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Daisy | 18/02/2011 - Last modified: 12/01/2021

Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope. Here, they are for this month of January 2021!

The Sun that evolves in Capricorn until January 19th will make it much easier for us to access our intuition on the 8th! A perfect moment to carry an ideal or to develop our creative capacities, to subtly connect ourselves to the world around us to grasp its soul and spiritual essence! Let's bet on the star of the day to precipitate the necessary metamorphoses and questions on the substance on the 14th! From the 18th, the Sun will migrate to Aquarius! The opportunity perhaps to overcome obstacles, enlighten in consciousness all that prevents us in one way or another to advance, to progress (the 24th). Caution however recommended on the 26th where any initiative intended to free us from too limiting or even frustrating conditions will have to deal ! Expect to have to manage conflicts (between the desire to move forward and the desire to go backwards or at least to camp on our positions! At the very end of the month (on the 29th),a burst of enthusiasm, an opening could be on the horizon and encourage us to rejoice?

Mercury finishes his race in Capricorn on the 8th but not without first calling upon our intuitive resources (the 1st) allowing us this day to launch creative debates. From the 8th, Mercury invests the sign of Aquarius where he clearly displays his intentions to play the free electrons. From the 9th, polemics could arise from a desire to oppose any innovative approach. We can probably expect to have to endure blockages in communication (and transportation?) around the 10th! Between a blaze of optimism, enthusiastic speeches, vibrant messages (on the 11th) and equally strong controversies (on the 12th),the atmosphere is likely to be electric on this day when the tone could well rise and go beyond the sound barrier! Starting on the 30th, any discussion or negotiation started in January will go a bit empty and in circles to resume more freely than on February 21st. Perhaps we should take advantage of this temporary pause to sharpen our strategies and arguments!

Venus present in Sagittarius until the 8th will be relatively discreet. From the 8th onwards, the delightful planet that invests the sign of Capricorn will try to pacify a little the exchanges that are likely to be tense in January. It will deploy all its natural benevolence but will also surf on the wise and reasonable side of Capricorn to calm down the game and curb a little too much of a tendency to raise the tone and turn up the sound in January. In particular, she will make every effort to round out the corners on the 9th and 14th! A priori with a certain success on the 23rd where allied with Neptune she will help us to pacify the debates and especially to raise them! At the end of the month, let us still count on Venus to probe our heart, to channel our emotions and to try then to use them for good purpose for example to precipitate any happy and especially essential metamorphosis (the 28th)!

Mars ends its long transit in Aries (begun on June 28, 2020) on January 6, 2021 and invests the sign of Taurus on the same day! Let's bet that in this rather peaceful sign, which generally agrees to leave its comfort zone only if provoked (the red rag blow),the warrior planet does not depart from its offensive reputation! Moreover, it will start the next day (the 9th) to make prowess and especially sparks. In particular by igniting debates and feeding polemics and critical attacks! Be careful then that this aggressive tendency does not push us in the dead end (the 13th) or worse to flip out and to go into a spin on the 20th where the sky turns into a storm! Debates also tend to foresee the 23rd where power relations could agitate the day and turn some against others!

Jupiter will evolve in Aquarius until December 29, 2021. In this naturally freedom-loving sign, the giant of the zodiac will work mainly to try to broaden our horizons and may well push us to renew our conception of society and our involvement in the process! At the risk that we may be tempted and led to break with the past and the conventional if we judge that the framework they offer us has become obsolete, narrow or even totally outdated. In January, Jupiter starts strong! Already on the 11th, where it should be in charge of boosting communication and giving birth to some brilliant ideas about the best way to open us to other political, social, economic and ideological perspectives! The climax of the month is around the 17th when Jupiter collides with Uranus and ignites the powder keg. A perfume of sulfur and a wind of revolt (or even revolution) blows and strengthens on the 20th! It's up to us to try to transform this surge of fever and enthusiasm on the 29th where, illuminated by the Sun, Jupiter will encourage the best and the worst!

Astrology: What You Need to Know

As the Moon moves at full speed in the zodiac (it travels approximately one sign in two days),we can't detail its evolution in our astral press review! However, its influence can activate sensitive points in the map of our sky... If you wish to know the Moon's position day by day, consult the ephemerides*, which will inform you about the daily position of the planets.

GMT (Greenwich time meridian): universal time to which you have to add (currently) for France one hour in winter and two hours in summer to determine at what exact moment the planet enters a new sign, crosses another planet, etc...

The planets in retrograde: The apparent movement of a planet that gives the impression that the planet stops and then starts again. This phenomenon actually results from the difference between the speed of revolution of the planet and Earth around the Sun. In astrology, a retrograde represents a force that works against the current. Generally, it corresponds to the internalization of energy. Sometimes, it means restraining evolution and recommends that the individual ask themselves about the work to be done to free themselves from the debts of the past or to exploit their potential more consciously!

Domicile of a planet: The sign in which a planet evolves in affinity (for example, Venus in Taurus). The planet then expresses its potential without constraint, freely and creatively...


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