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The personality of Cancer

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Cancer is a Water sign, the fourth sign of the zodiac and the first sign of summer - synonymous with warmth and ripening fruit, when the Sun is at its zenith! This sign is ruled by the Moon - the goddess of night and fertility. Cancer is associated with the Fourth House, the house representing heritage: a person's roots, past and origins. Learn about Cancer baby's profile.

The decans of Cancer

- The first decan begins on 21st June and ends on 1st July. It is ruled by the Moon and Venus. Those born during the first decan need to have their family around them and have a sense of duty towards family and work.
- The second decan begins on 2nd July and ends on 12th July. It is ruled by the Moon and Mercury. Cancer born in the 2nd decan are very sociable characters, interested in everything!
- The third decan begins on 13th July and ends on 22nd July. It is ruled by the Moon, Those born in the 3rd decan are interested in travel and discovery: they are dreamers!
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Horoscopes for Cancer

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Personality and Profile of Cancer

Discerning and often very intuitive, Cancer are extremely sensitive and very attentive to others. With their melancholy temperament, they like routine, which makes them feel secure. They need their whole past behind them to be able to live in peace and tranquillity. They do not like change, relocation or upheaval. This is a sign that has a complete need of its hard shell, in the past as in the present.

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Cancer very frequently focus on the past and take refuge in their element, Water, to be able to reflect on things. Their skill and intelligence are the two major assets of this sign, whose mysterious personality is not easy to fathom. The sign's duality, oscillating between kindness and hardness, is important. With an endearing personality, the Cancerian often stands out in a group, but will always try not to be too distinctive, out of feelings of humility.

Cancer have exceptional administrative skills, but this not insignificant asset often works against them.
In fact, being over-emotional can be a risk for these people who are happy in an atmosphere of everyday routine. They do not often speak in public and are careful not to give away their point of view. They prefer to leave others centre-stage, to avoid feeling exposed and be able to control their emotions. This is a sign that does not enjoy conflicts and does not know how to manage them. They prefer to run away, say nothing and avoid expressing their opinion, rather than take a stance and stake their position. Cancer's motto: Commitment is for others!

Cancer are very sensitive beneath that hard shell. This is a very intuitive sign, with a very good memory and the ability to appear formidable at times. They are apt to bear grudges and do not forget what people can do or say to them. So, be careful!

Strengths of Cancer

Cancer are romantics who use their intuition to move forward. They are keen to please, seduce and charm others! They are very generous towards those around them and their families, generally giving their all. They need to be taught how to love and respect themselves.

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Weaknesses of Cancer

Cancer are jealous and possessive - especially if they feel betrayed. This is a sign that needs to feel protected to survive and feel fulfilled, which can cause them problems for standing on their own two feet. In fact, they tend to be overly tied down by their roots and past, which stops them from assuaging their thirst for discovery and self-knowledge. They often wrongly believe that they do not have the ability to carry out certain projects, especially regarding social and professional development. They lack the courage to progress beyond their origins.

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Particular symbols of Cancer

Cancer look after their natural surroundings in the same way as they are attentive to their families around them, preferring things which are wholesome, simple and attractive. Their colour is white, representing their purity of soul.

Career of Cancer

In the workplace, Cancer are always ready to listen, although they give little away about themselves. They are tenacious and feel fulfilled doing tasks where they are helping others. Playing a caring role is of prime importance to them. They are ambitious, with lively, analytical minds. Cancer are often the ‘consultant' in a team. In line with their element, they are happy in jobs where water is involved.

Differences between Male and Female Cancer

The female Cancerian is looking for romance. She is devoted to family, friend (s) and colleagues. She is a person who needs affection and can be seductive, creative and charming.

The Cancerian male is good at listening to his other half. He is romantic and very sensual. He is a good father and an exemplary husband!

Emotional profile of Cancer

The emotional profile of Cancer is built around sharing and paying serious attention to their loved-one. Cancer are very generous in love. They are affectionate, attentive and devoted, able to make major concessions to satisfy the merest desire of their beloved. They are loyal and love ‘building a nest', sometimes to the point of developing a feeling of at-oneness with their other half, creating feelings of jealousy.

Sexuality of Cancer

Cancer are sensual and, sexually speaking, sentimentalists. They are romantic and very sensitive, and good at confusing the person who is their object of desire. They are sexy and know how to sell themselves to charm a loved-one. Thoughtful and classical in their amorous approaches, this Water sign demands exclusive rights from his or her partner. Not easy to pin down, Cancer are sexually fulfilled when they feel secure. They need a lot of love, even if they sometimes find it difficult to express this clearly.

Portrait of a Cancer

- Element: Water sign
- Strenght: Attentive
- Weakness: Possessive
- Personality type: Very intuitive
- Keyword: Moody
- Outlook: I feel
- Physical: Chest, stomach
- Coulor: White
- Gemstone: Pearl
- Metal: Silver

Signs that have affinities with Cancer :
- Pisces
- Taurus
- Virgo
- Scorpio

Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance::
- Aquarius
- Gemini
- Libra
- Sagittarius
- Aries
- Leo

Opposite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Capricorn.

Astro celebrities of Cancer

Famous Cancer:
- Tom Cruise
- Zidane
- Lady Di
- Lindsay Lohan

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