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Leo is the second sign of the summer, corresponding with the hottest season when the light is at its strongest. This sign is ruled by the Sun, the symbol of Life! Leo is associated with the Fifth House, the house of personal experience, leisure and creativity. Learn about Leo baby's profile.

The decans of Leo

- The first decan begins on 23rd July and ends on 2nd August. It is ruled by Saturn and the Sun. Those born in the first decan are very stable and have natural presence, which makes it easy for them to communicate with others.
- The second decan begins on 3rd August and ends on 13rd August. It is ruled by Jupiter and the Sun. Leo born in the 2nd decan are less self-confident than those born in the first. However, they still have a very strong personality.
- The third decan begins on 14th August and ends on 22nd August. It is ruled by Mars and the Sun. Those born in this decan are absolutely driven by their sun sign, making them people with whom it is sometimes difficult to keep up.

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Horoscopes for Leo

You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of Leo:
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Personality and Profile of Leo

Born under a Fire sign par excellence, Leo stand out and like to hold court, surrounding themselves with admirers. They are flamboyant, with a proud bearing and always self-assured, preferring to stick to a specific regime. They are adept at brushing aside those who bore them or overshadow them. This is a strong sign that knows how to make his or her presence felt and stay ahead of the rest.

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Warm, positive and very creative, Leo are loyal and honest. They like power and in any case have all the attributes necessary for success on both a personal and professional level. Their natural panache and articulate expression sometimes make them seem too authoritarian.

They are however very warm personalities, and their creativity is striking. They are playful and know how to attract attention, to the delight of those around them.

Leo are among life's winners, wanting to succeed and doing all in their power to climb the rungs of the ladder one by one. This is a tenacious sign that does not tolerate setbacks. Leo like to leave their trace on all they touch, all they are asked to do and all they try to undertake. They love perfection and are convinced that only they can achieve this level of excellence.

They find it very difficult to delegate. They will do it, but what a cost to themselves and those on the receiving end! Leo will like to give their opinion, their impression, their ‘two cents worth' and why not take over at the same time? This is a sign that needs recognition above all else! Leo often really like to impose their ideas and point of view!

Leo are also passionate in Love! They are looking for a soul-mate whom they will not be prepared to share. For them, love is synonymous with eternal commitment! It should also be noted that this is a quick-tempered sign that can hit the red button at any moment. Their excessive moods never last very long, but their fiery temperament can make life difficult. This is a captivating sign that you simply have to get to know!

Strengths of Leo

Leo are sincere, straight, loyal and upright individuals! Their strong charisma makes them characters beyond compare! They are able to protect those they feel are more fragile, until the latter gain sufficiently in independence, whilst giving them an extraordinary inner confidence, making them idolised as parents.

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Weaknesses of Leo

Leo arouse jealousy and they are often described as arrogant, inflexible and manipulative. They are sometimes bossy and their firm views work against them because ‘they impose them on others'. They are sure of themselves and make those around them jealous, a situation they greatly enjoy! They are very naïve and are often ‘taken in' by flattery.

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Particular Symbols of Leo

Everything connected with glitter and dominance attracts Leo: the sun, light, gold, excitement…

Career of Leo

At work, Leo are attracted to the theatre and dance. This Fire sign finds fulfilment in a professional world, as a manager with heavy responsibilities. They are strategists who can show a wily streak in order to reach their goals and are sometimes unscrupulous in their desire to stand out from the crowd.

Differences between Male and Female Leo

The female Leo is a very elegant partner who aims to dazzle! She meticulously chooses outfits that will show her at her best. She is a woman who is often on her guard and is not easily ‘taken in'.

The male Leo likes to be centre-stage and shine forth. He is a power-seeker and keen to be head of the family. He will also look out for the extended family! He is a person for whom being indispensable is a necessary part of his existence.

Emotional Profile of Leo

The Leo emotional profile is tied in with a creative flair, which leaves a lasting impression. Both loyal and regal, Leo naivety is known to all and sometimes plays tricks on them. In fact they can sometimes seem over-confident. Leo have a warm personality and can be quite creative in trying to win over the object of affection. Amorous Leo are elegant and romantic, knowing how to use their wiles to make sure they are listened to and noticed. Like leaders of the feline pack, they like being cosseted and loved.

Leo Sexuality

What kudos for this Fire sign, a person with whom you will never be bored - and that includes sexually! Leo like ardent and passionate relationships. Romance and sex are closely linked in this sign: this is why Leo need admiration, to win over an object of desire and then, enjoy their love-affair to the full. Their legendary pride means they are lovers who are concerned about their appearance and that of the person they love. They do not want to go unnoticed and they look flamboyant, often even' regal', to attract people's attention.

Portrait of a Leo

Element : Fire sign
Strenght : Self-confidence
Weakness : Thirst for power
Personality type : Passionate
Keyword: Quick-tempered
Outlook: Frank and open
Physical : Heart, spinal column
Color : Orangey-yellow
Gemstone : Ruby, amber
Metal : Gold

Signs that have affinities with Leo:
- Aries
- Sagittarius

Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance: :
- Taurus
- Scorpio
- Aquarius
Opposite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Aquarius

Astro Celebrities

Famous Leo:
- Barak Obama
- Robert Redford
- Mika
- Neil Armstrong
- Yves St Laurent
-Daniel Radcliffe
- Coco Channel
- Mick Jagger
- Madonna
- Whitney Houston

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