Answers from the Magic 8-ball!

Written by Evie

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Are you in limbo? You do not know what decision to take, what is the right direction, where are you? Bet on chance that often uses our unconscious mind to manifest.

Our Magic Eight Ball is the perfect tool to ask a question to the universe and receive an answer that will help you decide, make the right decision, choose your path!

Some signs do not like being foggy, and others are not disturbed by this sensation. Aries like to know where they are and make a decision to get out of a dead-end or to get an answer. Libras are often disoriented when making a decision and can weigh the pros and cons for days. Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius rarely ask questions because they know they can count on their lucky stars to guide them on the right path. When it comes to Leos, they like to know where they are going and why.

This state of mind pushes them to move forward, while following their ideas and their intentions of departure. Scorpios do not appreciate being uncertain. It is for this reason that they decide when the circumstances dictate. Virgo needs to understand to make a decision; that's why they analyze situations with special care. Concerning Cancer, they need reassurance to move forward, and Pisces are sensitive to the signs the universe sends them. As for Taurus and Capricorn, these signs are very pragmatic, and they assume that you only harvest what you sow.

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