Your lunar horoscope for the week of the 14th June 2021

Written by Alison

Projects become concrete, dreams come true, it is a good week ahead of you. You finally turn your back on problems and difficulties. You are in a spirit of conquest, competition does not scare you, you are sure of yourself and your decisions. Above your head, the sky is clear. You set off for new horizons. In the sentimental life changes are being prepared, this week you are approaching an important milestone, certain situations are unravelling. You are dusting off old habits, you need renewal and stability. You should very easily find the sacred fire again, energies are boosted, your morale and your form are on the rise. You seek the support and approval of your loved ones, you get it.

The atmosphere of the moon this week

Monday 14 June 2021, Moon in Leo: You think a lot and arrive at comforting conclusions about the meaning of life. Nevertheless, you are impatient at the obstacles that remain.

Tuesday 15 June 2021, Moon in Leo: The transformation of your situation continues despite fierce resistance on your part. Rather than lose your strength and potential in this useless struggle, accompany the changes with goodwill.

Wednesday 16 June 2021, Moon in Leo: Today will be blessed for sales reps and assistants, who will be on top form in business matters and carry off some excellent deals.

Thursday 17 June 2021, Moon in Virgo: It is a hard and rigorous day that may make you face your limits. Any unwelcome resistance may be punished by bad luck, restraints or loneliness.

Friday 18 June 2021, Moon in Virgo: This sky relativizes many things: it is the moment of criticism and balance sheets, the return to sobriety and a certain modesty. It is a good time to examine your expectations, your achievements and your methods.

Saturday 19 June 2021, Moon in Libra: Goodwill knows neither limits nor boundaries ... but there will be boundaries you mustn't pass!

Sunday 20 June 2021, Moon in Libra: Despite positive changes in your life, you are at times seized with irrational anxiety and you project your fears on others.

The moon for the following week

Monday 21 June 2021, Moon in Scorpio: This sky induces a rather discreet climate, a certain retreat and, for some, dark reflections. The emotions are powerful but contained, the fire burns under the ice, watch out for the explosions!

Tuesday 22 June 2021, Moon in Scorpio: This day requires you to deepen your knowledge of yourself, to restructure your personality and reorganize your life, it tires you a lot.

Wednesday 23 June 2021, Moon in Sagittarius: Today, the air becomes lighter, more carefree, and more friendly. It's an excellent time to invite, go out, and plan cultural activities: the atmosphere at exhibitions, concerts, or shows will be delightful.

Thursday 24 June 2021, Moon in Sagittarius: Ideals will be high and ideas grandiose, but people will lack objectivity and often a sense of proportion.

Friday 25 June 2021, Moon in Capricorn: It is a beautiful day of new and rewarding constructions, whether in your personal or professional life. Your personality evolves and your finest qualities become more and more visible.

Saturday 26 June 2021, Moon in Capricorn: The sky is contrary, between blockages, delays and greyness on the one hand, greed, excess and lassitude on the other. Yet, a positive underground work is still going on.

Sunday 27 June 2021, Moon in Aquarius: The atmosphere will be humanitarian and supportive rather than passionate. This will be more of a day for making friends than falling in love.

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