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Let's discover our lunar nodes and part of fortune applications : lunar nodes tell us about our past and achievements
Calculate your Lunar Nodes and the part of fortune symbolizes in what area you flourish Calculate and discover your Part of Fortune

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Psychology and astrology have more in common than one might think. They are both human sciences that take interest in the roots of our behavior, both have to do with our social backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. In psychology, feelings and reactions are analyzed according to what the client expresses. In astrology, it is by studying the planets and their aspects that we come to pretty much the same conclusions. Here are a few thoughts to help you with some of the toughest psychological problems that we are all likely to deal with at some point or another.

Whether in love, in the field of fitness, in the field of finance, at work, in your social or personal life, our various articles have been written according to your astrological sign to bring you tips to learn to get to know yourself better and allow you to walk more serenely on the path of happiness!

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