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Written by Evie

After reading your horoscope or your birth chart, you are facing some vast and complex areas of astrology, fictional points, presented in a particular drawing, but they are complicated to understand and to apply on yourself. Highlighted by the work of the astrologist, many principles are studied to deliver a synthetic content reflecting the combination of all your personal details.

Your sun sign or star sign, the effect of the 10 planets on your sign, your zodiacal house, your decan, your ascendant and your element are many data that must be taken into account! We suggest you do an insight into these universes so you can gradually improve your understanding of Astrology.

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Your astrological sign indicates where the Sun was when you were born. But the Sun is only part of your zodiac personality. You can now discover all the nuances that accompany your sign: are you 1st, 2nd, or 3rd decan? Fire, Earth, Air or Water? Cardinal, fixed, or mutable? What is your Ascendant? What is the role of the other planets of the solar system in your destiny? You will find answers to all these fascinating questions in our articles for a better understanding of astrology and a better understanding of yourself!

A small Asian incursion will also allow you to discover your Chinese sign and familiarize yourself with this astrology, undoubtedly different, but also rich in teachings and ancestral wisdom.

Finally, children are not forgotten, and we invite you to browse our baby portraits, their keywords and, as a bonus, valuable advice to parents, which will allow them to have a good understanding of their child and relevant reactions to any situation.

We practice humanistic astrology, closely related to psychology. Our behavior depends on our culture, our environment and our past experiences. Astrology helps to understand better and internalize our attitudes and make the right decisions to thrive to the best of our ability.

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