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All about the angel YELIEL!

If you were born between March 26th and 30th, your guardian angel is called YELIEL. The keyword of his energy is "accomplishment". People born under his influence generally have an optimistic, playful, energetic, combative temperament, but also a great power of seduction and a propensity to hugs very in love. They have this natural ability to meet the soul mate and by invoking YELIEL, they can restore harmony in a couple if that were to be missed. The angel protects marital fidelity, avoids divorces or separations or even disputes or disagreements while winning lawsuits. It is not without allowing a happy and joyful life, on the contrary! The natives will most often be present in the sectors of real estate, agriculture, police, diplomacy or administration. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

Baking soda, sofa and mattress cover

To avoid investing in expensive cleaning, buy baking soda for a small fee. In addition, it is nontoxic, destroys microorganisms and absorbs bad odors, dirt and moisture. Carpets, furniture, beds, everything can be cleaned with baking soda. A spoon only with a glass of boiling water (possibly with an optional spoon of laundry) that you pour into a container (because the mixture produces a lot of foam); after which you will ideally put it in a sprayer to spray at the spot of your stained couch and then remove the liquid with a sponge. It will be necessary to repeat the operation until the result is obtained, however it will be necessary to ensure that the liquid does not penetrate into the tissue. For your mattress, you only have to spread baking soda on it with a sieve and this way of proceeding will allow you to remove dust, perspiration, dirt; let operate for a few hours. Then you just have to vacuum on your mattress to remove the bicarbonate. Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

Try at the first opportunity!

To be shaken by hiccups means being convulsive with the diaphragm: the stiffening of the muscles located between the lungs and the abdomen blocks the flow of air through the trachea to the lungs. The method of drinking a glass of water upside down, that is by placing the mouth on the opposite edge of the glass and swallowing upside down, is a good method, probably because it absorbs the entire concentration of the mind for a specific purpose. That's why also just focusing on a task or problem that is really important to you will be enough to stop your spasm. Swallowing a sweet or acidic food is as effective as a spoonful of honey, sugar or jam; ditto for lemon juice or cider vinegar, although it is much less tasty. And you are freed from incessant and annoying hiccups! Written by David - Beauty / Fitness News

House 6 in your sky chart

The House 6 in your birth chart is analogous to the sign of Virgo; if planets are there, it will have its importance in your existence. The house 6 is related to the professional activity in the daily sense of the term, the prevailing climate, and the constraints that are attached to it but also the weak points in health. It is also linked more generally to living conditions and everyday life. It teaches us how to demonstrate a form of humility through the spirit of service, fulfilling our duties and thereby accepting our psychological, physical, and other limitations. For example, if you have the Saturn structuring in this area, you will learn to take responsibility, to support yourself from your own foundations and you will be required to demonstrate tenacity and organization in your daily or professional life. Written by David - AstrologY News

The number 5 in numerology

Calculate your number of destinies by adding the numbers of your day of birth (ex: 16 = 1 + 6 = 7), same for the month and the year and see if what you get as a number, a reflection of your path of life. If you get a 5, you belong to the category of independents. The key word is freedom and the 5 have a way to go to find their inner freedom through a rich experience and a discipline they will have to impose. Number of the balance, the 5 represents the synchronization between the instinctive desires of the body and those of the spirit. It has as symbol the pentagram (star with 5 branches), representation of the human who is endowed with 5 senses to discover the world. Vibrations of change and movement are usually at work and propel the 5 towards new horizons to travel and go to the unknown. Written by David - Numerology News

Your guardian angel is called VEHUHIAH.

If you were born between March 21st and March 25th, your guardian angel is called VEHUHIAH. The keyword of the entity is "energy" or "will". People born under his influence are generally very dynamic, with a desire to undertake and maintain their vital energy. VEHUHIAH breathes strength and vivacity of mind with this ability to transform everything in a spirit of conquest sometimes difficult. The natives are original and their obstinacy leads them to become leaders in their field, even pioneers for some. Science and the arts are ideal for natives, areas in which they will be successful. The angel keeps them away from any vain or tyrannical presence that would parasitize their projects. At another level, he also discards depressive illnesses, in any case, he promotes any possibility of healing and helps to reconnect with wisdom and love through a new beginning. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

Aries is too busy!

Aries is impatient, impulsive and willful. They are quite instinctive in the way they eat: what they want when they want. They are not one to calculate calories: they eat rather on the go and favor more interesting and more dynamic activities. Aries spends a lot on a daily basis. They sometimes eat a lot but also eliminate a lot. And then, if they realize that they no longer fit in their usual clothes, their reaction risks being at the height of their temperament: diet! The challenge does not scare them! Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Taurus and frustrations

Taurus feels frustrated in terms of changes and gains because of his functioning, which is essentially based on values of stability, peace and prosperity in everything it undertakes. Taurus does not accept the upheavals to which he has been unable to prepare himself. Modest, he easily accepts second place, for lack of being the first. But, if he feels betrayed or deceived, it's a safe bet that this good traditionalist and conservative, addicted to his little habits would be hard to swallow and digest the thing. The frustrations of a bull can lead him to stubborn spite. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

Where does the name Leah come from?

Leah is of Hebrew origin: "Le'ah " whose meaning is giving rise to a controversy. This word means tired, but it also suggests the feminine word for Leon. Leah is a genuine woman, uncompromising, very attached to traditional values. She does not take gloves to say what she has in her heart and her sincerity can sometimes cause sparks, but she is also an idealistic woman who dreams of Prince Charming and an ideal family. She is also willing to make many sacrifices to ensure the happiness of her loved ones. She also has a keen sense of friendship. This humanist is often attracted to professions related to medicine, education or justice. Written by Zagon - Names News

The sailboat: everything you need to succeed in your projects!

The sailboat is formed from the ends of which two trigons start and meet on a focus planet. This figure gives the necessary impetus to pursue an objective to be achieved collectively and conceptualize the ideas that we want to spread. The sailboat is more dynamic than the boat. It allows you to focus on a precise goal (the focus planet) and concentrate your energy on it. The synergy of these planets can bring a quest or a project to fruition; it is also possible to radically change one's life. Written by David - AstrologY News

Do you know Alexandra?

Alexandra comes from the Greek Alexein and Andros, which means "he who protects men". Alexandra does not lack sincerity and easily confides her opinions, but prefers to be discreet about her small concerns and seeks a positive sociability. Generally optimistic, she provides a lot of good humor in her relationships and we like to attend because of her complacent aura. She is also willful and, when she sets a goal, she knows how to shoot through any obstacle to reach the goal. She can thwart the traps because her confidence in her own resources remains intact. However, if she can be a good worker, her allergy to authority can serve her. She is not very in tune with the rules she sees unfavorably. However, she can put some water in her wine so as not to paralyze the wheels of her social success. Written by David - Names News

Discovering your guardian angel!

If you were born between March 16th and 20th, your guardian angel is called Mumiah. The keyword of his energy is "renewal". People born under his protection are attracted to chemistry, medicine or surgery, areas in which they can excel. In any case, thanks to the influence of MUMIAH, they can succeed whatever they undertake in the different areas of their existence. If they seem a little shy, they can count on their angel so that he can help them overcome their fears so that they express themselves with ease in society. It should be noted that MUMIAH acts with force and abundance, hence the fact that he favors certain things of the fate of his natives beyond recognition, such as recognition or celebrity, which induces the fact that they will often be distinguished from others and highly noticed. What's more, their imaginative and altruistic qualities often make them interesting to others. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David - Guardian Angels News

The butterfly; an invitation to surpass oneself!

The butterfly is composed of four planets that form two trigons and two squares with wings. This configuration induces a need for openness and understanding on the part of others. The butterfly makes learning more accessible, but it requires openness, tolerance, and questioning. The two trigons also generate two squares: these natives are creative and inspired and tend to go beyond the conventional limits represented by the two squares. They see things in a big way and can bring something more to the world. They aspire to surpass themselves. Written by David - AstrologY News

Self-portrait of Pisces

An imaginary and wonderful world is concretely part of my life, luck is part of the possible. I tend to have multiple illusions and my fertile imagination leads me to believe that I am predestined to pocket a fabulous win. I let myself be very easily dominated by my multiple vibrations and sensations that overwhelm me. I put a lot of energy into what I do but my credulity can lead me into unclear and uncomfortable situations. I evolve according to my intuitions and my feelings. I believe in luck, its opposite and all the mysteries of life. No matter what I do, I let myself be too easily dominated by my emotions. As a result, I tend to oscillate between great joys and immense sadness. Written by David - Astrological Signs News

The balsamic Moon: the last act before a revival!

11 days after the Full Moon, there is a 45° gap between our two lights. The Moon crosses the Earth's orbit inwardly and thus symbolizes interiorization. The goal is beyond oneself, socially or spiritually; some even accept to sacrifice themselves. It is the end of a cycle; the elements of the past must be integrated to launch a new period, already foreseen. People born at the time of this balsamic phase feel a prophetic aspect, a little uncomfortable, they have the impression of having to accomplish a mission, without always clearly defining it. Written by David - Planets News

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