Weekly horoscope of the week of 18th of September 2023

Written by Susan

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Uranus does not let go of Venus so easily! The planet of love will end the summer with this difficult square to Uranus. It's a bit of a rush, but fortunately, she consoles herself with a sextile to Mars. Rest assured, you can live out your feelings and desires. Still, as long as you don't get carried away until Wednesday, the Moon in Scorpio can create a passionate climate that is difficult to control.

Things will be better when the Moon is in Sagittarius on Thursday and Friday and in trine with Venus. Here the world of sensitivity and feelings find an agreement that will make you breathe a little. On Friday, the #display_link_text(545,"Sun in Libra") enters. Here we are in autumn! Two large trine signs are taking shape in Earth signs. Decidedly, the energies of Virgo are still palpable! We are still entering the first sign that brings light to others, a sign of altruism, of taking into consideration the opinion of others, of Justice and harmony.

With Mars in Libra, this is not a time for war. It's about finding diplomatic solutions, even if it means acting, but never for free or to satisfy your ego. Mercury is still bickering in Virgo, supported by Jupiter's trine, which opens the thought highway. Apart from Jupiter square to Venus and Neptune opposite the Sun, the slow planets, although all retrograde, are harmonious with the fast planets for a rather calm overall climate.

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