Weekly horoscope of the week of 16th of May 2022

Written by Susan

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This is a Full Moon day in Scorpio. It marks the axis of possessions and puts the spotlight on the material and the intangible in our lives. What inner and outer resources are left when we have lost what we thought we owned? With Mercury still in retrograde, be careful not to commit to any new projects until June 4, when it resumes direct. Only Mars and Neptune fuel sensitive, creative and intuitive projects.

Fire and Earth provide the impetus and the concrete implementation for the rest. Mercury square Saturn can cause a lack of discernment and realism and can cloud thinking. Ideas are not anchored in the concrete, and tongues are sharp to have the ascendant. However, on the 17th, the Moon makes a harmonic aspect of a trine to Jupiter for XXL Fire emotions. On the 18th, sextile to Saturn, thus anchoring these emotions instability, honesty, and sincerity.

Jupiter, the traditional Great Benefic of astrology, very well aspected in Aries, comes to make your work on your inner self. In the sense of Mercury in retrograde, it gives you a profound transformation. It calls for introspection about your ways of thinking. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Gemini for a month. We will become aware of the duality of exchanges with others and the link to be woven between all things.

In exact conjunction with the Sun at zero degrees in Gemini, Mercury emphasizes the need for flexible exchange, intellectual mobility, and intelligence. At the end of the week, the Moon conjunct Saturn will lead you to an inevitable withdrawal, instinctively for your well-being. The result, however, is concentration and self-control.

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