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"Numerology" "comes from the Latin" "numerus" ", number and from the Greek" "logos" ", speeches. Western numerology refers to nine basic numbers, this is arithmancy. Numerology is the divinatory study based on numbers, it relies on their vibratory power to get to know each other better, to discover all the aspects of our personality, to highlight our abilities and our potential but also to identify our defects and our faults. Numerology can serve to apprehend our environment and to flourish there as harmoniously as possible.

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Numerology relies on the three essential elements that are the surname, the first name and the date of birth of a person, it gives numerous information on its temperament, its destiny, its behavior and its aspirations. Numerology can also predict how someone will interact with others and the events that may occur in their lives.

Each letter is represented by a numeric value, indicating what numerologists call its vibratory frequency. In the French alphabet, there are 26 letters to which we can give a value. If you do not know your personal number, check it out with our Free App: Your Life Path.

In numerology, numbers are rich in symbolism. This discipline analyzes the various aspects of a person's personality. Each number has a specific vibration, its own value, and its own emotional, mental, or physical correspondence. In a more playful but equally exciting way, numbers sometimes have a magical side that evokes luck. We know the customs and superstitions concerning 7, 12, or 13. If you are passionate about this field or if you sometimes (reasonably) try your luck at the game, these apps are for you!

Our section "lucky numbers" offers numbers that can bring you luck in everyday life. These numbers can be used in all the circumstances you face. When it comes to choosing between several numbers, and you hesitate: let the magic of lucky numbers guide you!

Do you play the Lottery? This is the right page if you are hesitating before filling out your card!

Do you rely on the Euromillions? No problem: our application advises you which five numbers and two stars to try for the next draw! If betting on horses inspires you and you have no idea of the champion of the day, test our Quinté application, which will guide you in choosing your favorite horse!

Did you know that your phone number can say a lot about you and your relationship with those around you? Professional GSM? Playful smartphone? What does your number reveal about your social life?

Discover without delay: all the apps to help you choose the right numbers at the right time!

Warning: Numerology is primarily interested in the first 9 numbers (1 unit) and it is generally necessary to reduce the sum (of the surname + first name or a complete date of birth) to one of these 9 digits. However, when the total results in 11, 22 or 33, the particular vibration of what numerologists call master-numbers must be taken into account. They are particularly powerful and complex, as we will see, and indicate particular talents to exploit.

According to the karmic interpretation, these master-numbers indicate past life gains, which must be learned to use during this incarnation. We must know how to channel this higher energy, otherwise people under the influence of these masters-numbers may not be able to overcome the challenges.

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