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A week that is focused on communication in general with an invitation to introspection.

Dare to review your current projects or more prosaically the people concerned to discuss and think again. Mercury in retrograde facilitates this type of initiative with great success. The Sun in Gemini invites you to go out and enjoy the new possible encounters.

Especially as Venus in the hypersensitive sign of Cancer promotes the emergence of feelings ready to bloom for a tender and attentive partner. The Red Planet in the passionate sign of Leo knows how to roar for emotional or artistic causes. However, do not bite the first person who dares to resist you even though Saturn in square with Mars intensifies its action with a touch of harshness, which can lead to loss of control or zen. Jupiter in Pisces acts behind the scenes, infusing you with enough humanity to soothe conflicts. It's a nice week!

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The work of our astrologist team goes back to 2013 for the monthly horoscope and the yearly horoscope. They are also preparing the future horoscopes and you can access their previsions using our archive page. Here is the link for the monthly horoscope archives, and the yearly horoscope archives. Please, check them out and let us know what you think about them.

Often, astrology is criticized for not being a science. But, astrology is a human science, just like psychology, sociology, demography, or even some aspects of economics. Indeed, the approach of this discipline does not rest on mathematical formulas (even if astronomical calculations are important) but on interpretation and the feeling of a practitioner at a given moment. Errors are inevitable, just as in any human science. However, this is one of the oldest of these human sciences, formerly reserved for scholars at the end of their university studies, for example, among the ancient Greeks.

Astrology is based on observations repeatedly verified for millennia. The shepherds of antiquity were the first to observe that the cyclical passage of certain planets in certain places in the sky or at certain angles to each other always provoked the same type of result (good harvests, epidemics, conflicts, storms, drought, etc.).From there comes the horoscope. If astrology is etymologically the study of the stars, horoscope comes more precisely from the Greek with horo: time, duration and scope: observation. Horoscope uses astrology to make predictions.

Over the centuries, our knowledge has evolved, new planets have been discovered, analyzed, and symbolized. Like all these disciplines, astrology is continuously changing. The experience of some adds to the experiences of others, and refines and evolves this art from year to year.

Astrology tells us about our character, our temperament, our love life, as well as our professional and social life. It informs us of our faults and our qualities, our talents and our incapacities, our gifts, and our failings.

Astrology also makes it possible to make forecasts (and not predictions!) about events that may occur. These horoscopes, based on the observation of the transits, generally induce a climate, a setting, an atmosphere, or circumstances. This context is sometimes instrumental in considering and understanding how to respond to our best interests. But in the end, it's always us who makes decisions and builds our destiny. Under no circumstances should astrology be a substitute for free will. On this site, we favor a playful astrology, a practical approach, and a clear language to tell you about your sign.


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