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Written by Daisy

Hello Autumn! A lot of energy in the air and water signs this month, the absence of burning energies encourages the zodiac children to think and feel a lot. Until the 23rd, thanks to the Sun in Libra, you enjoy life with fairness and balance, and you make yourself beautiful. Mercury flies over three signs: Libra until the 6th, then in Scorpio until the 29th and Sagittarius on the 30th. Communication starts with delicacy. The air signs are favoured (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) you will feel at ease in all circumstances. Then Mercury slips into Scorpio and comes to join Mars in this sign all month long.

Beware of words that sting or hit their target with too much impact. The fixed signs, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, could take the brunt of it while the Earth signs are entirely at ease. Mars in Scorpio will be tremendously useful to those who wish to launch a vital project and perhaps need to fight. Jupiter is in Cancer all month long: legality meets action. Large-scale projects are possible and carried by the powerful crucible of emotions and intensity!

On the other hand, Pluto in Aquarius in the square of Mars, especially after the 13th, invites the fixed signs to watch their backs before acting. The other signs of Earth and Water will draw beautiful inner resources. After the 24th, the Sun in Scorpio in duet with Mars and beautiful aspects with Saturn and Neptune, largely favours initiatives carried by faith and an ideal both collective and humanistic. Everyone is invited to believe in their luck! Venus in Virgo from the 1st to the 13th boosts the signs of Earth and Water. The expression of feelings, although shy, is more active thanks to the beautiful aspect of Mars in Scorpio. A hair of audacity could warm the atmosphere! Then Venus slides into Libra until the end of the month. Hesitations are likely between two hearts or between two situations. However, Venus in this sign invites sweetness of loving. The zodiac children should find their way to emotional fulfillment. In Gemini, Uranus in beautiful aspect to Neptune in Aries until the 19th can provoke love at first sight and modern awareness. It can especially help the signs of fire and air revise a project and make it better. A nice month full of surprises!

Horoscope for October 2025 for all zodiac signs:

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