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Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope. Here, they are for this month of June 2024!

The Sun, moving through Gemini, if it exalts our desire to love and be loved (on the 4th),could expose us to some disappointments and frustrations on the 9th, where our desires seem to hit a wall. While the sun promotes reflection on the 14th, beware of misunderstandings and other miscommunications that may blur the frequency around the 20th, where a not-so-artistic ambiguity reigns in our exchanges. From the 22nd, the Sun will move into Cancer, a sign that connects us to our past, invites us to connect with our loved ones, and concerns ourselves with our home, family life, and private life.

Mercury completes its journey in Taurus on the 3rd, not without contributing to harmonizing our exchanges. A conspiratorial atmosphere, inspired communication, allows us to elevate discussions. Also, count on the "messenger of the gods" entering the sign of Gemini on the 3rd to, from the 4th, instill a sense of joy and enthusiasm that will warm our hearts. A joyful announcement, the promise of social, financial, or spiritual expansion? The flow may not go as smoothly on the 12th, where our exchanges hit a wall or reach an impasse, as well as on the 17th, where errors in judgment are not to be excluded. From the 17th, Mercury will move into Cancer. An opportunity to convey our messages more gently on the 17th and then raise our voice a bit to make ourselves well understood on the 21st. At the very end of the month, Mercury will give our interventions a serious tone, reflecting our willingness to take on responsibilities on the 26th but also to develop bold ideas and break free from outdated rules and codes on the 30th.

Venus in Gemini until the 17th, while enchanting our hearts and making us see life in a rosy light on the 4th, could somewhat darken the atmosphere on the 8th. A climate of austerity or even frustration could depress us a bit. Around the 17th, be careful not to mistake empty promises for true oaths! On the same day, Venus enters the sign of Cancer and promotes more intimate exchanges. At the very end of the month (on the 29th),count on its tender influence to soften a slightly offensive tone aimed at convincing.

Mars in Aries until the 9th urges us to act, initiate a process, innovate. From the 9th, the warrior planet enters the sign of Taurus until July 20th. Despite its rather peaceful aspect, let's beware of the sign's tendency to resist if we wave a red flag in front of it! What to fear then? The temptation to aggress everyone to achieve our goals. Power struggles are indeed on the agenda on the 11th, with some tough conflicts to be expected. Fortunately, we will be more inclined to discuss, negotiate, find solutions to ongoing debates on the 21st, and smooth things over on the 29th.

Jupiter does not evolve comfortably in the sign of Gemini (because it is in exile). While this configuration undoubtedly boosts our curiosity, thirst for exploring other avenues, and communicating (even seducing) in all directions, let's be clear in our intentions. If Jupiter in Gemini encourages mental speculation, beware the temptation to deceive others by relying on our exalted eloquence to cheat. Also, be cautious about the risk of being deceived and led astray. In June, Jupiter starts by favoring growth, significant and often unconscious movements contributing to our collective flourishing (on the 3rd, 4th). A feeling of euphoria will prevail in minds and in our societies. Be careful not to get too carried away, as we could be somewhat disappointed in our expectations and hopes around the 17th.

Saturn in Pisces could equally push us to internalize more, explore our inner world, or lock ourselves into constraint! It's up to us to determine whether we prefer to disengage (at least internally) from beliefs that have run their course or to endure. In June, the austere planet may play its worst role around the 8th, 9th, and 12th, ingeniously frustrating our desires and exposing us to a slight downturn, even in morale. Saturn will, on the other hand, help us get our ideas in order, with communication taking a more sensible, thoughtful turn than repressive on the 26th.

Astrology: What You Need to Know

As the Moon moves at full speed in the zodiac (it travels approximately one sign in two days),we can't detail its evolution in our astral press review! However, its influence can activate sensitive points in the map of our sky... If you wish to know the Moon's position day by day, consult the ephemerides*, which will inform you about the daily position of the planets.

GMT (Greenwich time meridian): universal time to which you have to add (currently) for France one hour in winter and two hours in summer to determine at what exact moment the planet enters a new sign, crosses another planet, etc...

The planets in retrograde: The apparent movement of a planet that gives the impression that the planet stops and then starts again. This phenomenon actually results from the difference between the speed of revolution of the planet and Earth around the Sun. In astrology, a retrograde represents a force that works against the current. Generally, it corresponds to the internalization of energy. Sometimes, it means restraining evolution and recommends that the individual ask themselves about the work to be done to free themselves from the debts of the past or to exploit their potential more consciously!

Domicile of a planet: The sign in which a planet evolves in affinity (for example, Venus in Taurus). The planet then expresses its potential without constraint, freely and creatively...

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