Houses associated with your sign

Written by Alison

Imagine you are The Little Prince on your planet, the planet Earth! You turn round on yourself in 24 hours, moving round the Sun with the other planets, alternating day and night. So, if you want to know your birth chart, take a photo of the sky at the place where you were born and at the same time of day. Your place of birth is as important as your birthday, because this map (or photo of the sky) will be different if you were born in Sydney than if you were born in Paris.

This photo of the sky establishes the position of the planets of the solar system, the sun and moon included, on a spherical celestial background of 12 houses predetermined houses (outlined below),which each represent an area of our daily lives. For example, depending on the map of the sky when you were born, the moon could be in the Twelfth House, the sun in the Fourth House... etc.

The characteristics of each planet are then transcribed on the houses to develop the birth chart more fully. NB: A house can be empty of planets without this having any detrimental effect. Conversely, there can be several planets in the same house. Ultimately, you will be at the centre of the Earth and these houses, influenced by the planets, will determine your destiny with regard to love, work, family and friends... You will therefore be able to know more about and have a better understanding of yourself!

The angular houses (the most important houses - the EGO): 1,4,7,10
The succedent houses (houses of application): 2,5,8,11
The cadent houses (houses of understanding): 3,6,9,12
The Fire houses (action): 1,5,9
The Earth houses (physical elements): 2,6,10
The Air houses (relations with others): 3,7,11
The Water houses (existence, emotions): 4,8,12

If a planet is in a favourable position at the time of your birth, it is said to occupy a dominant position in your birth chart.

The First House, the ascendant, is the most powerful house in the zodiac (sunrise),the cardinal house which tells you about your individuality, ego and energy, plus the trajectory through life (adventure) you wish to follow! This house is a Fire house and is all about action! It corresponds to the 1st astrological sign, Aries, a sign that is very sure of itself and full of spirit! This sector of the zodiac is also associated with physical appearance and the essence of the personality that you show to others. It is about how you are going to develop over time, with maturity.

The Second House, known as a Succedent house, is the house of acquisition, money, assets, potential and material possessions in the broader sense. This is the house that represents what you gain in both financial and personal terms during your life. It corresponds to the 2nd astrological sign, Taurus, the sign of the bon viveur!

The Third House, known as a Cadent house, is an Air house and the house of communication and thought. This is the house that symbolises communication with siblings, friends, those around you and all encounters with others. It is also about studies and travelling. It corresponds to 3rd astrological sign of the zodiac, Gemini, the sign of communication par excellence.

The Fourth House, known as an Angular house, is a Water and cardinal house and therefore powerful (like the First, Seventh and Tenth Houses). It tells you about the Imum Coeli or bottom of the sky, representing what we have inherited in terms of heredity, origins, heritage, home, roots and the past. At the end of the day, these are our cornerstones in life! This house corresponds to the sign of Cancer, the sign of security. It is also about upbringing and the basic roots to which we will return at the end of life.

The Fifth House, succedent and a Fire house, represents personal experience, leisure and creativity; everything connected with free-time activities, games, childhood and art! This house corresponds to the glittering sign of Leo!

The Sixth House, cadent and an Earth house, is the house of everyday life, work, routine, restrictions and health, but also of all you can do for society. This house corresponds to the sign of Virgo, with its hardworking outlook. This is also the area associated with your metabolism, health and physical constitution in terms of earthly energy.

The Seventh House, a powerful Air house, is the descendant, in opposition to the First House, being the house where the sun sets at the end of the day! This is the house of connections with others, marriage, contracts, relationships... It is through this house that you will be able to see others and understand them as they are, and even take them with along you. It corresponds to the sign of Libra, sign of balance and focusing particularly on emotional ties! It is also the “mirror” that reflects how those around you see you and in which you can see your strengths and weaknesses.

The Eighth House, succedent and a Water house, is in opposition to the Second House. This is the house of change (can be physical such as death, or symbolic such as development). It also symbolises power, sexuality and money from other sources. This house corresponds to the passionate and mysterious sign of Scorpio!

The Ninth House, cadent and a Fire house, is in opposition to the Third House. This is the house connected with travelling, freedom and encounters with the unfamiliar... It represents the abstract and subjects connected with religion, law, philosophy... It corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius, a sign that is avid for freedom!

The Tenth House, angular and an Earth House, is an important house, known as the Midheaven! This is the house that focuses on success, honour, reputation, social life... personal achievement! This corresponds to the sign of Capricorn, a sign that is extremely ambitious.

The Eleventh House, succedent and an Air House, is in opposition to the Fifth House. This represents the house of friendship, plans, dreams and hopes and corresponds to the sign of Aquarius, with its demonstration of originality!

The Twelfth House, cadent and a Water house, is in opposition to the Sixth House. This house is the most complex as it symbolises life's trials and tribulations: illness, secrecy, ordeals, crises, loneliness.... It corresponds to the sign of Pisces, a sign that is very sensitive and solitary. In karmic astrology, it is studied in the most fundamental depth.

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