Your expression number!

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What is your expression number ? Discover your social behavior, the orientation of your personal and professional life right now with this numerological tool.


As its name suggests, the number of expressions symbolizes the most visible part of you: your character and the way you express yourself in life. It concerns both your way of speaking and your way of acting and influencing your entourage. This is a large number that tells you who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Calculated with all the letters of your first name and last name, it may happen that it conflicts with other numbers in your numerological panorama. The number of expressions can reveal the flaws and weaknesses that are also part of your personality and participate in the way you present yourself to the world ...

Discover your social behaviour, the orientation of your personal and professional life without further delay by using our numerological app. The number of expressions is very important because it characterizes the image we want to present to the world.

For those who have changed their first name or who choose a nickname, it is very interesting to calculate the two numbers of expression that will each refer to a facet of your personality: the one induced by your birth name, inherited from your parents and your first name that they have chosen, and the one by whom you are now called and who represents unconsciously the person you want to become, the one you want to see recognized.

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