Numerology and your love-life!

Written by Susan

Your love portrait is calculated with the letters of your name, surname and the numbers of your date of birth.

Your numeric love portrait is calculated with the letters of your first name, your last name, and the figures for your date of birth. Together these different elements constitute your "numerological theme" from which we extract the emotional side.

Each number has a particular resonance:
- 1 induces the spirit of conquest and a certain egocentrism
- 2 aspires, above all, to form a bond
- 3 seeks communication first
- 4 wants to build a lasting relationship
- 5 craves pleasure and sensuality
- 6 wants to found a family and protect it
- 7 is more lonely and wants to maintain its independence
- 8 seeks to invest and install their loves in financial security
- 9 aspires to a fusional love

There are many applications that use numerology, especially by calculating the affinity between two people's first names. These names are a reflection of each person's soul. Are your names compatible? Test out our app for compatibility between two first names to know what influence your relationship will receive and how you can form an understanding.

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