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Card of Tarot

Each card of the Marseille tarot has 78 cards and is imbued with a symbol through colors, characters, a scenario and a meaning that can enlighten the consultant to guide them towards a choice to make or a path to take, in order to better understand their future.


Cartomancy is a well-known divinatory art that makes it possible to know the future through the interpretation of maps, each of which brings meaning and delivers a message according to the question asked by the consultant. Cartomancy uses 32 or 52 cards to predict the future.

Divinatory art

The practice of predicting the future with divinatory art by providing a different light and an unprecedented response is considered divinatory art. Among the various techniques of divination, we find: astrology, palmistry, graphology, taromancy, magnetism, cartomancy, pyromancy, hydromancy, geomancy, numerology, clairvoyance, dowsing, kybomancy , Yi King, caf├ędomancie, pendulum, runes, astragalomancy, mediumship.

Divinatory Tarot

The tarot is a divinatory art that uses a deck of cards that can have up to 78 slides. Whether the question concerns love, family or the professional plan, the tarot brings precise answers. If the best known is the tarot of Marseille, there are various approaches to the divination tarot such as the Tarot of Belline, the Tarot of Miss Lenormand, the Egyptian Tarot, the Tarot Gypsy, the Tarot Persian ...

Egyptian Tarot

The pillar of tarology, the Egyptian tarot Egyptian Tarot uses astrology and numerology to establish its predictions. This tarot deck consists of 22 cards: 7 positive, 7 negative, 7 neutral and 3 destiny. This ancestral divinatory art makes it possible to answer questions, whatever the field. For that, it is enough to read the hieroglyphs which indicate which direction to take.

Madame Indira's Persian Tarot

Created by the famous Indian psychic Mrs. Indira, the Persian tarot is composed of 55 cards rich in symbols and oriental iconographies. The draw is usually done in Celtic cross or with three cards placed next to each other. This interpretation is simple and accessible to all. Thanks to this divinatory game with colorful and happy drawings, the consultant can obtain precise answers about their sentimental, professional or family future.

Major Arcana

The tarot of Marseille includes 22 major arcana which are: The Magician, the high Priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the Pope, the Lover, the Chariot, Justice, the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune, the Force, the Hangman, the nameless Arcane, Temperance, the Devil, the God House, the Star, the Moon, the Sun, Judgment, the World, the Fool. These cards all have a positive, negative or neutral meaning and during a draw they allow us to provide a response to the consultant.

Minor Arcana

The tarot of Marseille includes 56 minor arcana which are divided into series in the following way: the energies composed of Deniers, Cups, Sticks, Swords. The characters are represented by the King, the Queen, the Rider, the Jack and the cards numbered from 1 to 10. During a draw made in association with the major arcana, the minor arcana allow you to complete the data and refine the interpretation by providing nuances and precisions.


An ancestral practice, tarology is a science: it is the study of the tarot, its history, its divinatory practice, its meanings and its iconography. The divinatory tarot games are numerous. The best known are the Tarot of Marseille, the Tarot of Miss Lenormand, the Egyptian Tarot, the Tarot Gypsy, and the Persian Tarot.

Tarot Gypsy

Composed of 36 gypsy cards, the Gypsy tarot dates from the fourteenth century and was used by fortune tellers. As for the traditional tarot, this divinatory art makes it possible to know the near future. In addition to the Gypsy tarot (Roma tarot),there is the Manouche tarot of 22 cards and the gypsy tarot consists of 78 cards. These last two are more or less improved variants of the first.

Tarot of Angels

The tarot of the angels is a divinatory art composed of 78 cards . This oracle linked to Kabbalah mysticism allows us to know more about the future and to show us which path to follow, thanks to the symbolism of the guardian angels. Angels are messengers that guide us in everyday life, provide valuable advice and unveil the future in the short term.

Tarot of Marseille

The Tarot of Marseille, composed of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, is the most famous tarot and the favorite of the followers of the divinatory arts. The cards of the Tarot de Marseille are very rich in esoteric symbols, colors, characters and scenery. There are different draws that are more or less complex. The most used is the draw of the cross.

Tarot of Miss Lenormand

Created by Mademoiselle Lenormand a famous fortune-teller, this tarot is an original divination game consisting of 54 cards that is divided into 5 parts: the cards of the Golden Fleece, the cards of the Trojan War, the Great Work, unforeseen events, and the order of time. Miss Lenormand's Tarot provides a very simple and playful way of making very precise predictions.

The Cross Draw

The cross draw offers excellent results. Whatever the domain, it is used to obtain a precise and immediate answer. To find out what the cards reveal about your future this very simple draw of 4 cards from the 22 major arcana of the tarot can be done anywhere and at any time.

The Horseshoe Draw

The horseshoe draw allows you to get an answer or advice regarding a situation you are living. It gives indications on the obstacles to avoid and enlightens you on which path to follow. This very complete draw consists in choosing alternately 4 major arcana and 3 minor arcana among the 78 cards of the tarot game.

The Star Draw

Also known as the Love Draw, the Star Draw helps you to learn about the evolution of your relationship or your future in and helps you to take stock of your love life by giving you the atmosphere of the week to come. This draw consists in drawing 7 major arcana from the tarot representing the 7 days of the week.

The Zodiac Draw

The Zodiac Draw is also called Tarot Royal or The Great Draw. It is inspired by the symbolism and meaning of the houses of the Zodiac. This draw offers a vision of the coming year. The draw is usually done on New Year's Day or on your birthday. This draw consists of drawing 12 minor arcana related to the 12 houses of the Zodiac to which are added 4 major arcana and 1 arcane synthesis. It provides answers about all areas of life.

The first card of the tarot of Marseille, The Performer is represented by the image of a man with a wand, a denier, a cut and a knife. The Performer restores self-confidence and helps us face difficulties. It provides the energy and the capabilities to achieve our goals. Professional life is at the forefront and creativity is favored in all areas.

II. The Popess (or the High Priestess)

The second card of the tarot of Marseilles, High Priestess is represented by the image of a seated woman, with an open book. She says you need to take a moment to think and listen to your intuition before making any decision. It brings wisdom and helps to find balance. It promotes reflection, foresight and serenity.

III. The Empress

The third card of the Tarot de Marseille, the Empress is represented by the image of a seated woman. She holds a scepter and a shield in her hand. The Empress brings charisma, reflection, creativity and good communication. In our social life, it induces good understanding. At the professional level, good results are achieved through perseverance.

IV. The Emperor

The fourth card of the Tarot de Marseille, the Emperor is represented by a man who holds power. The Emperor induces a constructive and benevolent atmosphere. It promotes solidarity, encourages stability and supports reason and will. The cliFoole is constructive and everyone seeks to assume their responsibilities. The initiatives are happy, business is concrete and doing well.

V. The Pope (or the Hierophant)

The fifth card of the Tarot de Marseille, the Pope is represented by a mature man holding a sacred object in his hand. The Pope induces serene relationships, the support of well-placed people and encourages wisdom and clairvoyance. It gives meaning to events. In our love life, feelings are strong and powerful. It is also a sign of luck.

VI. Lovers

Sixth card of the Tarot of Marseille, the card of The Lover is represented by three people with an angel above their head. The Lover announces a choice to make in emotional Foolters, perhaps a commitment to take. The Lover can evoke an encounter in love but also the freedom to do what we love.

VII. Carriage

The seventh card of the Tarot of Marseilles, the Carriage is represented by a warrior pushed on his chariot by two horses. The chariot symbolizes advancement. It offers strong support and the possibility of fulfilling desires on the private, professional or Foolerial level. He announces a victory, a professional success, a public recognition, or a success in love ...

VIII. Justice

The eighth card of the Tarot of Marseilles is the map of Justice represented by the scales of justice, to indicate that the pros and cons are weighed before the action. Justice rewards rigor, seriousness and responsibility. It penalizes frivolity, lies and weakness. On the emotional level, it is the realization of a love. At work, it is the success in the respect of the procedures.

IX. The Hermit

The ninth card of the Tarot of Marseilles, the Hermit is represented by a bearded old man who holds in his right hand a lamp to light his way. The Hermit encourages wisdom, introspection and deepening of all things. To evolve on the right path, this card advises you to remain independent and to act alone. In your love life, the Hermit induces sincere feelings in a lasting relationship.

X. The Wheel of Fortune

The tenth card of the Tarot de Marseille, the Wheel of Fortune is represented by a wheel on which a dog, a monkey and a sphinx are present. The Wheel of Fortune indicates a change in destiny. She announces that worries disappear, that things evolve and become logical. The time has come to seize the opportunities and enjoy the moment!

XI. Strength

The eleventh card of the Tarot of Marseilles, the Strength is represented by the image of a woman trying to tame a lion. The Force induces self-control, discernment and courage. In love, feelings are under control. At the professional level, decisions are thoughtful and firm. You have to be persuasive and determined to overcome any obstacles. Courage and will pay off.

XII. The hanged man

The twelfth card of the Tarot de Marseille, the Hangman is represented by the image of a man hanged, the head upside down with one foot tied by a knot. The Hangman indicates that the time has come to prepare for new experiences but it is necessary to be cautious and consider before embarking on any action.

XIII. The nameless Arcana - "Death"

The thirteenth card of the Tarot of Marseille, the Arcane Without Name is represented by the image of a skeleton that holds a scythe. The Arcane Without Name is the card of renewal. This card induces an unforeseen change, a renewal. This card can announce a new sentimental situation, a new job and new life projects.

XIV. Temperance

The fourteenth card of the Tarot of Marseilles, the Temperance is represented by an angel who holds a cup and pours a liquid into it. Temperance brings good communication and enough self-confidence and determination to move forward. In terms of health, it is a sign of strength, well-being and vitality.

XV. The Devil

The fifteenth card of the Tarot de Marseille, this card is represented by a Devil who stands above a golden throne. The Devil induces emotional dependence, disillusionment, lack of energy and warns against all sorts of excess. This card invites you to discern and follow a more realistic path.

XVI. The House of God (or the Tower)

The sixteenth card of the Tarot de Marseille, The House of God is represented by a tower whose summit is broken, a bird flies in the sky and a man falls into the void. The House of God encourages caution in all areas. You have to be careful in your choices, far-sighted financially and suspicious of certain people.

XVII. The star

The seventeenth card of the Tarot of Marseilles, the Star is represented by a naked woman, kneeling at the edge of a river. The sky is lit by yellow and blue stars. The star helps soothe tensions, enhance sympathy and feel completely fulfilled. With this card beautiful satisfactions on the social, Foolerial and professional level are to be expected!

XVIII. The moon

The eighteenth card Tarot of Marseille, the map of the Moon is represented by two houses, two dogs, a lake in the middle of which is a huge crustacean. Above this scenery, the Moon casts colorful "tears".
The Moon is a source of sensitivity, unrealism and illusions. Whatever the field, it invites us to redouble caution and foresight and not to embark on fantasy projects.

XIX. The sun

The nineteenth card of the Tarot of Marseilles, the Sun is personified on the map, it has eyes, a nose and a mouth. This is one of the best tarot cards that encourages success, true love and fulfillment. In our emotional life, it induces feelings that are noble and sincere, as well as lasting happiness. On a professional level, projects are constructive and success is present.

XX. The judgment

The twentieth card of the Tarot of Marseilles, Judgment is represented by an angel who looks at three earthly characters who are praying. Judgment announces constructive exchanges, unexpected and pleasant moments and stability in business. The exchanges with our entourage are intense, our projects are viable and pleasant surprises are related to justice or a means of communication.

XXI. The World

The twenty-first card of the Tarot de Marseille is extremely positive, the World is represented by a naked woman surrounded by four elements at the source of life. The World is a sign of flourishing, fulfillment and recognition. It represents the path of liberation, the outcome of events and the recognition and rewards that come from hard work. At the end you will find emotional happiness, productive exchanges and fulfillment!

XXII. The Fool

The twenty-second card of the Tarot of Marseille is the Fool also called "The Madman." It is represented by a pilgrim who is on his way and goes on a quest for something. The Fool announces that new opportunities are coming up and that you are on your way to the best. Enthusiasm, initiatives, travel and new projects are on the agenda. The atmosphere is dynamic, original and creative.

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