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Written by Evie

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This week promises to be fun and focused on relationships. Indeed, the Sun in Libra in beautiful aspect at Mars invites you to enjoy life, to go out, to make useful but above all pleasant encounters.

Especially since the 5th, Mercury slides in Libra and facilitates your communication: you converse with finesse, talent, and respect for codes, we could appreciate your company more than usual, enjoy it. The affective sphere under the aegis of Venus in Leo offers strong, generous, noble feelings.

If your partner deserves this type of attraction, you will make tons of them and love will set your heart on fire! Nevertheless, behind the scenes, lightning could strike fast and hard (Uranus in Taurus) a break-up could change the deal, adapt yourself. Neptune and Pluto in duet push your capacity to spiritualize your life (especially last decan of Capricorn and Pisces) but for everyone: welcome the synchronicities of life.

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