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Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope. Here, they are for this month of February 2023!

The Sun in Pisces until the 20th will favor the manifestation of our intuitive perceptions at the beginning of the month (on the 6th). Let's take advantage of this to move the lines, to find ingenious, daring solutions to problems (private or social) that are dragging on! On the other hand, beware of errors of judgement, of shooting around the 16th! A bad interpretation or even a wave of misinformation could lead some people to make bad decisions, to criticize without foundation and especially without discernment. Fortunately, reason and common sense should take over on the 20th. From this date, the star of the day migrates into Aries and launches a new (zodiacal) cycle of evolution.

Mercury leaves the sign of Aquarius on the 3rd, but not without having encouraged us to dig into some sensitive subjects (on the 2nd). From the 3rd, the "messenger of the gods" migrates into Pisces, exalting more our intuitive faculties, the expression of our emotions than a mental apprehension of the world around us. If Mercury sharpens our feelings, invites us to innovate, to push back certain preconceived ideas (on the 11th),the planet could well mislead us or generate misunderstandings (on the 16th) and conflicts, spats (on the 17th). However, certain elements of reflection should help us to better understand the issues at stake and then to calm down the debates (the 19th). From this date on, Mercury will enter the sign of Aries. New ideas, intense and more creative, productive exchanges could then enlighten our end of month (the 28th).

Venus will evolve in Aries until the 16th favoring love affairs, lightning bolts and other (emotional, creative) enthusiasms. The beginning of the month could fill some people with joy (sentimentally, materially) and create a euphoric atmosphere in the homes. Our exchanges will probably be intense and creative (on the 11th),but beware of untimely outbursts (especially passionate) around the 16th! From the 16th onwards, Venus moves into Taurus. This is an opportunity to calm things down a bit (on the 17th). Not for long, because at the end of the month (30th) we are not safe from a sudden realization that could lead us to apprehend love and relationships in a different way, to commit ourselves hastily or to break up!

Mars has been in Gemini since August 20, 2022 and will leave the sign on March 25, 2023. A conjuncture that has generally favored lively (even tense) exchanges, controversy and "cow" humor, debates (conflicts) of ideas. The warlike planet will continue to maintain controversies, but will smooth out its approach a little on the 11th when Venus invites it to smooth things over a little. Alas, Mars will return to its potentially aggressive nature on the 15th, but also on the 16th and 17th when certain misleading and false information could encourage it to go on the attack! Be careful then, in this half of the month, not to take the wrong target, not to support unjust causes! From the 25th, Mars enters the sign of Cancer. This is an opportunity to end the month on a less offensive and a priori more constructive note (30th).

Jupiter in Aries (until mid-May) could generate a little wind of enthusiasm and warm up our end of winter (on the 2nd). Enthusiasm is reborn, the hope of a financial improvement, of an emotional outburst warms up the atmosphere a bit. Ditto at the end of the month (28th) when communication seems to be in the spotlight and could benefit from a real willingness to open up debates, to broaden our horizons rather than withdrawing into ourselves in a counterproductive way.

Saturn will enter the sign of Pisces from the 7th onwards, but not without having ended its journey in Aquarius with an invitation to explore subjects (especially societal ones) related to our individual and collective freedom (notions that have been strongly challenged since Saturn's first incursion into Aquarius in March 2020) on the 2nd. Saturn in Pisces could just as easily push us to go deeper into ourselves, to explore our inner world, as to lock ourselves in. It's up to us to decide whether we prefer to free ourselves (at least internally) from beliefs that have run their course or to endure. In March, the austere planet will tend to bring us back down to earth on the 17th. There is no question of fantasizing too much about our loves and various attachments, but rather of trying to defend and anchor ourselves in values that have proven themselves (family, country, etc.) on the 30th.

Astrology: What You Need to Know

As the Moon moves at full speed in the zodiac (it travels approximately one sign in two days),we can't detail its evolution in our astral press review! However, its influence can activate sensitive points in the map of our sky... If you wish to know the Moon's position day by day, consult the ephemerides*, which will inform you about the daily position of the planets.

GMT (Greenwich time meridian): universal time to which you have to add (currently) for France one hour in winter and two hours in summer to determine at what exact moment the planet enters a new sign, crosses another planet, etc...

The planets in retrograde: The apparent movement of a planet that gives the impression that the planet stops and then starts again. This phenomenon actually results from the difference between the speed of revolution of the planet and Earth around the Sun. In astrology, a retrograde represents a force that works against the current. Generally, it corresponds to the internalization of energy. Sometimes, it means restraining evolution and recommends that the individual ask themselves about the work to be done to free themselves from the debts of the past or to exploit their potential more consciously!

Domicile of a planet: The sign in which a planet evolves in affinity (for example, Venus in Taurus). The planet then expresses its potential without constraint, freely and creatively...

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