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Colors and moods

Colors exert a subtle action on our emotions by stimulating or soothing them, making us happy or saddening us. It seems that their impact on our psyche comes from their proximity to the natural world, the blue evoking the sky, gold the sun, etc. And among occultists, the reason is esoteric: the seven colors of the spectrum are reminiscent of the number 7. The white, in the West as in the East, by the totality of the colors it encompasses, symbolizes life and its completion. Gold, symbol of the sun and royalty, was among the ancient Greeks, associated with the idea of ??immortality, as the myth of the Golden Fleece tells. Green, in the Irish tradition, is the color of Tir Nan Og, the island of eternal youth. Purple is a mystical color that often serves as a medium for meditation, it unites the energy of red and the sanctity of blue. But it can also evoke sadness as recalled by the nymph Echo, who yearned for Narcissus. Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

What Xavier are you?

Xavier is of Spanish origin and means "new house". Xavier shows an authentic personality who likes to get to the bottom of things and appreciates the simplicity of people and situations. Discreet and sincere, he appreciates his solitude punctually by being in tune with his deep self while he longs for adventures and new sensations. He needs to feel loved to attract the energy that will push him forward and build his life. Although apparently silent, he can enter the mad wrath where he will express a destructive rage in front of his enemies. He likes to live according to his own ethics and is not very adaptable to the strict rules of a society. He has a clear inclination for humanitarianism because he has a big heart and creative works mobilize everyone in view of his great sensitivity for drawing, painting, design or fashion. Written by David - Names News

Your First House

House I in your sky chart is that of your ascendant: it represents your social identity, your reactions, your temperament on the boards of the theater of the external life: this is what we perceive of you in society; that is why it is also associated with the body, the very one who puts himself into representation in action. This House is in analogy with the sign of Aries whose energy is fire and any planet that is present in this sector impacts your personality singularly. Your expression will be changed depending on whether you have the moon, for example, which will make you more sensitive, more receptive to the atmosphere, even emotional or fragile or even sometimes a little immature. If you have Mercury, it will emphasize your mental curiosity, your propensity to exchange and a way to differentiate yourself intellectually. Take a look at your birth chart to discover the possible planets. Written by David - AstrologY News

Your animal totem: the Owl

If your birthday is at this time and until December 21 included, you are, in Native American astrology, the sign of the owl. This animal has particularly attracted Native American masters by its mode of hunting on worms or rodents, to rid these pests who consumed the provisions of winter, which gives it a protective role. On the other hand, his big eyes piercing the darkness of night have been assimilated to clairvoyance. In terms of personality, owls are enthusiastic, free and artists. They have a great ability to listen, which places them among guides, teachers or counselors offering an original worldview. The people of this sign love to go head to head in the adventure of life and feed on its substantive marrow. As their intelligence can embrace the two sides of the same energy, dark or bright, they will have to make a choice: to become a rebel or recalcitrant or a kind of shaman filled with wisdom. Written by David - World News

Who is Andrew?

Andrew originates in the Greek Andros which means "Man". The Andrew have a strong character, they like to take on the most insolent challenges and do not lack fighting spirit in the face of the vicissitudes of life. His temperament is as sensual as he is passionate, he likes the beauty and charm of life as much as falling in love with someone who has caught his attention. He is a competitor that is not cold and that is solidly constituted, both physically and morally. This does not prevent this leader from being born to be adorable, friendly and sociable, but with a selective side, anyway, he does not let anyone in his life because he likes to associate with those who do not seem hypocritical or liars. Basically he is honest with himself and with others, so he is also loyal and faithful to his partner. Written by David - Names News

Passiflora: to sleep well!

Instead of ingesting sleeping pills, there is a way to improve the quality of your sleep, more natural and less brutal: plants. They do not cause side effects or addiction. Passiflora allows to make whole nights without waking up. It was cultivated in the gardens of the last Aztec ruler, Moctezuma. The Spanish conquistadors brought it back to their lands to adopt it. The plant then easily grew in the southern regions. Its name, the flower of the Passion, comes from its composition which evokes the Passion of the Christ: one can see there a crown of thorns, a cross, a whip ... It improves the quality of the sleep and avoids rising at night, that's why it has a lot of followers. It allows to gradually restore a good quality sleep. It is taken as an infusion, counting a tablespoonful for a cup of boiling water and infusing 10 minutes. However, you should not drink more than two cups a day at the risk of having migraines. Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

A bit of Egyptian astrology?

If you were born between November 28th and December 18th, your Egyptian astrological sign is Osiris. He is the god of the dead and the master of the survival of the dead in the underworld. He is represented with a false beard, a butt, a whip and a crown. Osiris taught men to farm the land and fish. These natives are curious, constantly looking for new experiences and developing all their life their multiple knowledge. They are often scientists in their chosen fields. Osiris is open, confident, and sociable; he has no trouble getting relationships and having a good popularity rating. But it can be naive or distracted and then know some disappointments ... It is an idealistic sign that aims the impossible, which is not discouraged by a failure and always finds the strength and courage to bounce back against the adversity. Written by Zagon - World News

Do you know a Sagittarius?

A good way to relax is to withdraw periodically from the hustle and bustle, sometimes giving up the action to undertake an inner journey, a fruitful and balanced meditation. A retreat in a desert or sacred place can be a true cure. To keep your promises, simply tempt your competitive spirit. Either to lose weight, to meet your soul mate or to travel more often, you will do everything in good company. It is the decisions made between close friends who will best sustain the way. Written by David - Names News

Aztec Astrology: Grass

Do you fall in love easily? If so, you may be a sign of the herb in Aztec astrology. (To calculate your sign go to the page on my-horoscope-of-the day provided for this purpose...). Grass has a lot of energy and uses it to conquer hearts. Indeed, his artichoke heart clings very quickly to his potential partner but at the risk of lulling illusions and difficult to live a setback sentimental. Grass can have trouble finding a point of balance between his desire to charm his lover and that to stabilize. However, once the chosen one of his heart is found, he founds an ideal home. Let us note that the dual aspect of his personality makes him mysterious: he alternates the phases on the surface of his skin and the passages of withdrawal. Relying on a more consistent basis of one's personality is part of one's life path. The planet of the sign of the Grass is Jupiter and its number is the 11th. Written by David - World News

A correlation between Sagittarius and the Owl!

If you were born between November 23rd and December 21st, you are Owl in Native American astrology. Several points have attracted the attention of Indian shamans concerning the Owl, including its way of life but also its way of hunting. Moreover, the immense and luminous eyes of this nocturnal raptor give it a clairvoyant side that goes beyond the limits imposed by the darkness of the night and one could make the link with the Sagittarius which is constituted a different vision of the life, always greater, brighter than that of ordinary mortals. On the other hand, his way of hunting leads the Owl to feed on small rodents and insects, which gives him a protective role and cleanser by ridding the earth of useless things. The personal qualities of the owl in Native American astrology are clairvoyance, good council, insightful lucidity, independence and a taste for adventure. Written by David - World News

And why not be interested in a winter sign?

Sagittarius is liberal and benevolent and we can recognize you by your generosity because, passionate in the soul, you give a lot of yourselves. This sign of fire has a fiery temperament, a good communicative mood and a spirit that seduces everyone. Your spirit of justice draws a vision of sentient and tolerant existence and you need to feel recognized for your moral sense and righteousness; in some cases you can become intolerant because your too high principles push you to a form of insensitivity. You advance only if you are called by an ideal that gives you a feeling of social or philosophical progression. Your adventurous spirit makes you thirsty to learn, and no one is more free and enthusiastic: you are only an appetite for life. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Which Clement are you?

Clement is of Latin origin: "clemens" means kindness, mercy or indulgence. Clement is a dynamic, enterprising and strong man, but behind this manly appearance hides a kind and tender man who is easily carried away by feelings. Clement is combative and persevering, is stimulated by difficulties and obstacles. But he is also a dreamer and utopian. Clement is distinguished by his charm and honesty, is appreciated for his kindness and dedication. Tolerant and gifted with a keen sense of justice, he does not hesitate to invest fully in just causes. Clement is linked to material goods and is interested in financial matters, does everything possible to not miss anything. Written by Zagon - Names News

Who is Cecilia?

The character of Cecilia contains a lot of energy because Cecilia is willful and hard-working, direct and assertive and her requirement leads them to shoot in any way to achieve her goals. She does not like failure and tends to take control of a project naturally. She likes the action a lot, which sometimes leads her to move between two things to manage. She has an undeniable aesthetic sense that gives her a good perception of the beauty of things and beings. Sweet and romantic,she pays close attention to her surroundings. At the intimate level, she will set her sights on a partner who is at once conciliatory, diplomatic and assertive. This will be the condition sine qua non for her to flourish in her relationship. Her number is the 1 that symbolizes autonomy, authority, novelty and ambition. Her stone is amber for what it represents as an open, smiling and warm nature. Written by David - Names News

Beware of colds!

The stuffy nose is a little bad trend of this season but there is a remedy of grandmother rather effective, it is necessary to put it and break with its habits of pharmacological consumption. In order to decongest your nose which you have blown son many times, opt for the steam bath. Boil water, pour it into a large bowl (or keep it in the pan) and hold your head above the steam to inhale for five to ten minutes. For a truly effective result, cover your head with a large towel to get the most out of the steam. It is recommended to put a little thyme in boiling water, but it is also very good to put a small amount of tiger balm. Of course, close your eyes during the operation and repeat it two or three times in the day, you will tell us news. Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

Locate your Earth Houses in Astrology

On your Birth chart, the Earth Houses are II, VI, and X, in analogy with the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you notice planets in these areas of your life, it means that you need to meet deep needs in the practical or financial field. It is necessary for you to act in the physical world, so that you can build yourself a solid social situation or provide you with some form of material security. You organize a place in the sun occupies your mind while being productive appears to you as a natural thing: you act in the world of work to leave an imprint that will bear your mark, in order to be rewarded materially. Your concrete achievements stimulate you and move you forward. According to the planets found in the Earth Houses, they influence your professional or material ambition and your vocation. Your role in the social world is a big part of your life, and in that respect you get tangible results. Written by David - AstrologY News

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