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Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope. Here, they are for this month of October 2023!

The Sun is in Libra and urges us to think our way out of a complex situation (personal, social, political, etc.) (the 20th). It will come up against collective resentment, even mass movements or protests (on the 21st). From the 23rd onwards, the star of the day migrates into Scorpio where it will be in conjunction with Saturn (on the 24th),a return to reason or more constructive reflection to be hoped for.

Mercury ends its course in Virgo on the 5th. If the "messenger of the gods" blurs exchanges a little and is a possible vector of lies or misunderstandings (on the 2nd),let's count on his analytical side to unveil certain secrets and clean up exchanges a little (willingly or not) on the 3rd. From the 5th on, Mercury takes over the sign of Libra until the 22nd. If he strengthens our mind and communication (on the 20th),it's not sure that it's for the best (on the 21st),given the dark areas we maintain and the weaknesses that are difficult to admit. Mercury will move into Scorpio on the 22nd and will contribute to rationalize our approach to any situation, even if it is confusing or obscure. Be careful, however, at the end of the month (the 29th),not to get up in arms about everything and anything, not to amplify certain events which could become a resonance chamber for anger, a resentment too quick to express itself.

Venus, in Leo since June 5, will end its long journey in this sign on October 5 to enter the more cautious and less expansive sign of Virgo. On the 10th, she will come up against Saturn, who is not very inclined to express herself on a sentimental level. A chill is to be expected: a difficulty to communicate, to find oneself within the duo and frustrating exchanges are to be feared. Fortunately, the atmosphere should warm up around the 22nd, some will meet an enthusiastic person while others will rekindle the flame with the one they love, a day when you will want to enjoy yourself and have a good time. At the end of the month (31st),your madness continues to spice up your love life and invites you to create, to innovate, to transcend everything you touch.

Mars will leave the sign of Libra on October 12, not without having considerably influenced events (world, collective, political, economic). Beware of explosions, outbursts of violence, initiatives dictated by repressed anger that could incite the community to rebel against authority (on the 9th). A return to calm, to reason, is to be hoped for on the 13th, if you manage to channel possible outbursts by proposing solutions likely to calm things down in the long run. From the 12th, Mars moves into Scorpio where the warrior planet could contribute to further straining already sensitive situations, to adding fuel to the fire (28th, 29th).

Jupiter in Taurus favors growth, abundance and increases our thirst for stability and harmony. In October, the giant planet will exalt our need to enjoy life, to take full advantage of the present moment, while supporting our creativity. This is an opportunity to boost our business, to hit the jackpot (on the 22nd). On the other hand, you should not abuse your strength and enthusiasm on the 28th and 29th, because the best will be the enemy of the good and will push you to go over the top and into a frenzy if you are not satisfied with your lot.

Saturn in Pisces could just as easily push us to go deeper into ourselves, to explore our inner world, as to lock ourselves in. It's up to us to decide whether we'd rather break free (at least internally) from beliefs that have run their course or suffer them. In October, the austere planet should play a stabilizing role, inviting us to reflect before speaking and acting (on the 13th, 22nd, 24th),even if it means restricting a little our sources of contentment (on the 10th).

Astrology: What You Need to Know

As the Moon moves at full speed in the zodiac (it travels approximately one sign in two days),we can't detail its evolution in our astral press review! However, its influence can activate sensitive points in the map of our sky... If you wish to know the Moon's position day by day, consult the ephemerides*, which will inform you about the daily position of the planets.

GMT (Greenwich time meridian): universal time to which you have to add (currently) for France one hour in winter and two hours in summer to determine at what exact moment the planet enters a new sign, crosses another planet, etc...

The planets in retrograde: The apparent movement of a planet that gives the impression that the planet stops and then starts again. This phenomenon actually results from the difference between the speed of revolution of the planet and Earth around the Sun. In astrology, a retrograde represents a force that works against the current. Generally, it corresponds to the internalization of energy. Sometimes, it means restraining evolution and recommends that the individual ask themselves about the work to be done to free themselves from the debts of the past or to exploit their potential more consciously!

Domicile of a planet: The sign in which a planet evolves in affinity (for example, Venus in Taurus). The planet then expresses its potential without constraint, freely and creatively...

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