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All about your guardian angel!

If you were born between June 22nd and 26th, your guardian angel is LEUVIAH. The keyword of his energy is "faith", one of the three cardinal virtues. People born under his protection are kind and charming. These natives are sober in their expression and modest in their behavior. They are capable of a great endurance in the event of a test, they are patient and resigned. LEUVIAH is a great help in overcoming challenges by being persistent, having excellent contact with others, and controlling emotions and feelings. LEUVIAH encourages solidarity, sharing and complicity. He develops and maintains an excellent memory. Under his protection, the personality becomes more humble and endearing, stoicism and tenacity pay and trials are better lived, they tend to strengthen the soul and to move to a higher plane of consciousness. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

How does Cancer eat?

Cancer has a very emotional relationship with the food they consume. From the very beginning, their diet has to do with the way they were weaned and fed in childhood. It has a significant impact on their eating behavior as an adult. Each frustration makes them want to eat and regularly leads them to binge eating. Depending on events, they continuously oscillate between their maximum weight and a flawless silhouette. Cancer is generally attracted to sweets, another oral consequence of their past. It is difficult for them to resist temptation. The constraint of a diet risks undermining their good humor and benevolence... But when it is necessary, it is necessary! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Do you know Thelma?

Thelma comes from Anthelme, of Germanic origin: "ans ans helm " "Ans " is the name of a deity, "helm " means helmet. Thelma is not disciplined or orderly, often pursuing several objectives at the same time and participating passionately in all of her activities. However, she loves comfort and even luxury, and is able to make a great effort to acquire it and then keep it. Thelma loves the game of seduction, but does not join easily and often experiences a tumultuous sentimental life. She seduces very easily, but becomes very selective when it comes to building a real love story. She does not doubt, in this case, to meet authoritatively with her partner. Written by Zagon - Names News

The planet Uranus

Uranus takes 84 years to go around the zodiac and so stays in each sign for 7 years. It is the planet that induces radical changes, upheavals sometimes painful but necessary for a global evolution. In a map of the sky, Uranus indicates the spirit of independence and the receptivity to collective currents. We need Uranus to differentiate ourselves from the masses and then to be able to integrate as an individual. Uranus induces in each induces an independence phase towards 21 years, a crisis or a happy change between 40 and 42 years, a new autonomy around 62 years and, for those who live long enough, a new beginning at 84 years! Written by David - Planets News

Your animal totem: the woodpecker

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, your animal totem in Native American astrology is the Woodpecker. Note that this bird is of the native type, which means that it has been evolving in the same regions for hundreds of years, and the fact that it is not a migratory bird refers to this particularity of the sign of Cancer, very attached to his homeland, his roots and his home. In addition, the Woodpecker spends its time banging its beak against the trunks to feed on small insects, which is also a characteristic of Cancer, a sign of food, whether it is real or emotional. In addition, their nesting period runs from late April to July, an interval in which is also the sign of Cancer. The nests made by the Pivert are firm (equilibrium of the hearth) but also squatted by starlings (hospitality). In terms of personality, the Woodpeckers are dedicated, loving, tender, protective and romantic. Written by David - World News

Happy birthday to Cancer!

The sign of Cancer begins at the same time as summer, making it a cardinal sign, master of a season. During this birthday, your qualities are highlighted: your sensitivity, your imagination, but also your mental strength that is based primarily on the feelings, the affection you need so much that you give without counting. The moment of your birthday also revives your chronic anxiety and can change your mood in an instant if you feel unloved or misunderstood. However, your intuition is growing and your romanticism is getting stronger. To fully enjoy these beautiful days, do not drown in a glass of water! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Where does the name Alban come from?

Alban is of Latin origin "Albus" means "White". Alban is romantic and naturally shows his love to his partner. He is a loving man who listens and takes into account the wishes of his half. Therefore, he is a sensitive man who takes life seriously and seeks to live in harmony with his environment. To install comfort and safety, he does not hesitate to work hard, but prefers team activities to solitary work. Alban is a sociable man, often happy, who awakens the desire to know him better. He is warm and communicates easily with everyone. He is also a perfectionist who only stops when he is finally happy with the result. Written by David - Names News

House VI in your sky chart

House VI in your birth chart is analogous to the sign of Virgo; if planets are there, it will have its importance in your existence. The VI house is related to the professional activity in the daily sense of the term, the prevailing climate; the constraints that are attached to it but also the weak points in health. It is also linked more generally to living conditions and everyday life. It teaches us how to demonstrate a form of humility through the spirit of service, fulfilling our duties and thereby accepting our psychological, physical, and other limitations. For example, if you have the Saturn structuring in this area, you will learn to take responsibility, to support yourself from your own foundations and you will be required to demonstrate tenacity and organization in your daily or professional life. Written by David - AstrologY News

Your Egyptian astrological sign: the Nile

If you were born between June 19th and 28th, your Egyptian astrological sign is the Nile. This deity is most often represented as an androgynous figure, surrounded by fertile attributes, offerings or with plant hair. The Nile was considered a god because of its miraculous annual floods, depositing alluvium capable of fertilizing the earth. In terms of character, natives are very receptive to people and places that feed their energy. They also manage to feel what is happening or hiding under the facade of things. They are very creative and everything that comes with beauty and luminous intelligence inspires them. Their personality is not without charm others. They are altruistic, courageous and full of positive energy. Sometimes, with their milk soup temperament, they can explode without warning but this does not prevent their entourage appreciate because they like to serve. Written by David - World News

Gemini is moving

Gemini uses primarily his two legs to move. It is a mobile and adaptable being who prefers opportunities to established plans. Thus, if he did not bother to buy a car, he will be very good at borrowing one or to be conveyed by knowledge. There are many van owners in this sign who likes to "live" in their means of transport, for practical reasons. If he has a car, it will be small, nervous and easy to park. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Who is Caliel?

If you were born between June 16th and 21st, your guardian angel is named Caliel. The key word of his energy is "knowledge". The natives protected by Caliel often have qualities of righteousness and an insatiable thirst for truth. If pitfalls sow their course, they know how to discriminate and transmute their inner problems in order to be able to rise spiritually and psychologically. They possess a form of pragmatism, a practical intelligence and are deeply honest. If the word "knowledge" resonates in their existence, it is to understand on the one hand, that they could immerse part of their career in books of magistracy and then, understand that true knowledge does not nest only in books but everywhere. It is possible to learn from the humblest as a specific situation designed solely for him. May he cultivate his attention and learn from life! If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

Tired, surrounded? Here is the solution!

It may seem odd at first, but chamomile can help you erase your ugly bags under the eyes. Chamomile is indeed antibiotic, cleansing and anti-inflammatory, do not hesitate to prepare an infusion and moisten two discs of cotton with this infusion of chamomile. Put a disc on each eye and let it work for five to ten minutes: your face will relax. Same thing with the tea, after your infusion, put the bags in the refrigerator and, once well chilled, apply them on the eyes for a few minutes. You can also use a cucumber which you cut two beautiful slices that you place in your fridge. Once they are cool, place them on your eyes for five to ten minutes. Goodbye bags! Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

Self-portrait of Gemini

I am responsive, enterprising and receptive. I always have projects in mind, but my intellectual finesse keeps me from delusions. I count only on myself to make the most of myself and take advantage of circumstances, not chance. I enjoy mind games, but I don't really believe in luck. I rely on my reasoning and intuition to seize opportunities and move forward with optimism. I'm very imaginative but I don't have any illusions. I don't rely on luck to improve my lifestyle. I'm inclined to have some doubts but I'm rather optimistic. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

The IV House in your sky chart

This house is analogous to the sign of Cancer and traditionally represents early childhood, early life, family relationships, home to adulthood and end of life. If you have planets in this area, this conditions your whole existence on a very personal level. If one associates this House in a common way with the home or the family, it symbolizes a much deeper dimension which is that of the private life. Indeed, Cancer is linked to the secret or personal emotions and the environment where this intimacy is left is usually our own home, a place where we find our roots, our deep self and where we reintegrate our energy clean. And the moments of our life where we live this authenticity are those of childhood. If you own Mars in House IV, your action potential will be prioritized in this area. Written by David - AstrologY News

Know your guardian angel!

If you were born between June 11th and 15th, your guardian angel is named LAUVIAH. The keyword of his energy is "understanding". The people born under the blessing of LAUVIAH are generally overflowing with optimism and joy, obstinate and determined, and also respectful. On the other hand, they are endowed with an artist's soul that makes them tend towards letters, poetry, music or philosophy. Initiatory sciences are also an area that gets their attention. This angel is nicknamed the "angel of the sleepless nights" because he often makes an act of presence during the sleep of the natives to provoke prophetic dreams and to favor peaceful and deep nights, putting an end to possible insomnia. The angel has this faculty, if one appeals to him, to make known moments distracted with joy while allowing understanding intuitively the mysteries of the psyche. In the tarot of Marseilles, the blades which correspond to him are the lover, the hangman and the juggler. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News


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