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Written by Alison

What is behind the combination of your zodiac sign and your Chinese sign? We offer you your complete and thorough analysis and study of your zodiac and Chinese element combination. For this, please fill out the form:

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Zodiac/Chinese profile

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Combining the 12 Western zodiac signs with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs gives birth to 144 double signs that reveal our "double nature." Indeed, when you associate your western sign with your Chinese sign, your character can be reinforced, amplified, or, on the contrary, attenuated and softened.

Here you can discover the portrait of your "astrological duo" and the "compatibility of your elements." It will reveal astonishing truths about your qualities, defects, performances, and errors... In short, it's about the main parts of your deep personality, as these two astrologies perceive them.

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