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The Ascendant, also known as Rising Sign, informs us about our functioning, our behavior and our vitality. The Ascendant is an essential element in interpreting a map. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you discover yours (Note: for birth cities, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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Contrary to our astrological sign, which symbolizes our raw personality, the traits we are born with, the ascendant sign represents the part of ourselves that we show to the world, that we use to motivate ourselves, and live alongside others. Our ascendant is formed in childhood and in our youth as we gain more experience, meet new people, and grow up. We do not become our ascendants per se: we modify and adjust them. In general, by the time we are 40 years old, we will have reached a certain level of maturity if we can balance our personalities with our Ascendants. Otherwise, a midlife crisis is sure to put us back on track...

The sun sign, which tells you about a person's personality, can be worked out from the date of birth, whilst the ascendant shapes the sign, giving impetus and direction in life.

Working out your ascendant is complicated because this is a factor involving not only the date, but also the time and place of birth. The notion of the time a person was born is very important because your rising sign can change in less than 4 minutes (at the beginning or end of a sign). Therefore, two people born on the same day will have the same sun sign, but will be subject to differing planetary influences, depending on their time and place of birth. A Leo with Leo rising will therefore have a very different personality from a Leo with Cancer rising.

The influence of the ascendant on your sign is undeniable. Find out how yours can guide, direct and stimulate you throughout your life. This is what reveals your personality and gives you the direction determining your development over the course of your life. It is your Inner Self, which over the years “learns” to express itself outwardly.

Whatever your sign, the Aries Ascendant makes you energetic and enthusiastic. You are active, independent, and ambitious, you project yourself into the future without thinking and with a lot of daring.
Impulsiveness dominates your decisions. You are not patient and you have trouble obeying. Boldness sometimes turns to recklessness.

Whatever your sign, the Taurus Ascendant gives you a persevering nature and your obstinacy often pays off. You are attracted to the healthy and simple things of life...nature, comfort, and good food.
At times you can be calculative or individualistic, sometimes even selfish, envious, or mean when you get angry.

Whatever your sign, the Gemini Ascendant gives you an alert and adaptable mentality. Intelligent and curious, your flexible character allows you to adapt easily to any situation.
You have a hard time supporting your efforts to succeed and you are often too critical. You risk hurting others.

Whatever your sign, the Cancer Ascendant gives you an imaginative, receptive mind and a friendly, hospitable, and benevolent temperament. Imagination and emotivity make you a valued confidant.
You are impressionable and become unhappy in a dark mood. You are also moody, your mood swings can destabilize those around you.

Whatever your sign, the Leo Ascendant gives you a powerful will and a proud and benevolent nature. You are creative and you instinctively differentiate between the true and the false. You hate mediocrity.
You like to appear, susceptible, you rarely recognize your wrongs and you do not like being contradicted. It's not easy to change your mind.

Whatever your sign, the Virgo Ascendant gives you a critical and inventive spirit. With great human qualities, you have a keen sense of duty, honesty, and kindness.
Often too modest, you underestimate your qualities, you get lost in details and your frankness sometimes translates into a lack of diplomacy.

Whatever your sign, the Libra Ascendant gives you an accommodating, caring, and friendly spirit. You seek the approval of your friends and, in return, you are very dedicated and ready for any compromise.
You hesitate too much in front of important choices, your need for balance slows you down considerably because you hate to live with any tensions.

Whatever your sign, the Scorpio Ascendant gives you a thoughtful, discreet mind, carried to a high ideal, accompanied by a proud and dignified line of conduct. You keep perfect control of yourself.
You can be cunning, secretive, resentful, jealous, or passionate. Your tongue is sharp and you love or hate without nuance.

Whatever your sign, the Sagittarius Ascendant gives you an energetic and benevolent spirit and an affectionate and demonstrative nature. You are loyal and sincere in your feelings. You are attracted to travel or those who are self-taught.
Too idealistic, you mock details, you sometimes lack the means to realize your high ideals. Beware of building castles in the sky!

Whatever your sign, the Capricorn Ascendant gives you a deep and thoughtful mind, full of tact and diplomacy. You are lucid and tenacious, logical and reasonable, you build your life slowly but surely.
You easily fall into the rut of routine and could easily become narrow-minded. You can hold grudges for a long time.

Whatever your sign, the Aquarius Ascendant gives you a sympathetic, compassionate mentality and you defend freedom. You can create and invent. You are not afraid of new technologies.
You sometimes act against your own reason, just to assert your independence. Under a calm and thoughtful appearance, you are impulsive.

Whatever your sign, the Pisces Ascendant gives you a very sensitive nature and an emotional mind. You often seek to help others, listen to them and show solidarity.
You often worry for nothing and you create a world where it is not easy for you to come out and face reality. Cornered, you can become aggressive.

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