Mademoiselle Lenormand's Tarot to discover

Written by Evie

Do you know the famous cartomancer, Miss Lenormand? Marie-Anne Lenormand (1772-1843) was a bookseller, the daughter of a cloth merchant, and she received an excellent education. But, from an early age, this famous fortune-teller began to draw cards. It was around 1780 that she moved to Paris, where she became famous, and was known as "the Sibyl of the Faubourg Saint-Germain," significant political figures including Napoleon himself consulted her. She became the confidant of the future Empress Josephine. Marie-Anne Lenormand used all the techniques to seduce and convince: the lines of the hand, rock crystal, cards... All of Paris came to consult her!

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We propose that you discover the game of Tarot here: an original card game, feminine and poetic composed of 54 cards which fall under five categories: the cards of the Golden Fleece, the cards of the War of Troy, the Great Work, unforeseen events, and the order of time. This game of Tarot links the real world to the spiritual realm with reason and intuition. It's up to you to discover it...

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