus in early Gemini. This dynamic and positive combination means a more balanced, better managed, and more fulfilling society for all of us...

Discover Your Monthly Horoscopes for 2025!

The major event of 2025 is certainly the passage from Pluto to Aquarius. Indeed, the slowest planet in the solar system remains about 25 years in each sign! By entering the innovative and humanistic sign of Aquarius, the planet of metamorphosis carries great hopes: renewal, rebirth and creative dynamism are in the spotlight. By entering Aquarius, Pluto is also positioned in the trigon at Uranus, at the very beginning of Gemini, the harmony between these two air signs promises a beautiful agitation, full of new ideas and unusual desires, 2025 is a year of great changes, obsolete traditions definitively gone to the trap, it is a definite chance to start again on new bases, more collective, more fair ... More human ...

Discover Your Monthly Horoscopes for 2024!

In 2024, Jupiter crosses Taurus and emphasizes the acquisition of material goods. You are on the hunt for comfort and pleasure. The formed by Pluto may, in the first months, incite excesses, so it will be useful to think before spending or investing too much. Everyone seeks to live peacefully in a comfortable context, making the most of what life can offer. We consciously appreciate what we have acquired. Feelings also take up room, with strong desires that could sometimes induce jealousy or possessiveness, but it is globally a year full of well-being and simple pleasures.

New: Discover Your Monthly Horoscopes for 2023!

upiter spends all of 2023 in Aries. This big, expansive planet in a sign as audacious as Aries is a guarantee of success for some and excess for others but for all, Jupiter represents a reservoir of overflowing energies.
Personal initiatives will be encouraged but egocentrism and intolerance will happen too. It's up to everyone to make the most of this powerful influence. In Mars, Saturn will move from Aquarius to Pisces and nuance the atmosphere by bringing a certain wisdom, spirituality, and a lucid opening to the world, with a great increase in our intuition, premonitions, and forebodings. It will take advantage of the marriage between instinct and logic.

They're here: Your Monthly Horoscopes for 2022!

In 2022, Jupiter crosses Pisces and raises all ideals by several notches. It is a great year to improve, reorganize, reorient our lives, and bring us closer to our deepest aspirations. Opportunities will not fail to work for the concern of humanism and collective interests, and thus we elevate ourselves to a more spiritual dimension. Everything that can expand our horizons is favoured during this year: travel, meetings, studies ...
Saturn who spends the year in Aquarius completes this influence by encouraging us to take our responsibilities, showing ourselves to be more rigorous and more autonomous.

Your Monthly Horoscopes for 2021!

2021 begins with a somewhat difficult aspect between Saturn, a very restrictive planet, and Uranus, who induces inevitable changes. Here on Earth, this global conflict reproduces intergenerational conflicts and a stressful climate. Young people want to live freely and they risk rebelling, so it is recommended that they control their impulsiveness. Mars in good aspect to Neptune, at the beginning of the year, may provoke a mission, a purpose or a calling since creativity will be concretely encouraged on this front. Mercury in retrograde until the 23rd will, as usual, causes setbacks, distractions, unpleasant incidents or annoying delays. However, he will remain in beautiful aspect to Jupiter and encourages the expression of ideals, he will bring spirituality to those who lack it and practical sense to the others!

Monthly Horoscopes for 2020!

The year 2020 begins with a rather rare aspect: the conjunction between Saturn, a planet of restriction and Pluto, a planet of metamorphosis, in Capricorn. This transit induces a rigorous atmosphere but encourages us to take the necessary step back for introspection and to draw a line on what is not essential.

Jupiter, on his side, is in trine with Uranus for the first few months of the year. Decisions are more constructive and happy changes occur. Inventiveness and bold ideas emerge and meet favorable echoes. This transit positively influences the world of communication and business and announces an expansion, both collectively and for the well-being of everyone.

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