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Happy birthday Libra friend!

This is one of the most refined signs of the zodiac, both courteous and sociable, its sense of contact makes it pleasant in society. Your sense of compromise is known to round off the angles but if you feel some injustice in a situation or event, you can step in to try to rebalance the energies in a way that seems more right to you. You look cold, but you still react to the heart and your need to feel loved guides you throughout your life. Your relationship is important to you and you idealize your partner (and others in a general way). In addition, we seek your opinion for aesthetic issues because you have a sharp eye in this area. You are one of the least selfish signs of the zodiac; that's why we love you! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Where does Maurice come from?

Maurice! The Latin origin of this name is "mauritius", which indicates a dark color. Quite reserved and shy, Maurice is not a great communicator at the beginning; emotional and hypersensitive, he prefers to hide behind a cautious and calm façade. His environment may call him indifferent, but this mental state also allows him to meditate, think and forge a personal vision of life. More than a man who hears a word, his mind is fine and analytical, sometimes fueling suspicions about everything and nothing. He would be a very good scientist or researcher because he does not fear loneliness or isolation to give free rein to his intellectual journey. If he does not talk much to say nothing, he is an excellent storyteller and captivates his audience. He can feel alone, he knows how to make good friends because his knowledge gives him an intimate and original personality. Written by David - Names News

Your animal totem: the Raven

We will celebrate these days in Native American astrology Ravens (born between September 22 and October 22). This animal totem corresponds to the sign of the Libra and it is interesting to note that it is a monogamous bird which, once past its courtship parry very convoluted, forms a solid duo (the importance of the couple in Libra) and that he does not have the soul of a hunter subject to fights with its rivals (non-belligerent temper of Libra) to feed itself. The Raven is talkative, certainly, and is recognized by ornithologists to be gifted on the communicative level within the group (sociability of Libra). Native Americans regarded the Raven as the one who had ordained the world, created light, fire and water. They also believed that he could see beyond appearances through its intuition and that, carrying magic, he could return the negative energies. Written by David - World News

The planet of Mercure

Mercury is a small planet that gravitates between the earth and the sun, so it is never far from the sun in a natal chart. Mercury describes the cerebral side of a person: how we think, what we think, what kind of communication we have with others. It's the reasoning, the expression, the transmission of ideas but also my mobility and sociability. Mercury is symbolically connected to the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Written by David - Planets News

To sleep well: tryptophan

Since the beginning, you have some problems of sleep? Make yourself a menu or snacks rich in tryptophans and you'll sleep like a baby. This will even feel on your mood. You will find this amino acid in chicken, turkey, sunflower seeds, beans, peanuts and even milk. One study has shown an increase in serotonin for ingesting foods made up of tryptophan. And serotonin plays a vital role in regulating mood, memory, learning, cardiovascular functions, and so on. A little extra info: Relaxing music just before you fall asleep can be as crucial to the quality of your sleep. So, you will become a groundhog for the night, sleeping the sleep of the just. Written by David - Astro Mindset News

Do you know Ariana?

Ariana originates from "Arianê" in Greek mythology, which means "sacred". Communicative and flexible, Ariana has a friendly and welcoming approach. She likes to talk and talk a lot, although she is not particularly exuberant or extroverted because she wants above all to preserve her privacy. Before forming a society, she needs to know her suitor better because she must be safe and calm to be able to invest completely. Beyond this stage, she feels sure of herself, even daring or capricious when she feels well. Ariana loves to play, enjoy, have fun with friends and children, as long as everyone enjoys having a good time. Ariana also likes to learn, acquire knowledge but still need to avoid dispersing. She can easily jump from one activity to another because it is in her nature to be in transit and to vary her life. Written by David - Names News

Self-Portrait of Virgo

I am more fatalistic than optimistic because I often tend to ask myself too many questions. My analytical mind, application and consistency allow me to stay ahead of others and seize opportunities. My rigor and seriousness keep me from disillusionment, I am not the type to blow my gains. I don't believe in luck; I rely on my intellectual abilities and my course of action to get recognition. Even if I'm not always sure of myself, I rely more on my practical sense, my seriousness and my analytical mind than on luck. My lucidity protects me from deceptive illusions; my common sense is my best friend. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

The first date

You just broke up? Are you still single? You lament a little, if not much about your fate? To help you relativize or even give you back the banana, here are these few stories of the (worst) first dating. Check out this one, tweeted by Jimmy Fallon, famous US TV presenter: "My mother and I went to dinner and she surprised me with an arranged date. We had dinner all three!". Always in the dinner atmosphere, another says: "We went together in a restaurant, but the waitress was the ex of my companion who burst into tears begging her to come back. Divine, as a starter, is not it? Imagine yourself in the company of your date, installed in his car, this is what this woman says: "We stopped at the gas station and he asked me if his baby was thirsty. I told him no and he said he was talking about his car. Finally, as a conclusion, this pearl worthy of a bad burlesque film: "I come back to the table after going to the bathroom, his glass eye was in my vodka tonic. He looked at me and said he only had eyes for me. Written by David - Ecology News

How does Virgo handle his stress?

Of nature to want to control, the Virgin is anxious, he does not know how to relax or protect himself. Of an uneasy disposition, he is prone to disorders of the stomach and intestines. Stress and hyper-anxiety can also cause headaches. Due to lack of self-confidence, a depressive field, neuro-vegetative disorders or a tendency to somatize can be manifested. However, he has an irreproachable lifestyle and is not used to having weight problems. However, it is essential for him to practice a regular physical activity to channel his overflow of energy. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Who does Virgo obey?

Virgo is disciplined, devoted and helpful by nature. He is an excellent assistant and an excellent manager. As assiduous and perfectionist as Virgo, he will give the best of himself only in a structured environment of good sense and logic. His nervous fragility hardly supports improvisation or amateurism. Virgo is of a modest, needy and obedient temperament. Few revolutions have been led by this discreet sign but if a situation makes the routine of a Virgo unbearable, it will weave in its corner a strategy to change things. As part of an organized rebellion, Virgo is very useful for keeping the accounts! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Is your name Aziz?

Aziz means in Arabic "love, dear, beloved, powerful". Affectionate and idealistic, Aziz is as inspired as emotional, receptive to what is beautiful, art, aesthetics and everything that is human. She is sensitive to humanitarian and associative activities. However, if she has this open mind, she also knows how to back off, feeding a secret, enigmatic, difficult to define. Prudent and diplomatic, can participate in a fairly broad activity, ranging from business to public relations, including a labor intercessor or psychologist. She has the gift of perceiving what is hidden or so unmanifest. Her feelings are not expansive, but genuine, and when she loves, she does it totally and madly. She has a hypersensitive nature. She likes to be surrounded by her family, her family is very important to her because it provides her with a safe balance. Written by David - Names News

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Horus

If you were born between September 12 and 19, your sign in Egyptian astrology is Horus, a multi-faceted god, a heavenly hawk with a right eye that is the sun and a left eye that is the moon. You do not refuse responsibilities, and as a whole and honest person, you engage in social or intellectual enterprises, with a pure and unselfish heart. The gods have given you a form of power that allows you to govern with humanism and greatness while taking a step back that makes you remain humble and modest. Your mind hits quickly and it gives you the ability to store a lot of knowledge. If you lack flexibility and feel overconfident, you are also taking risks; however your pragmatic side is rooting you on earth. Written by David - World News

Back to Aztec astrology!

Do you have a somewhat whimsical temper, with mood swings, and are you sometimes subject to whims? It may be that you were born under the sign of the Wind, in Aztec astrology. Check! If so, you also have a lot of creativity and ingenuity. You do not have the same to avoid the complications, the pitfalls of life and you know how to finely trample. It is only after a long period of instability that you develop a philosophy of existence that is wiser, at least more relaxing. The Aztecs wore a duck mask topped with a trumpet to be as comfortable on the water as in the air: the personality of the native is a little enigmatic and difficult to identify, at ease in different elements. Note also that the temples erected in honor of the Wind include circular figures because this deity does not like angles and asperities. Written by David - World News

Does music soothe the savage?

Certain sound frequencies instantly cause a change of state of consciousness. These specific programs can help us relax deeply in a matter of minutes, reduce anxiety or even experience intense joy, even a great renunciation of bliss. NASA would have even broadcast the song of the earth to its astronauts, so that the vibratory frequency helps them to keep foot, so to speak, or to make them unreasonable. The Ruhr University in Germany has published a study in which the works of Mozart and Strauss would significantly lower the blood pressure of their listeners. Another study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal shows that listening to music in the operating room would improve surgeons' actions, making it more accurate and faster. The tempo, the melodic consonance, and the fluid, lively and joyous structure of Mozart's musical phrases would contain that very something I do not know that is very appreciated by our being. A word to the wise... Written by David - Leisure News

Your guardian angel: Lehahiah

If you were born between September 8th and 12th, your guardian angel is Lehahiah. The keyword of his energy is "righteousness". The natives are generally confident in themselves, they show a good spirit in business, they invest without counting in their job and they are respectful of the hierarchy. Their righteousness is much appreciated and earns them a good reputation that allows them to rise in rank and evolve for their merits and hard work. Lehahiah promotes climates of confidence and stability so that the native moves as slowly as surely in his path and his actions, as honest and clear as they are, reflect who he is, namely a craftsman of light in the heart of the world equipment. The person born under the protection of Lehahiah is assured never to miss work while receiving gratifications from his peers. Written by David - Guardian Angels News


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