Weekly horoscope of the week of 05th of June 2023

Written by Susan

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The event of the week is the entry of Venus in Leo . This position of Venus heralds an upcoming summer. Venus enters Leo on Tuesday and is conjunct Mars, but unfortunately still opposite Pluto. Venus in Leo is rather demonstrative. In keeping with the iconic fire sign, with Venus in Leo, one likes to seduce and be looked at.

The conjunction to Mars will create a marriage of feelings and desire. An irresistible force will take hold of you. You will not be able to resist the call of love in all its forms. Pluto, on the other hand, will prevent you from taking flight, from filling yourself with joy, but you will find resources in the energies of Neptune which send a trine to Venus. This opposition of Pluto is precisely there to make you aware of the necessary unconditional love that guides your hearts. Getting out of the ego is the message.

Open yourself to higher realms of love. Pluto, in its unstoppable retrograde to the sign of Capricorn, is in trine to Mercury. Your intellect will be endowed with a deep intuition, able to detect the true from the false, to delve into mysterious situations. A very nice aspect of the mind. By the way, another highlight of the week for Mercury on Sunday is its entry into Gemini. At home in this air sign, Mercury encourages you to be curious and to seek information. Still in trine to Pluto, you will be able to deeply analyze everything that comes from the media, for example.

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