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Edito: Browse through the stars to know the position and movement of the planets. An astral landscape written by Susan which also helps you to understand your monthly horoscope. Here, they are for this month of June 2023!

The Sun in Gemini encourages all forms of communication. Beware, however, of possible frequency interference that could alter exchanges and mislead one of the two parties (on the 19th). From the 21st, the star of the day moves into Cancer. There is no question of skimming over the issues at hand, but rather of approaching them with the utmost seriousness (the 29th). Especially if they concern family or country.

Mercury has been in Taurus since April 21 and will end its journey on the 11th. Expect to be surprised (or to be surprised) on the 4th when some news could change the game and allow us to break with the past in one way or another. Exchanges will be about a quest for ideals and the implementation of a more inspiring worldview (on the 9th) to allow us to build (rebuild) on other foundations (whether on a personal or collective level). From the 11th (and until the 26th),Mercury migrates into Gemini. At ease in this sign where the planet is in domicile (*),we can bet that it will help us get our messages across smoothly (on the 17th). However, we may have to deal with some blockages and delays that could make us feel a little constrained (15th). If discussions get a little more polemical, they should not get too out of hand (the 21st),but some may not be totally frank and honest (the 25th). From the 26th, Mercury enters Cancer where he will close the month (30th),rather inclined not to take anything lightly.

Venus in Cancer until the 5th will start the month on a high (the 2nd). Whether it is in love or in any other field, let's expect to soar at fifteen thousand feet and to dream high. The delicious planet will invest the sign of Leo on the 5th. However, let's be careful not to take our desires for reality too much on the 5th and the 11th when our thirst for strong emotions could push us to exaggerate our powers and ask too much from others and from life in general! Exchanges are likely to be tender, but more balanced on the 17th.

Mars is in Leo until July 10. If we can count on the warrior planet to animate the debates (on the 21st),it is not sure on the other hand that we will remain masters of our impulses, emotions and passions on the 26th when conflicts and confrontations could break out and the situation could degenerate and take a somewhat explosive turn.

Jupiter in Taurus generally favors growth, abundance and increases our thirst for stability and harmony. If last month (around May 18) we could see that there are exceptions to the rule, in June (the 19th),the giant of the zodiac will agree with Saturn to try to reassure us and help us build on solid ground. Let's just be careful (on the 11th) not to get our eyes too big for our stomachs.

Saturn in Pisces could just as easily push us to go more inward, to explore our inner world, as to lock ourselves in. It's up to us to decide whether we'd prefer to free ourselves (at least internally) from beliefs that have run their course or to endure them. In June, the austere planet will forbid us to fly over current issues (on a private or social level) and will take charge of bringing us back to the essential, even if it means frustrating a little our desire for lightness (on the 15th). A little lead in the wing, but also the opportunity to define a program that holds the road. There is no question of wasting our possibilities by ignoring reality, but rather of moving forward by taking into account the lessons learned from the past (the 19th).

Astrology: What You Need to Know

As the Moon moves at full speed in the zodiac (it travels approximately one sign in two days),we can't detail its evolution in our astral press review! However, its influence can activate sensitive points in the map of our sky... If you wish to know the Moon's position day by day, consult the ephemerides*, which will inform you about the daily position of the planets.

GMT (Greenwich time meridian): universal time to which you have to add (currently) for France one hour in winter and two hours in summer to determine at what exact moment the planet enters a new sign, crosses another planet, etc...

The planets in retrograde: The apparent movement of a planet that gives the impression that the planet stops and then starts again. This phenomenon actually results from the difference between the speed of revolution of the planet and Earth around the Sun. In astrology, a retrograde represents a force that works against the current. Generally, it corresponds to the internalization of energy. Sometimes, it means restraining evolution and recommends that the individual ask themselves about the work to be done to free themselves from the debts of the past or to exploit their potential more consciously!

Domicile of a planet: The sign in which a planet evolves in affinity (for example, Venus in Taurus). The planet then expresses its potential without constraint, freely and creatively...

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