Weekly horoscope of the week of 19th of February 2024

Written by Susan

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This Monday, February 19 is the entry of the Sun in Pisces. This transit heralds four weeks to take stock of a zodiacal year, which has seen a big energy shift with Pluto's entry into Aquarius. Moreover, Pluto is conjoined to Mars and Venus which are in dissonant aspect to Jupiter. We can therefore fear some excesses concerning love affairs against the background of a desire for freedom...

The disappointment is all the greater as the Sun is conjoined to Saturn. Saturn systematically darkens the picture. An unhappy atmosphere may set in, like a weariness. In general, this configuration gives us the impression of working for nothing or almost nothing. Efforts simply do not seem to bear fruit, and discouragement follows. Fortunately, the sextile to Jupiter invites us to appreciate what we have. If goals seem temporarily out of reach, Jupiter tells us to just look at what's all around us. Just bend down and pick up what nature has given us so often. We are invited to enjoy the present moment rather than thinking about tomorrow.

Life is here and now. An adage well known to epicureans and yet one that must be remembered this week. Moreover, Jupiter is approaching Uranus in Taurus. Both of them promise us some big surprises in this Venusian sign: well-being, love, money, etc. Still, we need to start making sure we're not too greedy and at all levels.

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