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The liberating summer! We move from Gemini into Cancer. Summer begins June 21 with the entry of the Sun in Cancer followed on Tuesday by Mercury and Venus. Cancer values security, emotions and imagination. Mercury takes on a poetic color here and Venus, a fiery love. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Cancer exalts emotional security and softness in our expression.

Finally freed from the yoke of Saturn, these two planets fully express their energies and this new season is like a rebirth.

The Sun is also free from Saturn's grip, but Neptune draws it into its nebulosity, especially at the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 22.

Sunday is the most beautiful day of the week with Saturn trine Mercury. On the first day of summer, Mars is free in Taurus. With Pluto no longer exerting its energies, we can finally enjoy the gifts of nature...

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