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Who is Vincent?

Vincent is a derivative of the Latin "Vincentius" which means "to win". Vincent is a person who can easily integrate into society thanks to his charisma and ability to stay in the background. It is this wise balance that makes him charming and endearing. Elegant and refined, authoritarian and demanding, he knows how to impose himself in the world to print his brand and make his way. Under a temperate exterior, he is not immune to an attack of anger if he feels betrayed. He does not like low blows or pettiness, so he needs to surround himself with collaborators that he can trust because he himself is transparent. Ambitious and independent, he uses all the firewood to challenge himself and overcome himself. As much as he is stable in his work, as much as he can be emotionally subject to mood swings. He is a great sentimental person and a lover who is willing to compromise body and soul. Written by David - Names News

Happy birthday to Aquarius!

Today, the sun enters the sign of Aquarius and puts your personality in relief for a few weeks. Your inventiveness and your humanism are strengthened and you will take a lot of pleasure to remake the world with your friends. Your ideas are often original, not to say eccentric, and you do not worry about the opinion of others, which is probably your main strength. Indeed, you care a lot about your freedom, your independence, your autonomy, even when you are in a situation of couple or head of family. On the occasion of your birthday, you enjoy a boost of creativity and you develop the strong desire to succeed on your own, reflecting concretely on your future. Take advantage of this period that highlights your qualities, but do not stand out too common mortal at the risk of not being understood! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Is your name Fabian?

The name Fabian is of Latin origin: "Fabius ", in Roman antiquity, designated an important family. Fabian is usually reserved, but secretly ambitious. If he trusts with difficulty, if he suspects, it is because he does not like to take any risks and prefer to observe his family closely before taking personal initiative. Although he seems hard to find, Fabian, however, is open to dialogue and diplomacy, when we know him well, he is reliable and conscientious. But he needs moments of solitude to recharge his batteries. These retreats renew his dynamic energy and then he can support his family in his projects. In his own activities, he shows great perseverance and courage, capable of renouncing and sacrificing to succeed, but sometimes lacks an entrepreneurial spirit. Written by Zagon - Names News

Your Egyptian astrological sign: Amon-Ra

If you were born between January 8 and 21, your Egyptian astrological sign is Amon-Ra. This god has the shape of the sun: it symbolizes the solar cult of Egyptian civilization. This image of the sun is completed horns and the flail; it sometimes has a ram's head, sometimes a human face. This god gives a great charisma to his natives because he plunges them into the light and gives them dynamism. These natives are very convincing and envision the world with great wisdom and serenity. They do not make decisions lightly. It is a very spiritual sign that is not always well understood by his entourage but whose radiation is appreciated by all. They are whole, authentic people who spread good humor and optimism in their environment, they are true philosophers! Written by Zagon - World News

Let's discover the symbols of 1!

Calculate your destiny number by adding all the digits of your day of birth: day, month, and year, and then reducing this total between 1 and 9 (sometimes 11, 22, or 33). Example: 2/8/1980 = 2 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 = 28, 2 + 8 = 10 = 1). The personality of the 1 is voluntary self-sufficient and sometimes a little lonely. His ambitions are great and, if he has a good chance of social success, he can also become a little distant, even calculating. The 1 is subject to thunderbolts but his love life is unstable because he is bored quickly and cannot stand any jealousy. It is therefore on the professional and personal level that he has the most assets, fighting a routine that he hates with a large number of activities. It is a number of actions that sees big, high and far, an inventive flap that leaves little room for feelings because it does not attach quickly... Written by David - Numerology News

With or without gluten?

With the trend "no glu", it is advisable to know the gluten-free products to which fans are entitled, so we recommend them today, so you do not get lost in the wrong lists. First, the first cereal allowed is rice, which is a very nutritious food since it represents a source of nutrients that the body needs. You can also go in these cereals that do not contain wheat or rye or barley: quinoa, corn and polenta. As far as dairy products are concerned, you will avoid flavored or lightened dairy products because they contain barley or wheat used to thicken them; also bottled milk, pasteurized or sterilized, as well as white cheeses or natural yogurts that do not contain gluten. In your diet, you will have no bad surprise in fruits and vegetables because none have, and ditto for fish, shellfish, seafood and meat; however, it will be necessary to start cooking them because the dishes prepared, them, which you buy in self-service bathe in sauces and conservatives made of cereals. So, beware! Written by David - Gastronomy News

Venus in astrology

Like Mercury, Venus is between the earth and the sun; she is never far from the sign. In the same sign as the sun, Venus emphasizes the characteristics of the sign. When she finds herself in another sign, she enriches the sentimental life by expanding perceptions, tastes and desires. Venus is the symbol of feelings and more generally relationships. It's charm, seduction. It reveals the love behavior and the image that we want to give to others. It is also related to money. Venus is symbolically related to the signs of Taurus and Libra. Written by David - AstrologY News

Locate your Air Houses in Astrology

On your Birth chart the Houses of Air are the III, VII and XI, in analogy with the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. If planets occupy these areas, you invest a lot of energy in the intellectual and relational field. You are driven by a need to share your ideas, to interrelate and interact with others, whether on a purely social or personal level. Your feeling of existing can only be maintained through communication with others: far from you the idea of finding yourself on a desert island, isolated for a while. Ideas, theories, concepts, or the very fact of speaking with your neighbor or loved ones give meaning to your existence. Relationships teach you a lot about yourself and tell you what part of your being you need to feed. Note that your social actions provide you with your own vital energy. Written by David - AstrologY News

Eliminate negative emotions

In a book by Beau Norton, he tells us that if we could eliminate all negative emotions, all our worries would turn into opportunities. Our feelings have a major impact on how we live a situation. Is it possible to live without stress, fear, rage or shame? According to the author, it is possible but through a conscious and disciplined practice. Negative emotions emanate from our need to control everything that happens. We need, according to a proposed exercise, to immerse ourselves in a negative emotion for 30 seconds. Then we ask ourselves these 3 questions: 1) Can I let go of this emotion if I really wanted it? 2) Can I let it go? 3) When? Whenever we experience a negative emotion, if we ask ourselves these questions, some of our tension relaxes... By dint of practice, those who played the game of this exercise have managed to dissolve their negative perceptions. Try it! Written by David - Astro Mindset News

A bit of pedagogy...

There are reflexes to adopt so that your child can begin to form an opinion for himself. First, you have to ask him questions; for example, at the end of a show, ask him if he liked it. Whatever his answer, dig deeper and ask him why, make suggestions, and see how he responds: "Did you like that character because he was like a friend? ". Then you can offer him a scoring system with smileys (smiling or grimacing) or stars or even color codes. In the course of his discoveries, avoid offering him the answers on the various topics on which he will question you, exhort him to find the answer himself by asking the questions aloud, specify however that it does not matter if he is wrong. And even if you give him the answer, you have allowed him a personal inner journey that will become a salutary intellectual reflex. Written by David - Astro Mindset News

When Libra moves

Libra is not insensitive to prestigious vehicles but his great adaptability makes it often choose what is most practical to see his friends. He likes long walks, especially if they allow him to cross the world and does not mind sharing his car with his knowledge. When it has the means, it tends to afford a spacious and comfortable car, to accommodate the world in excellent conditions. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Do you know a HARAEL?

If you were born between January 11th and 15th, your guardian angel is called HARAEL. The keyword of his energy is "listen". People born under his protection are at once weighted, measured, and sensible while cultivating a form of derision. They also have a taste for culture and intelligence, and they also like to spread information about knowledge, which is nourishing for ordinary people. HARAEL will be successful in areas such as media, publishing, bookstore or printing, games, film; and everything else that comes from the banking or financial world. If the native meets a debt problem, the angel can come to his rescue to help him solve his debt. In the same vein, the native can appeal to him to get some insight on the promising stock market. But perhaps the most important thing is to be attentive to oneself and others: to welcome them and to share a friendly offering will help them to get out of their own loneliness. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

Coffee is never too strong

Contrary to popular belief, coffee has benefits not to neglect; it is not recommended to abuse it, of course, but a cup or two or three in the day is not harmful. Scientific studies have shown that it will reduce type 2 diabetes, burn fat in the body and boost our metabolism. On the other hand, for any effort to provide in the gym, it would increase our performance significantly. It was estimated that, to counter the blows of depression, 4 cups in the day would have very good effects on the morale and that, in a general way, the coffee would participate in the improvement of our intellect by releasing the neurotransmitters which offer a more optimal performance of your neurons. And if you are not a coffee lover, you can always start tasting it differently, so Frappuccino, with ice cream and whipped cream. Enjoy! Written by David - Gastronomy News

Are you somniloquist?

Are you sometimes blamed for talking during the night? You had some weird, incoherent, even laughing words? Well, you're sleepy. Is it treatable? No. There is no specific treatment because it is not serious. You will have just disturbed your neighbor for a few seconds (and many times) because your night shows are relatively short. Generally, it will be necessary to look for the cause of your monologues in the family or the work. The population mainly concerns the young adult or the child; for the latter, the disorders will come, favored by a change of living condition, stress or a feverish state. The demonstrations are, for most of them, unintelligible broadcasts, insults, crying, laughter, short cries. In any case, it does not affect the quality of your sleep. On the other hand, the problem you will probably encounter is when you wake up when your partner asks who Pauline is. Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

Live in harmony with you

We tend to live according to what is good for others or to subordinate ourselves to higher authorities, parents, head of work, spiritual leader, governor, etc. and finally we forget what is really important to us. The trap is that we want to be accepted and loved by others, which is understandable up to a point. But there comes a time when one has to realize this dependence in a conscious way. When we succeed, it becomes the most essential thing that has happened to us. No matter what others think or believe about us, we start to respect ourselves, we allow ourselves to live according to our own value system. Our potential is then revealed and expressed through our whole being. How to know that it happened? Simply because time will have stopped, energy will rise and our creativity will spark, affecting our environment and our surroundings for the better. Written by David - Astro Mindset News


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