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Written by Daisy

One month in the light between energies in turn in air and water that distill a climate conducive to exchanges and sharing of emotions. The sun in Gemini until the 21st, escorted by Mercury and Jupiter until the 8th, instills a beautiful energy of communication, meeting, exchanges will be fruitful and facilitated, enjoy! Then the sun slips into Cancer on the 21st, Mercury on the 8th and Jupiter on the 9th, this very sensitive trio focused on family issues, on the importance of feelings and emotions. Zodiac children are invited to listen to their hearts and act accordingly! Especially since the earth duo, Venus in Taurus from the 6th and Mars in Virgo from the 17th, invites to perennial romance, to stable and thoughtful love stories, passion is not primordial but rather a sincere attachment capable of surviving the vagaries of daily life.

From the 1st to the 6th, Venus in Aries may favor a crush while Mars in Leo until the 17th incites powerful and impatient desires, some encounters will be possible during this period, but will they resist? Jupiter slips into Cancer on the 9th and favors any evolution related to family affairs, a general desire for protection could incite the most empathetic or generous to pay more attention to others, with a big heart! Saturn and Neptune, at the very beginning of Aries, upset this very dynamic and somewhat personal sign, the energies invite it to change its outlook on life by embodying more rigor, more wisdom, a more spiritual vision of life, by truly opening up to others in a real confidence, nice program!

The other signs of fire, Leo and Sagittarius, benefit from this very structuring and somewhat mystical impulse! Uranus ends its long transit in Taurus, the earth signs (last decan of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) can still feel the call of novelty while the fixed signs (same decan of Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio) still feel resistance to their action, have they understood that it was vain to look back? Finally, Pluto is moving slowly in the sign of Aquarius, the time has come to radically change certain parameters by accepting to let go of old beliefs, patterns that no longer work.

Horoscope for June 2025 for all zodiac signs:

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2025 horoscope for all zodiac signs:

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