Check your horoscope for November 2026

Written by Daisy

An active autumnal month, mainly focused on philosophical considerations with an excellent start for the mind and feelings. Until the 22nd, the energies in Scorpio and the Sun in duet with Mercury (who returns direct on the 13th) announce a powerful backdrop. The atmosphere will be in half-shade, half-light. It will be beneficial to the water signs (Cancer and Pisces) and Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) with creative, sensitive, and striking communication at the same time. Beware of conversations that could be a bit abrupt.

To act, the children of the zodiac will rely on a strong and loyal Mars in Leo until the 24th and in synergy with Jupiter: perennial actions and under the influence of a loving emotion are to come, the fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio) will have to watch out for a bit of radicalism that could be detrimental to them afterward. Then on the 25th, Mars moves into Virgo and breathes in the whole new energy of action. Decisions will be weighed, analyzed with a magnifying glass, and likely to create more practical events than sentimental ones!

Venus in Libra supports hearts that are in love with beauty and balance. It is not a question of being inflamed by rocky or vulgar love affairs but instead of looking for sufficient equity on both sides in any emotional relationship. On the 14th, Venus will take her direct path and announce happy endings or celebrations filled with frills and aestheticism. Saturn and Neptune in Aries, last decan, always push the chosen ones of the sign and the other fire signs (Sagittarius and Leo) or air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) to take responsibilities tending towards the future and no longer stemming from old obsolete patterns of life. For all of them, it will be a matter of believing that structure rhymes with idealism. The children of the zodiac must from now on, build a solid future, more spiritual than before. To do so, Pluto, in good aspect to these energies, adds to the general atmosphere the strength and pugnacity necessary for any large-scale change. At the same time, Uranus, especially in the 1st decan, shakes up the conscience. Of some and others to awaken those who are still sleeping! On the 23rd, the Sun arrives in Sagittarius and modifies the climate at the end of the month: warmth returns to people's minds and especially to social relationships, despite outside temperatures that will only drop: Cheer up!

Horoscope for November 2026 for all zodiac signs:

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2026 horoscope for all zodiac signs:

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