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Sunday, February the 17th
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12 tips for a gentle winter
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Around the Stars this month !

  Written by Daisy

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope February 2019 ! here, they are for this month of February 2019!

Your ephemeris February 2019

The Sun who evolves in Aquarius until the 18th, will promote change and encourage initiatives that can help us widen our horizons and surpass ourselves (the 8th and 19th). The opportunity, therefore, to go ahead and do everything possible to achieve, why not, an ideal. From the 18th, the star of the day migrates in Pisces from where it will inspire our actions at the end of the month (the 28th) where, in connection with our intuition, we will have an offensive energy and a beautiful determination that will enable us to direct our destiny to our idea and to lead our battles masterfully, with undisputed authority.

Mercury finishes his race in Aquarius on the 10th, not without having first activated our brains (the 3rd). Count on this "messenger of the gods" to strengthen our mind and provide us with a striking force that should not fail to mark minds (the 8th). If one adds originality and a desire to renew oneself, to break with customs, tradition, and the routine then we can only congratulate ourselves (the 9th) for having dared to launch into the nature of these propositions and bold projects. From the 10th, Mercury slips into Pisces where he exalts our intuition, sharpens our flair, and connects us to a superior vision of the world (the 19th); this could dictate some inspiring plans. It is up to us not to overstep the boundaries (on the 22nd) if we want to embody our ideas and move to the top (on the 23rd) with success.

Vénus will leave Sagittarius on the 3rd, not without having thrown some last dice likely to make sparks in our hearts. We are, thus, not immune to a crush (love at first sight), a stroke of genius, or a promising return of an old flame on the 2nd. From the 3rd, Vénus migrates to Capricorn. A priori for the best on the 17th, where inspiring encounters and tender head-to-head’s are part of the program for a day under the sign of romanticism. Let’s hope these lyrical flights do not dispense us (the 18th) from reflecting on the nature of our commitments. It will be time to probe their depth, in order to determine if they can (not, or no longer) hold the road. Vénus will “hit us in the guts” on the 23rd. She will then have to deal with our impulses, compulsions, and making our way in our unconscious mechanisms so that our passions can express themselves in a positive and constructive rather than instinctive way.

Mars in Aries until the 14th will put pressure on us on the 2nd. Some overflows or anger are possible, try to avoid the damage. Then, this spirited planet will be allied with Mercury (which will calm things down and calm our mental agitation) on the 8th, it’s suggested to use our forces to launch concrete initiatives rather than fight, come to blows, or waste our time. Let us be careful, however, on the 13th when, combined with the electric energy of Uranus, Mars could well push us to go beyond the limits. From the 14th, Mars invests in the most peaceful sign of Taurus which should channel its powerful flows and invite us to then lead constructive and decisive actions on the 28th.

Jupiter evolves since November 8th in Sagittarius. It is a question of concretizing the evolution that was accomplished since the autumn of 2016. A blooming now at hand, a direction to take which favours a broadening of our horizons, and an opening on many fronts, including that of the soul, which is likely to increase the humanistic and spiritual dimension of our lives. In February, Jupiter wants only good for us, or almost. We will be able to count on the dynamism and enthusiasm of this giant of the zodiac on the 3rd to see far and wide and drop our blinders on the 8th. It will be the moment to try everything to realize our ambitions of all kinds. Still, we will have to be careful not to exaggerate our powers on the 22nd where the best could turn into the enemy of good.

Saturn evolves since December 20, 2017 (and until December 2020) in the sign of Capricorn which he controls. At ease and in its element, Saturn will try to materialize the changes that began these last few days and have been under construction for a long time. Not necessarily in joy and good humour but with the firm intention to build on solid ground. In February, count on this great teacher of the zodiac to encourage reflection and calm our emotions. Now is the moment to take stock of our feelings and our commitments, and address the issues of substance that arise on the nature of our loves (the 18th). There is no risk of getting lost in overly romantic overflows that Saturn will sift through on the 20th so that we remember our stories with only authenticity and the ability to last.

Uranus which slipped temporarily into Taurus from mid-May and into retrograde since August 7th in Aries will stay there for a final round until March 6, 2019. In February, Uranus boosts our desire to live, love, and openly express our feelings, even if it means making a few waves (the 2nd). This free spirit of the zodiac will then have fun playing the instigator. Just enough so that the original ideas fuse and audacious projects regain their legitimate place (the 9th). Be careful, however, that your proposals do not take a turn that is too reckless, even aggressive on the 13th where it would seem wise to lower our tone to get our messages across smoothly rather than trying to exaggerate the buzz. Fortunately, we can count on infinitely creative thoughts on the 18th to accelerate the movement, the change, and to propose some new ideas.

Neptune is at home (*) in the sign of Pisces that he definitively invested in since February 2012, we gradually emerge from the spirit of the clan and broaden our horizons on all levels, be they moral, ethical, or religious. But it can, in case of difficulty with other planets, reveal the part of illusion, confusion, and wandering contained in each of us and in our political, ethical, and religious systems currently so sadly human. In February, Neptune raises the debate and promotes great impulses and feelings. A wave of romance on which we will surf with delight comes on the 17th. Let's also count on this Neptunian flow to inspire us, reinforce our imagination, and lift us from the ground on the 19th where some of us may have a little trouble coming down and coping with the banality of everyday life.

Pluto continues to progress in the sign of Capricorn from where, since 2008, he operates a transformation of our societies and all our systems (political, economic). In February, this "lord of metamorphoses" begins by sparking and pushing us to conflict. So let's keep calm and defuse the battles and the anger by addressing as gently as possible the issues that annoy. At the end of the month (the 23rd), Pluto will force us to question our instincts, our emotions, and decipher what pushes us, again and again, to reproduce the same patterns and behaviours in love. A small wind of passion could then blow, happily channelled by a deep reflection. Enough to take off but not without a belt.

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