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This week starts with a powerful Full moon in Scorpio, in harmonic aspect to Neptune and Pluto but in disharmony with Saturn. Awareness concerns your attachments and your intimate or pecuniary values. You decide to let the flow of life carry you. Do not rebel if others do not agree with you. Forget the rigidity.

It's a bad counsellor. On the 21st, the Sun slides into Gemini. Happy birthday to them! Then Mercury comes to join. These energies bring you a welcome lightness in your personal or professional relationships, while inspiring you with a particularly strong mind in abstraction. Dare for very intellectual ideas. You should make yourself understood. Mars, still in Pisces, promotes actions that are sometimes secret but inspired by your feelings or a good empathy. As far as Neptune and Pluto are involved, your actions are idealistic and driven by a deep desire to reform.

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