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Enlarge your interior space

How to trick when you have a small home? Giving a bigger effect to feel better, it's never impossible say the designers and there is always a way to redesign your interior. If you live in a studio and want to separate your living space in two, the thing to do is to let the light through. Example # 1: You could install a pierced library facing your bed to let the day filter through; to acquire this type of library despite a modest budget, buy plywood pine and have it made by a handyman friend. Example 2: A sliding curtain can be a good alternative. On the substrate side, opt for a boat sail stretched by means of a cable attached to the wall, this will offer a nicer look and it will slide as well as a real curtain. We tell you, there are never any problems, there are only solutions. Written by David - Leisure News

Your guardian angel: Daniel

If you were born between November 28th and December 2nd, your guardian angel is called Daniel. The keywords of his energy are "trust" and "persuasion". This angel infuses the natives with great energy, an appetite for negotiations and work, as well as gifts for singing, reading, and justice. People born under the protection of the angel Daniel will be able to pursue careers in the sector of the song, the theater, the business or the Law as a lawyer, for example. If obstacles stand on the road of the native, he will be able to benefit from comfort and consolation in confused periods. Moreover, able to deliver relevant advice, he is also eloquent, persuasive and a protective temperament because he can use the words skillfully. However, it is advised to work with measure, righteousness and loyalty; in other words, no showing off but authenticity. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

Where does the name of Astrid come from?

Astrid has two possible origins: in the Germanic language, "ans and " trud "means:" divinity and fidelity. "In Greek mythology, Astraia is the daughter of Zeus and Themis, and Astrid favors reflection on words. She has to make a decision, she tries to identify the implications before making a decision, she is a mysterious woman who is not willing to have contacts and exchanges, but Astrid likes to help her neighbor by staying objective, obeying values and a morality that respects At the highest level, she dominates her impulses and privileges reason, Astrid never trusts her impressions, always prefers the concrete and the known, but sometimes she has problems to let go and have fun. Written by Zagon - Names News

Do you know Delphine?

Delphine has two possible origins: the Latin delphinus which means dolphin or the Greek dolphin. Delphine feels comfortable in society and quickly trusts herself, she will not stop at anything when she has an idea, she is a rebellious woman who wants to live according to her principles and owes nothing to anyone. She is also a feminist who fights for equal rights and does not hesitate to challenge men in the workplace. Delphine respects the mission entrusted to her and demands that her team be respected. She wants her family to be proud of her and her children to consider her as an example. Delphine does not tolerate betrayal and lies, she may be very resentful. Written by Zagon - Names News

Sagittarius and food

Gourmet and greedy, Sagittarius has a zest for life by nature and eats with a good heart: a good table is an integral part of their lifestyle. Also, this sign has difficulty imposing limits. They live life to the fullest. They are a little distracted and casual. All delicacies tempt them, and they love good food. Sagittarius does not know the meaning of the word "diet" and Jupiter, their reference planet, is expansive: Sagittarius, for all these reasons, often tends to be overweight. But it is also a sign that likes challenges and opposition. They will not hesitate to outdo themselves to lose a few pounds and will put all their enthusiasm into it. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

And why not be interested in a winter sign?

Sagittarius is liberal and benevolent and we can recognize you by your generosity because, passionate in the soul, you give a lot of yourselves. This sign of fire has a fiery temperament, a good communicative mood and a spirit that seduces everyone. Your spirit of justice draws a vision of sentient and tolerant existence and you need to feel recognized for your moral sense and righteousness; in some cases you can become intolerant because your too high principles push you to a form of insensitivity. You advance only if you are called by an ideal that gives you a feeling of social or philosophical progression. Your adventurous spirit makes you thirsty to learn, and no one is more free and enthusiastic: you are only an appetite for life. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Which Clement are you?

Clement is of Latin origin: "clemens" means kindness, mercy or indulgence. Clement is a dynamic, enterprising and strong man, but behind this manly appearance hides a kind and tender man who is easily carried away by feelings. Clement is combative and persevering, is stimulated by difficulties and obstacles. But he is also a dreamer and utopian. Clement is distinguished by his charm and honesty, is appreciated for his kindness and dedication. Tolerant and gifted with a keen sense of justice, he does not hesitate to invest fully in just causes. Clement is linked to material goods and is interested in financial matters, does everything possible to not miss anything. Written by Zagon - Names News

Discover the origin of the days of the week!

Tuesday is ruled by Mars. It is a masculine symbol, the soul of warriors. Its element is fire. Uses, customs and traditions: You shouldn't offer flowers on a Tuesday. They say it brings bad luck. A bride and groom on Tuesday form a dynamic couple and will be happy together. The beneficial stone of Tuesday is ruby. The color of Tuesday is red. To do: it's a good day for sports activities and competitions. Tuesday is good for starting a family, moving, borrowing, gambling, and promoting a cause. Avoid: do not give a name or adopt a child on Tuesday; it is not a good day for parties and meetings. Do not polish a blade, start a construction project, or go on a trip. Written by David - AstrologY News

Become personally autonomous

Certainly, it is good to feel loved and that the other gives you the proof but to become dependent on this love, is it not to become a prisoner of a model of thought? The day this love ceases, you feel empty and you no longer feel that you fully exist for yourself. This feeling is often the result of painful situations of the past and even if you are in a relationship, a lack of attention from your partner is interpreted as a sign of abandonment because it awakens these old sorrows. At first, we must avoid listening to the judgment of others, their critics; you must listen to your own desires, exist for yourself, know yourself. Forging your personal opinions and not fearing to be different from others will lead you to your own potential and save you from living in the shadow of a third person. See this as an opportunity to join yourself in the heart of who you are, to enrich yourself and, consequently, to set up projects that coincide with your true nature. Written by David - Love News

Locate your Earth Houses in Astrology

On your Birth chart, the Earth Houses are II, VI, and X, in analogy with the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you notice planets in these areas of your life, it means that you need to meet deep needs in the practical or financial field. It is necessary for you to act in the physical world, so that you can build yourself a solid social situation or provide you with some form of material security. You organize a place in the sun occupies your mind while being productive appears to you as a natural thing: you act in the world of work to leave an imprint that will bear your mark, in order to be rewarded materially. Your concrete achievements stimulate you and move you forward. According to the planets found in the Earth Houses, they influence your professional or material ambition and your vocation. Your role in the social world is a big part of your life, and in that respect you get tangible results. Written by David - AstrologY News

Discover the origin of the days of the week!

Saturday is governed by Saturn. It is the day of children, the poor, and servants. Its element is the Earth. Uses, customs and traditions: You mustn't change jobs on a Saturday. It brings bad luck. Saturdays are perfect for adventure and travel. It is the best day for weddings; it offers the most guarantees of happiness. The beneficial stone of Saturday is turquoise, the color of Saturday is indigo. Things to do: on Saturdays, you can dig the foundations of a house, occupy a new place, do agricultural or hydraulic work, or acquire animals. Avoid: on Saturdays, you should not dispose of goods or animals, work related to fire or metal is not recommended. This is not the time to erect a wall or to make solemn declarations, long journeys, expenses, loans of money, or demonstrations. Written by David - AstrologY News

Are you Sagittarius?

You are known for your unity, your good humor and your unalterable energy. Your simplicity often makes you forget that you are also very connected with philosophy and spirituality. Your ideals are high and, if life offers you a mediocre routine, you probably resort to introspection to study your situation and draw the necessary conclusions. Written by Zagon - Names News

Discover the origin of the days of the week!

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. It is a day of spirituality that also increases luck and wealth. Its element is metal. Uses, customs and traditions: Thursday is an auspicious day under the protection of Jupiter, the "great benefactor". One can marry without fear on Thursday: in the East, it is the perfect day to let the bride cross the house's threshold. According to certain traditions, Thursday is when one should not wear rubies or practice manual work. The beneficial stone of Thursday is sapphire, the colour of Thursday is blue. Things to do: it's a good day to start or continue your studies, practice medicine, and build or acquire a new home. Thursdays are good for shopping, metal-related work, travel, exhibitions and play. Avoid: on Thursdays, it is best not to take an oath, repair a roof, or practice art. Written by David - AstrologY News

Where does the name Madeleine come from?

Madaleine means "pearl" in Greek. Madaleine has a character full of tone and receptive to exchanges, communication, while having this great flexible and adaptable quality. Affable and friendly, she is eager to know and is interested in many areas, however, she must be careful not to disperse: she can move very quickly from one sphere of knowledge to another. She must be careful not to be fooled by a form of antagonism or dispersion. Her reputation is good because she is cheerful, frank, loyal and direct. Optimistic, in love with games and endowed with a sense of humor, is the joy and happiness of those around her. In terms of intimacy, she is somewhat challenging because she needs to cover a clear need for internal security, so her partner will have to play cards on the table and clearly announce that she is ready to surround you with care and affection. Written by David - Names News

The secrets of Pallas

The graphic symbol of Pallas is a rhombus surmounting a cross. In mythology, Pallas was the Athena or the ancient Minerva. Favorite of Jupiter, she possessed many talents, notably artistic. She was also a warrior who won the victory without brutality because of her sense of strategy and tactics. In short, her intelligence enabled her to obtain what she wanted while remaining invincible. Pallas advised the gods in their war against the giants in a mythological episode. Pallas is the vehicle of thoughts, the spark from which the creative act is born. It evokes the qualities of perception and promotes socio-professional ascent. Pallas in sign indicates how we fight and how we live an art but also how aggressive or violent we are. Pallas in house indicates the sector we are struggling with, the area we are fighting for, and that we are brave. Sometimes Pallas represents an area of life where there is external danger. Written by David - Planets News

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