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Venus is regaining its momentum in Aries, finally free of Neptune's influence. But other energies have become more pronounced over the weeks.

On one side the Saturn Mars conjunction in Pisces, and on the other the Jupiter Uranus in Taurus conjunction. These two conjunctions are in sextile, and the energies of the four planets emulate each other. They help us structure our reasoning and give us the desire to learn beyond appearances.

In this spring, we appreciate this week filled with complementary energies. Let's not lose ourselves in competition, love and reason keep us on a healthy path. These energies will mark the New Moon in Aries on April 8.

With a spiritual and knowledge hungry Mars, we need to take up reading, find a school for those who want to learn. Yoga or some other similar activity helps us reconnect with nature and we live by all your senses in the coming weeks.

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