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Evie | 24/05/2019 - Last modified: 13/01/2021

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Do you know UMABEL ?

If you were born between January 21st and 25th, your guardian angel is called UMABEL. The keyword of his energy is "reconciliation". People born under its influence usually have affinities with astronomy, astrology, physical, animal and plant sciences and mathematics. They have the ability to teach one or the other of these subjects and will be able to forge links, to reconcile the earthly world and the universe. In addition, UMABEL is an entity of friendship, affinity, unity. If the natives suffer from a lack of friendly bond, they can summon their guardian angel. Their character invites anyway to these friendships in view of their qualities of benevolence, generosity, transparency, attention and integrity. UMABEL also operates on the knowledge of its protégés by helping them to gain awareness. If they feel rancor, they must come to terms with themselves: they can even write a liberating letter: this is sometimes a miracle! If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David, the 22/01/2021 - Guardian Angels News

Do you know anyone named Agnes?

Agnes comes from the Greek Agnê which means "pure", "chaste" or "sacred". The people with the name of Agnes are distinguished by a fine, intelligent, jovial and open character. Often they spread a particularly bright and communicative energy, their good humor is very appreciated in the parties or the society. They hate the daily purr and are often in transit, fleeing from the plague of monotony, from a repetitive existence. Her curiosity is insatiable and her motto could be "Understand everyone and be everywhere at once". They radiate an obvious power of seduction and tend to collect romantic relationships. You will find satisfaction in meeting a fellow patient, who imposes and inspires a form of stability. In terms of their career, they will succeed as long as they do not grab two hares at a time, to focus on a precise and consistent goal. Demanding ones can reap beautiful laurels but, perfectionists, surely will not rely on them. Written by David, the 21/01/2021 - Names News

What do the figures in a natal chart mean?

The large square or cosmic cross is made up of four planets, two by two opposite each other and forming four squares between them. It is a rather rare figure that indicates a strong will and a tremendous inner power. This native concentrates their energies to face adversity by making essential choices. But the danger of this closed configuration is to disperse their energies in a bad way and then make these native pessimistic, discouraged, and skeptical about their abilities and, finally, paralyzed by anxiety. They must examine their existence and choose a safe path to put their overflowing energy. Written by David, the 20/01/2021 - AstrologY News

How to have a lot of ideas?

To be creative, there is an effective method that breaks down into three phases. It looks a bit like this spring that one compresses to the maximum and whose, the next moment, the "relaxation" will be powerful when one will release it. Roughly speaking, to get ideas, it's the same thing. To get your creative brain moving, you first need to gather the data and understand the problem. A well-posed problem is half solved, as H. Poincare said. Then there is what is called psychic compression: it only consists in meditating intensely on the solution to your interrogation, for one hour. This focus step should focus your mind on solving your problem. Finally, last phase, mental relaxation: make total emptiness in your mind. You will listen to your favorite music, go for a walk, and ideas will emerge one after the other, on their own. You will find other examples of this type in the book "How to produce 200 ideas per hour". Written by David, the 19/01/2021 - Astro Mindset News

Let's discover the symbols of 1!

Calculate your destiny number by adding all the digits of your day of birth: day, month, and year, and then reducing this total between 1 and 9 (sometimes 11, 22, or 33). Example: 2/8/1980 = 2 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 = 28, 2 + 8 = 10 = 1). The personality of the 1 is voluntary self-sufficient and sometimes a little lonely. His ambitions are great and, if he has a good chance of social success, he can also become a little distant, even calculating. The 1 is subject to thunderbolts but his love life is unstable because he is bored quickly and cannot stand any jealousy. It is therefore on the professional and personal level that he has the most assets, fighting a routine that he hates with a large number of activities. It is a number of actions that sees big, high and far, an inventive flap that leaves little room for feelings because it does not attach quickly... Written by David, the 18/01/2021 - Numerology News

Know your guardian angel!

If you were born between January 16th and 20th, your guardian angel is called MITZRAEL. The keyword of his energy is "patience". The angel will inspire his protected serenity and phlegm at the heart of strained situations but also the mastery and success in exams as well as a form of support for academics in their labors and their research, not to mention the performance in the competitions, and even in championships or tests of physical or intellectual address, games mediatized or society requiring a good foundation in terms of knowledge. MITZRAEL also tends to clean up feverish and troubled souls. On the other hand, the guardian angel endows the natives with a memory that can touch the prodigy as well as an excellent longevity. It should be noted that the research or psychology sectors are valued by the protected who have this optimistic and joyous quality, which gives a "plus" in these trades. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David, the 17/01/2021 - Guardian Angels News

Juno: the Supreme Asteroid!

The graphic symbol of Juno is a royal sceptre: the vertical axis surmounted by a compass rose symbolizes harmony. In Roman mythology, Juno is the queen of gods and heaven. It was Jupiter's sister and wife who kidnapped and raped her. To escape shame, she married her and Juno became the goddess of marriage and the great protector of women. She symbolizes marriage when she is covered in veils, and she is associated with fertility when she holds the emblem of the pomegranate. The story goes that she had a deep aversion to fickle and guilty women. In a natal theme, Juno indicates contractual relations like marriage, legal associations, and employment contracts. Juno symbolizes the ideal legal partner. Juno's position as a sign indicates how we commit and what personality is sought in a marital partner. Juno's position in the home indicates the area of life where one is likely to meet a partner, an associate, or a work environment to which one will remain faithful. Written by David, the 16/01/2021 - Planets News

Who are Remi?

Remi has a sensitive, inspired and intuitive character. Feel the environment in which it evolves and, even if it is a little rebellious, knows how to establish balanced and pleasant relationships of trust. It is very frank and you will quickly know what you think, where sometimes some interferences arise in the exchanges with your collaborators. On the other hand, he loves his family, is generous with them and will do everything possible to create a harmonious atmosphere in this personal and private world. Although proud, you can pause this aspect of your personality to be more conciliatory. He is welcoming, optimistic, warm, dreamer, in love with travel and adventure. He also likes to play with his charm, take on any challenge from a distance and discover solutions in an original or creative way. His reference sign is Sagittarius, so he can agree with Gemini in the context of an affective relationship, but also with Libra and Aquarius. Written by David, the 15/01/2021 - Names News

Hygiene habits

It's never too late to escape from germs this season. Let's review these little things to do regularly to preserve our health. Change your bath towel often enough and do not forget to dry it between each use because it is a real nest of bacteria. In the kitchen, a recent study revealed that our trusty coffee machine is a good place for bacteria to grow if the capsule container is not cleaned regularly with an antibacterial product. Ditto for your vegetable crisper that needs to be cleaned once a month on average because the fruits or vegetables we store in it can deposit soil. Smartphones must also be cleaned with wipes for glasses because they follow you everywhere in our daily lives. And finally, perhaps the most important rule is to wash your hands so as not to contaminate the objects in your environment. Without becoming paranoid, of course, just good habits and that's all. Written by David, the 14/01/2021 - Beauty / Fitness News

Stay punchy!

To keep the spirits up this winter, select vitalizing products. One news that is starting to be talked about is the chia fresca, healthy drink whose famous chia seeds are rich in fiber: taste it and you will tell us news! As for the meal, put yourself on the anti-acid diet (yes, our modern-day diet makes us produce too much acidity and it results in fatigue or digestion problems). You will promote alkalizing foods, such as grains, vegetables, oilseeds, potatoes and dried fruits. Eat fruits outside of meals because, consumed after the main course, they cause a fermentation that prevents the digestion process and they can then induce bloating: let pass about thirty minutes. Finally, prepare a small mixture of essential oils that you will breathe in the morning on waking or in the day, on a handkerchief: rosemary + Scots pine + cinnamon. You will be at the top! Written by David, the 13/01/2021 - Beauty / Fitness News

The sixth sense and the others

The human being has five senses for the common opinion but not for the scientists who try to agree: some record 9 and others up to 21. Meaning means mode of perception and, outside of the five known senses that interface with our material world, there are others who perceive more subtle, even impalpable things. Thermoception allows us to perceive the temperature through receptors on our skin. Nociception allows us to feel pain and protect ourselves from external attacks. Balance equilibrium is the sense of balance: its receptors are located in our inner ears. According to some researchers, the perception of time is one more sense we have but no mechanism has been found to show that we are able to perceive it. Through the prism of this research, we begin to take the measure of the still unknown riches of the human being... Written by David, the 12/01/2021 - Astro Mindset News

Do you know a HARAEL?

If you were born between January 11th and 15th, your guardian angel is called HARAEL. The keyword of his energy is "listen". People born under his protection are at once weighted, measured, and sensible while cultivating a form of derision. They also have a taste for culture and intelligence, and they also like to spread information about knowledge, which is nourishing for ordinary people. HARAEL will be successful in areas such as media, publishing, bookstore or printing, games, film; and everything else that comes from the banking or financial world. If the native meets a debt problem, the angel can come to his rescue to help him solve his debt. In the same vein, the native can appeal to him to get some insight on the promising stock market. But perhaps the most important thing is to be attentive to oneself and others: to welcome them and to share a friendly offering will help them to get out of their own loneliness. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David, the 11/01/2021 - Guardian Angels News

Where does this name come from?

This name comes from the Germanic name meaning "will" and "helmet" or "protection"; it also corresponds to the old Norman: William. You like to move forward when your soul or heart is affected; In other words, you easily defend your own or those you love. You value your friends and family members who are a big part of your life. There is a heroic side to your heart that naturally makes you defend the widow and the orphan. With a romantic spirit, you are faithful and your honesty is something safe in the home. Volunteer and ambitious, you like to set great goals and work hard to achieve them. Both intellectual and physical activities provoke your enthusiasm and contribute to your balance. The adagio of the philosopher "A healthy mind in a healthy body" fits perfectly to you. Your associated astrological sign is Leo, your lucky number is 2, your color is green and your precious stone is emerald. Written by David, the 10/01/2021 - Names News

Self-Portrait of Capricorn

I have a logical mind, I'm very well organized and I never leave anything to chance, even if I miss an opportunity... My behavior allows me to protect myself from illusions and not to find myself in delicate situations. I am perceptive, tenacious, applied and very serious. Thus, I rely only on myself and my will to succeed. I only believe what I see because I am hyperrealistic. It is therefore useless to talk to me about good luck! I am very pragmatic, and I don't believe in the luck factor. To succeed, I rely only on myself. My integrity, self-discipline, constancy and hard work are the only ingredients that can enable me to satisfy my ambition. Written by David, the 09/01/2021 - Astrological Signs News

The first crescent is an invitation to make peace with one's past!

3.75 days after the New Moon, the first crescent presents a 45° gap with the Sun. It is a phase of release of energy, of intense dynamism. Everyone wants to assert themselves and express themselves. The New Moon has proposed new paths or other projects. It is necessary to eliminate elements of the past, sort out the essential from the superfluous, and free oneself from excess baggage. It is sometimes difficult to make peace with the past. If it pulls us back, we must overcome our old fears, born of traumatic situations, but are now irrelevant. Written by David, the 08/01/2021 - Planets News


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