Weekly horoscope of the week of 23rd of January 2023

Written by Susan

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The Moon will meet #display_link_text(42, "Venus")# , Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus. All these transits of the Moon will be supported by a will to act symbolized by the Sun trine Mars active all week, and an excellent mental state by the Mercury trine Uranus also active all week. On Monday, the Moon will light up the love sector of Venus in conjunction with Saturn. It is not the flitting around that is emphasized, but rather lasting and sincere love. Wednesday will be a day for artists, or at least for those who want to let their imagination run wild, as the Moon and Neptune will be in conjunction. Imagination is highly valued, but be careful not to get lost in it...

On Thursday, in Aries, the Moon will meet Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The conjunction being in sextile to Mars, ruler of Aries, the step should be high compared to the day before. You will be advised to at least get out of your own way by practicing a sport. Expect a drop in form on Friday and Saturday, as the Moon will be in square with Pluto.

And since Saturday she'll be in Taurus, consider relaxing at home by enjoying the comforts of your home. Cook yourself a nice meal and don't engage in anything serious. It will get better on Sunday with the Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus. This conjunction in trine to Mercury invites you to work on your intellect and diversify your interests. On Sunday, choose intellect over love, as Venus and Mars begin a march together, but in square...

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