Your lunar horoscope for the week of the 27th March 2023

Written by Alison

The influences of the moon in Gemini offer fantasy in exchanges with others, it is a beginning of a week marked by opportunities. From Wednesday, the effects of the moon in Cancer multiply sensitivity, emotions are turned upside down. The tendency is to withdraw into oneself and to question oneself, difficulties in taking a step back from events are present. Patience is the only way to regain balance. On Thursday, thanks to the influences of the moon in Leo, projects take on a new dimension. Sentimentally and professionally, the future is promising. Even if there are risks being taken, it is worth the effort. On the downside, during this same period, criticism is difficult to bear, however, it proves to be constructive and beneficial. Small tensions are inevitable.

The atmosphere of the moon this week

Monday 27 March 2023, Moon in Gemini: There's nothing like a pact of peace. You will feel lighter-hearted if you face up to the hostility of certain people. This would be quite a feat, which would earn you respect!

Tuesday 28 March 2023, Moon in Gemini: It's a great day to build easy relationships, brilliantly defend a project or opinions, or just to get out and meet people.

Wednesday 29 March 2023, Moon in Cancer: On this day, exchanges may be tinged with overflowing emotions, not always in phase with the real situation. Beware of impulses!

Thursday 30 March 2023, Moon in Cancer: Only make promises if you are certain, as emotional blackmail will be a real possibility over the next few days, not to mention endless childish sulks ...

Friday 31 March 2023, Moon in Leo: All generosity will be rewarded with recognition and esteem. Show you can be benevolent.

Saturday 1er April 2023, Moon in Leo: Your life becomes more fulfilling as the hours go by. The changes you dread will be welcome. All you have to do is get rid of your greed and your unfounded fears.

Sunday 2 April 2023, Moon in Leo: The atmosphere of the day changes and awakens creativity, but also encourages excess of authority. It's an excellent time to expose your views or works. This radiant energy will color the whole day.

The moon for the following week

Monday 3 April 2023, Moon in Virgo: You will need to be precise about things today, to avoid future delays and difficulties, so be vigilant.

Tuesday 4 April 2023, Moon in Virgo: You won't find easy answers to your questions in this atmosphere. Avoid asking questions about the meaning of life...

Wednesday 5 April 2023, Moon in Libra: The atmosphere of the day induces liveliness and chatter. You overflow with different energies, and your reflections give good results at work.

Thursday 6 April 2023, Moon in Libra: For those who want to get married, this will be the perfect day for popping the question or giving your answer!

Friday 7 April 2023, Moon in Libra: Today will be favourable to anything to do with dialogue, contracts and agreements. Open your email! Pick up the phone!

Saturday 8 April 2023, Moon in Scorpio: Try to moderate yourself, you tend to dramatize and exaggerate everything. Overconfidence blinds you and makes you overlook details and take unnecessary risks.

Sunday 9 April 2023, Moon in Scorpio: Your sky is particularly favorable. You are maturing, you better understand your expectations for the future. Many very positive changes are taking place in your life.

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