Your lunar horoscope for the week of the 13th September 2021

Written by Alison

The good energies are flowing, it is a beautiful week that is announced. The difficulties are not numerous, the luck is there. Your determination remains intact, you can carry out several activities at the same time. You are accompanied by an unfailing courage; the actions are carried out to perfection. This week, frequent travel and fruitful associations depend on the motivation you put into it, if you add to that a hint of boldness, it is certain that new horizons will open up for you very soon. On the professional side, a change is in the offing, unforeseen events will have a positive impact on your quiet little life. Sentimentally, encounters are numerous and nevertheless striking for singles. For couples, relationships are consolidated, projects are made concrete. Love gives you wings.

The atmosphere of the moon this week

Monday 13 September 2021, Moon in Sagittarius: A very calm day when it comes to your sky. You are in full possession of your means to advance as you see fit. You take full responsibility for your actions.

Tuesday 14 September 2021, Moon in Sagittarius: If you are hoping for promotion or recognition of some sort, now will be the time to draw attention to your talents.

Wednesday 15 September 2021, Moon in Capricorn: The stars will openly make it easy to hold a dialogue with those close to you. Be careful, though, don't go too far in your suggestions!

Thursday 16 September 2021, Moon in Capricorn: Encounters will have every chance of being important and despite your rational outlook, you could fall in love at first sight! You are doing really well ... as long as you drop the criticisms!

Friday 17 September 2021, Moon in Aquarius: Very nice day of varied opportunities and possibilities of personal evolution. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and make yourself available.

Saturday 18 September 2021, Moon in Aquarius: There will be a great need for sharing ideas in the air. Conversations will start and finish very easily. The atmosphere will be supportive.

Sunday 19 September 2021, Moon in Pisces: You are questioning your love life. Your social and personal aspirations grow and you find yourself frustrated when things do not go the way you want.

The moon for the following week

Monday 20 September 2021, Moon in Pisces: The climate is contemplative, romantic, encourages listening to others to help them better. But it also causes missed appointments, sometimes messy traffic conditions, but they are still good.

Tuesday 21 September 2021, Moon in Pisces: The past could be useful to you today, to avoid deadlock. Listen to your inspiration!

Wednesday 22 September 2021, Moon in Aries: It would be inadvisable to fall in love today. The situation will be unsettled and you could make a mistake!

Thursday 23 September 2021, Moon in Aries: For a lot of people, this kind of moon brings on headaches. Don't forget your painkillers ...

Friday 24 September 2021, Moon in Taurus: The atmosphere of the day brings everyone back down to Earth and encourages common sense and intelligent management of material assets and sensuality and a taste for good things.

Saturday 25 September 2021, Moon in Taurus: Now is the time to fulfil your desire to be creative and make things: knitting, macrame or a scrapbook! Off you go!

Sunday 26 September 2021, Moon in Taurus: Comfort, well-being dominates the atmosphere, but the characters are stubborn, and some tensions are possible if we embark on controversy. It is in the simple pleasures where one finds the greatest happiness.

Don't miss the next Full Moon ou New Moon by discovering our brand new section. The position of the Moon is calculated using Paris time. Therefore, there can be a significant time difference depending on the geographic area where you are located.

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