Free 2025 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year begins on January 29, 2025, and ends on February 16, 2026. In the previous year, success was valued and encouraged. This year looks different. The Snake brings wisdom and a new kind of calm. Minds are calmed. It demonstrates that the world is not perfect and can be disappointing. After seeing their fortune go up in smoke or realizing that glory was fleeting, people will ask themselves existential questions. Some will go back to the basics that were forgotten in the heat of the moment. Others will look for answers to their questions.

They will find them in literature and not just any literature. Authors who have written timeless works will find their lost success. New writers will appear. Philosophy and meditation will have more and more followers. People will realize that futility does not bring much. Therefore, they will turn to the understanding of human nature. In this state of mind, the available means will be used differently and with more awareness.

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