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A powerful planetary cluster in the sign of Sagittarius: the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, announce an almost festive atmosphere this week. Your morale could be at the top while your entourage supports your ideas and even your feelings.

The energies of heaven give you an inner evolution while detaching yourself from contingencies that are too narrow or pragmatic. Forget fear and move forward with confidence. However, in the square of this cluster, the great beneficial Jupiter and the king of illusion (Neptune) could confuse things and cause you to lose yourself in a smoky excess of self-confidence or in exchanges that are too good to be true.

Know how to discern the good from the bad during this period. Avoid lighting wet firecrackers that would neither fulfill your wish for nobility nor an ambitious but generous project that you cherish in your heart of hearts. Saturn, in beautiful aspect, salvages the essential and causes constructive concentration and vitality!

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