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Your Egyptian astrological sign: Sekhmet

If you were born between July 29 and August 11, your Egyptian astrological sign is Sekhmet. This goddess with lion's head carries a solar disk. Warrior at heart, it gives you qualities of pride and even vanity. You know your value and it may happen that some circumstances do not fit, according to you, with your qualities, which can be frustrating. You have an innate sense of justice and this can lead you to activities related to the judiciary. It should also be noted that these natives have powerful psychic skills and a very good intuition. You are very sensitive and your strong emotions can overwhelm you. You like business, affairs and your insight gives you a clear view of things. It may be that you are uncompromising with those around you, but it is for you the sign of your integrity. Written by David - World News

Getting the best out of a relationship

Always think of the good of others and full of possibilities will open. The attitude may not be so easy at first, but if we adopt this different dynamic of our habits, it will change a lot of things in the short and medium term in terms of opportunities that will arise undeniably. No one is perfect, the case is heard and either we focus on the qualities of the people we meet, or on their faults, which is the most common and human. It often starts with a tiny flaw that we have identified. Then, other defects appear because we will have spent too much time on them. If we focus on the strengths, we will eventually find others and appreciate the person. And that's how an exchange becomes more buoyant and creative. Try it! Written by David - Love News

Feeding the Leo!

What often saves Leo from unsightly overweight is their pride. This sign is very concerned with their appearance and feels a great need to be appreciated, even admired. They remain an extrovert, and they have a zest for life. This sign adores gourmet restaurants, prestigious dishes, in short, excellent cuisine, especially in good company. Therefore, they appreciate good things and their tastes sometimes lead them to eat meals that are too rich because they have a warm and voluptuous temperament. But Leo has an iron will and, if they find their image tarnished by extra weight, they will have no trouble starting a strict diet until they find an attractive silhouette. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

One trick to lose belly fat without doing sports

A little belly to lose? That's good, we have a proven grandmother's remedy. Prepare a drink of water and lemon; very effective to find a flat stomach, you can infuse the lemon in the water and drink several glasses a day. Lemon pulp and juice are rich in vitamin C, citric acid and fiber. It is the latter that gives a feeling of satiety that prevents the consumer from nibbling at any time. Count half a lemon to squeeze in each glass and the ideal is to start your day with this drink because it will kill the toxins of your body and your liver will work much better. Note that you must eliminate sodas or any sweet drink from your habits as they are for many in the impasto and generous waistlines. With this lemon drink very simple to make you will do a lot of good, promised! Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

Back to Egyptian astrology!

If you were born between July 29th and August 11th, your Egyptian astrological sign is Sekhmett. Sekhmett is a terrifying goddess whose face shows no pity, no sweetness and seems to condemn the eyes of faulty humans. But it's still fair, equitable and we cannot influence it. She is a strict goddess who sets the boundaries between good and evil, right and wrong. She also has the power to heal. The natives of Sekhmett are honest, of high morality but often uncompromising with the weaknesses of others. They are sensitive and can, under the influence of their emotions, get angry or feed crazy passions. They do not easily trust and never forgive a traitor. It is a very observant sign that nothing escapes, his words are precise and his actions are clever but he lacks flexibility, indulgence. These natives also have a slightly pessimistic side. Written by Zagon - World News

Where does Natalie come from?

Natalie comes from the Latin "natalis" which means "birth". With a reserved, even secret, look, Natalie may seem mysterious. Introverted at first, her mind, however, is full of a thousand questions. Hypersensitive, she has to take care of herself and of herself. Her intuition and critical thinking can open doors in the field of psychology, theater, writing or science. Her premonitions are innumerable and she will rely on her flashes when she understands that they are right. In search of a form of wisdom, she could turn to spiritual communities or animated by an elevated or humanitarian ideal. Of great fragility, it is necessary that Natalie live with her parents, during childhood, in symbiosis to acquire stable foundations. Made for studies, she can invest body and soul. Learning comedy could also help her transmute her dreams. Written by David - Names News

What frustrations for Leo?

Leo feels frustrated in terms of personal radiance, if things do not happen as he desires because he is easily mistaken for the king of the world and feels the need to hold the reins of his life. Often theatrical, sometimes intolerant in his thirst for attention, Leo likes to dazzle and his ego, as fragile as it is disproportionate, suffers enormously from a lack of respect or consideration. It is because under his pompous airs, this sign owes his confidence in him only to the benevolent eyes of others. In case of frustration, Leo can become exceptionally bad and a foul mood. Most often, it is in a creative activity that it will best evacuate the accumulated tensions. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

The planet of Saturn

Saturn takes 30 years to go around the zodiac and thus takes two and a half years to cross a sign. According to its position, Saturn induces wisdom, recoil, discipline, obedience. It governs ambitions and sets a framework for stabilizing evolution. It is a cold and austere planet but whose effect is essential to structure an existence. It is the second planet, after Jupiter, which concerns a whole generation, disciplined or rebellious, according to the crossed sign. Saturn encourages maturity, self-control, and indicates how one behaves in the face of the trials of life. Saturn is symbolically connected to the sign of Capricorn. Written by David - Leisure News

The advantages of Leo

It is through the arts, especially painting and sculpture, that you can better combat your potential pain. You have a deep need to create something, be it a large family or a fruitful job. But a little modesty would make your efforts even more admirable. Your lifestyle may not seem harmful, but sometimes bad habits are not what you think. Cosmetic abuse could be a problem you would not have thought of. You express your resolutions to those who have enough memory to remember them and it is for them that you will prove your success. Written by David - Names News

Space for the King of the animals!

Happy birthday to the Lion natives! The sun enters your sign today and is in tune with the summer heat. It's your time, your moment to be able to express your feelings, declare your love, appeal to your creativity, give it free rein and know those days and nights when the party is in full swing. Your inner sun shines, you make laugh and unleash the passions. This dynamic climate encourages you to assert yourself, connected to an energy of joy and daring. Thank the sun for sending you good impulses that will bring you festive occasions, exciting meetings and projects that you care about. In short, you will eat Lion a lot, passionately and madly! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Your guardian angel: Nith-Haiah

If you were born between July 22nd and 26th, your guardian angel is Nith-Haiah. The keyword of his energy is "goodness". You may feel some aggression on the part of the outside world, materializing in the form of people who solicit you from time to time for you to help them; they must be answered by imposing your own limits while showing kindness and openness to them. Finding a balance between the person you are and that you respect and this ability to smile at the hassle of everyday life is your challenge. Your guardian angel invites you to nurture your patience through your indulgence. Do not respond to provocations with anger because you would only feed a consuming energy; on the contrary, ignore negative energies so that they go out on their own. Nith-Haiah opens you to wisdom and to the knowledge of esoteric mysteries. He intervenes in your dreams by communicating images and sensations premonitory. Written by David - Guardian Angels News

What Victor are you?

Victor! The Latin origin of his name means "victorious" or "winner". Victor exudes a great strength, friendly, sociable and calm. We appreciate his safety at home and in search of harmony. He is a great sentimentalist who works as a crush, whatever the object of his desire, an affective or professional option, a book, a movie, a garment. Pleasant and generous, Victor likes to share with his friends his passions and his joy for existence. However, he can be influenced by his family, friends or close friends and do things that he does not fully appreciate because of friendship or love. Hard worker, he may experience some falls in his pace, but his professional conscience always makes him take things with his own hands. Eager to please, he uses his charm and always seeks the beauty and harmony of an atmosphere, a person, a universe. He abhors injustice and reacts a quarter of a turn to correct any balance problem in this regard. Written by David - Names News

Your guardian angel: Haaiah

If you were born between July 27th and August 1st, your guardian angel is Haaiah. The keyword of his energy is "love". Haaiah stands by you so that you can love yourself unconditionally, with your qualities and your faults; there is no guilt, wrap yourself with generous and warm feelings that you can distribute to those around you, when calls from others in difficulty will arise. Haaiah is the protector of Justice and helps in this area to bring out the truth and win a case if you make the request in your heart. People born under the aegis of Haaiah can realize their professional ambitions in the field of Justice and acquire a great knowledge and a good reputation in this field. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

Household according to Cancer

Cancer seeks to become a homeowner as soon as it starts a family and generally prefers the countryside to the city and the old to the modern, which it distrusts. He is able to spend months tinkering because it is a very tenacious, courageous and enduring sign, able to carry out the most tedious companies as it relates to his comfort and his security... Under his airs harmless teddy, he is a formidable businessman who knows his interests perfectly. Cancer is rarely repelled by household chores but always favors the atmosphere of maintenance, finding most often an excellent balance between disorder and rigor. He treats his home as a good father because it is his refuge! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

The number 7 in numerology

Calculate your destiny figure by adding all the digits of your day of birth: day, month, and year, and then reducing this total between 1 and 9 (sometimes 11, 22, or 33). Example: 17/08/1980 = 1 + 7 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 = 34, 3 + 4 = 7). The person whose life path is 7 is rather lonely and flees agitation. He is a spiritual being who seeks to learn, to cultivate, to rise. It's a creative figure that can show artistic dispositions. In love, the 7 has a little trouble to unravel his feelings and does not talk about his emotional life. But he is serious, faithful and loyal, even if he relies more on reason than passionate impulses. On the professional level, the 7 is studious and applied but he does not always want to put himself forward, he does not seek to become a star but simply a reliable and regular worker. The 7 carefully analyzes each situation, with a lot of honesty and lucidity, before making an important decision. Written by David - Numerology News


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