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Written by Daisy

A month under high voltage is coming up! The sun in Pisces until the 20th, in trio with Saturn and Neptune (which arrives in Aries on the 30th), in beautiful aspect to Mars in Cancer, all this favors an intuitive, serious, emotional climate in search of meaning. This configuration benefits water and earth signs while others may be impatient. The atmosphere changes completely from the 20th, the sun slides in Aries to join Mercury (which retrogrades on the 15th) and Venus (which retrogrades on the 2nd), the dynamism will be powerful, the speech will be powerful, even sharp, and the feelings will be conquering but not very stable. The signs of fire and air will find material to express themselves or to let off steam in sporting or militant activities, but Mars in Cancer from the 1st to the 31st can exacerbate a clumsy feverishness that can hinder the behavior of the most daring and make the most timid hesitate.

The energies thwart each other and provoke for the children of the zodiac a tug-of-war between acting or feeling and then, speaking, saying, thinking, or waiting? This end of winter requires finesse and instinct, the sky invites patience, a unifying rather than individualizing action. The signs of fire should put water in their wine, the signs of earth should avoid anguish over nothing while the signs of air could grow in inner strength and optimism. The signs of water have their part to play, what have they learned or understood from the wisdom of life and what do they want to pass on? The retrogradations of Mercury from the 15th and Venus from the 2nd impact all the signs.

Delays, setbacks and misunderstandings could punctuate this month while it will not be easy to express one's feelings or to see clearly in one's love life, the children of the zodiac are called upon to rationalize further and to be patient as soon as their heart wants to make itself heard! Neptune slides into Aries on the 30th and redistributes a certain idea of spirituality or commitment to a just cause! In beautiful aspect to Jupiter and Pluto, Neptune in this sign of conquering and beating fire incites you to change your ways of thinking, to see far and especially differently, to try radical things and bear a brand new breath. The sign of Aries initiates a new point of view, a personal quest.

Horoscope for March 2025 for all zodiac signs:

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