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No matter how cold it is outside, this week warms you from the inside! The energies of Sagittarius (the Sun and Mercury),which are particularly dynamic and fiery, give the atmosphere that touch of communicative joy and the desire to be optimistic in all circumstances. You might feel a need to act. Mars in Scorpio makes things comfortable in the bedroom and the shadows. Your actions could be hidden from the eyes of others. However, be careful to manage some exaggeration.

Jupiter, in aspect of tension, may exacerbate the aggressive side of this very combative Mars. Venus always in Capricorn at the very end of the sign brings an emotional uplift or a welcome return of money to the last decan of the Earth signs and an emotional increase and a revival of seductive capital to the last decan of the water signs. The square of Saturn and Uranus could impact the professional sphere. Don't pass up a sure thing.

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