Weekly horoscope of the week of 27th of May 2024

Written by Susan

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Mercury has almost finished crossing the sign of Taurus and so is living out its final days there this week, all too eager to join the sign of Gemini with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. For now, Mercury is conjoined to Uranus in Taurus. A conjunction sign of great intelligence, usually, and this remains the case. Genius ideas, you might say, and very practical in purpose. The natal chart is beautifully harmonic. Everything seems to be going in a satisfactory direction so that we can evolve without hindrance. The planets that are usually difficult and have a bad reputation are with us and are working to ensure that our society moves forward without difficulty.

The sun and Venus don't let go of each other for our greatest happiness and love is there every time we wake up until bedtime. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus never betrays and these moments are very sweet. However, one day is to be considered differently from the others: on Sunday, a phenomenon occurs that completely reverses the energies. The Sun and Venus are in dissonant aspect because they are in square with Saturn. This is the beginning of a period of "dryness", we can say.

Dryness of the heart already, because Venus can no longer express herself as she used to, and dryness in our will to discover. As if that were enough and we had to be satisfied with what we have already experienced in Gemini as something new. It seems time to look at what we have in order to understand it better.

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