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Written by Evie

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This week, the energies are coming together to offer you a pleasant atmosphere. The Sun in Aquarius receives the hyper-stimulating influx of Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries. This will reinforce your friendly or professional vitality with very interesting intellectual possibilities mixed with legality. Your social network could grow and provoke a project you want or a rethink of a shaky partnership.

With Mercury in Capricorn looking good in Uranus in Taurus, your ideas are sharp, even cutting, and unaffected, ensuring a firm and practical decision making, the mind is fair, strong, and surprising. Venus until the 27th in Aquarius is at the same time light, detached but the harmonic aspect with Saturn gives it a fidelity to which it is little accustomed while on the 28th, it slips into Pisces: romantic and sacrificial love!

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