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Written by Daisy

Jupiter always favors the evolution of the signs of air and fire in Gemini. To project them in the concrete and to take advantage of them, they have the support of the energies of Libra. Thanks to these good influences, some will have unexpected benefits. Others will find the joy of living, to love and to meet people. However, the appearance of Venus in Sagittarius can ignite hearts and minds. In these circumstances, wisdom advises those concerned not to rush and step back before taking action. As for the signs of water and earth, Mars in Cancer directs them smoothly toward their goals and success. However, some may find the time long. At the right time and under unforeseeable circumstances, opportunities will arise. They are discreet, but they have unsuspected potential.

This fall month announces magnificent achievements, most often inspired by emotions or feelings. Indeed, the planets in Libra and Scorpio come to tell us that children of the zodiac will feel both the desire to balance their life towards correct behaviour and, at the same time, an instinctive force that can lead them to either a passion or a profound change. The climate will be anything but lukewarm! The action carried by Mars in Cancer is a sign of reactions or actions based on feelings. The desire to belong to a group or a cause could be substantial, especially since the heavyweights in the sky, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, in beautiful aspects to Mars, favour concrete, original, inspired achievements that can change the face of destiny! Jupiter, still in Gemini, distills luck and multiple opportunities to the signs of air and fire. Take advantage of the great benefits without ignoring common sense because Venus in Sagittarius from the 17th, facing Jupiter, could increase the excess and errors and finally spoil the promises of this so prolific Jupiter. The signs of water and earth receive many celestial helpers, take heart!

Horoscope for October 2024 for all zodiac signs:

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