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Written by Daisy

This spring promises to be much more emotional than usual and much more passionate too! Indeed, a concentration of planets in water signs: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn breathe an energy all in sensitivity, intuition, business of the heart but some precautions will be needed!

Venus in Pisces all the month and direct the 13, brings its softness and its empathy to sometimes complex energies. Mercury, in Pisces until the 15th and direct on the 7th, favors powerful intuitions, this period will be easy for those who take the time to reflect, more complicated for those who act on a whim, beware, errors of judgment are not excluded. The signs of fire are not outdone and receive the support of the sun in Aries until the 19th, accompanied by Neptune who starts its long transit in this hyper dynamic and conquering sign and adds to this month a hue as much spiritual as collective. All the children of the zodiac (and a fortiori the natives of the 1st decan of Aries) will start a whole new page of their life! Actions will be inspired and based on a faith that everyone will be invited to feel and spread, a strong desire to move forward will be the backdrop, a desire to change the world!

Mercury slips into Aries on the 16th while Mars on the 18th arrives in Leo, the spirits could warm up under this configuration and the actions get carried away, calm, composure and reflections do better than rage and outburst. Jupiter continues its course in Gemini, the air signs will be helped by luck, even providence especially as Pluto, at the very beginning of Aquarius, slowly but surely distils its power of regeneration, welcoming the process without resisting it will be the key.

On the 19th, the sun arrives in Taurus soon united with Uranus and in beautiful aspect of Saturn in Pisces, the earth signs could live a beneficial upheaval, an awaited professional reconversion, the durable outcome of a project caressed for a long time, high hearts!

Until the 18th, Mars in Cancer facilitates actions within a family business or a home, for all, acting cannot be done without feeling. The planets will move a lot during the month, adaptability will be necessary for the children of the zodiac to live this period at its best. For everyone, this beginning of spring promises to be full of promise!

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