Horoscope October 2022

Written by Daisy

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The planets may well make you goats, dear native zodiac. What is this sad air that invades the atmosphere in most natives? The arrival of autumn brings with it a little melancholy. You will have to juggle between setbacks and imponderables, all while maintaining an Olympian calm. The stars play with your nerves, test your limits, sometimes they lead you hard.

Some natives will appreciate the challenges, others will prefer the facility to the challenges; there will be something for all tastes. Autumn arrives with its big changes, be they family, private or professional. During the first two weeks of the month, some will have to impose, make important choices or take radical decisions. The last two weeks will be more relaxed and less restrictive, from this period opportunities will begin to arise. At the end of October, each native will have the mission to make small provisions before the arrival of the winter period.

This month of October presents itself in the same context as September. The signs of air and fire are still supported and motivated by Jupiter in Aries which is still associated with Mars in Gemini. Between the 11th and 29th, Mercury in Libra makes opportunities, relationships and exchanges even easier. Under these circumstances both will take happy initiatives. The more enterprising ones will have several projects on fire. Although this planetary combination favors these signs, Aries may encounter some disappointments if they do not heed the advice of their partners.

As for Aquarius and although Saturn is acting for their own good, they may be weary of the delays that seem interminable to them. As far as water and land signs are concerned, they can feel helpless until the 24th which announces the arrival of Venus and the Sun in Scorpio. To hold out until that date, they can draw inspiration from those in Libra, Aries or Gemini. If they find the time long, may they be reassured! By his retrogradation, Jupiter returns to Pisces for a short stay from October 29th.If you wish to have a look at your 2022 November horoscope. You also can search for a particular horoscope with your new monthly horoscope archive since April 2013.

Whether you reside in the northern hemisphere (Europe, United States...) or in the southern hemisphere (Latin America, South Africa...),the earthly sky and the astrological predictions are the same for the whole world because we all live on the same planet.

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