Zodiac Signs

Astro portrait of your baby!

Written by Evie

The arrival of a child in a couple's relationship is often synonymous with change and upheaval: broken nights, finding a routine and establishing patterns!

The Aries child is very active and indefatigable. Read more

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The Cancer child has a very complex personality! Read more

Baby Leo wants to be the best: quick-thinking ! Read more

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The Scorpio child has a dynamic personality! Read more

Baby Sagittarius is a sign full of life Read more

The Capricorn child is a sensitive sign. Read more

The Aquarius child has a charming personality. Read more

The Pisces child born well into Winter is a dreamer. Read more

In short, daily life with a new-born baby alwaysrequires a period of adaptation on your part, as you are changing from the status of a couple to that of "a family". But no need for panic! With a bit of patience, everything will get back to normal!

Like adults, tiny tots are subject to the influences of the stars and planets. For this reason, it is interesting to know about the main tendencies of your baby's sign, with the aim of helping them to thrive and for you all to live together in pleasant harmony!

The sole purpose of this astrological portrait is to give information about the behavioural tendencies of each sign of the zodiac. Knowing your child's astrological influences will enable you to understand their reactions better and adapt to them without losing your influence - quite the reverse. So, without delay, find out more about your little treasure's "character traits", to be able to live this new stage in life to the full and appreciate its joys!

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