Weekly horoscope of the week of 26th of September 2022

Written by Susan

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A lunation in Libra marks the beginning of this week. The Sun and Moon are trine to Pluto and opposite Neptune in Pisces. Therefore, going deep into yourself, into your psyche, you will find the resources to seek the energies of compassion, of letting go.

This Monday, you will be able to take a particular interest in the occult areas that the study of Pluto in your natal chart can help you find.

We are talking about psychology, astrology, tarology, etc. Mercury, still in retrograde, will help you do introspective work. Mercury, in conjunction with Venus and trine to Pluto until Thursday, invites you to internalize your feelings and live them with authenticity.

On Thursday, Venus will enter Libra and be at home since she controls the sign. This is also when she will be undoing her conjunction to Mercury retrograde. Therefore, you will be able to bring to life what you had internalized at the beginning of the week.

With the Moon in Scorpio, Thursday may be a good day to experience fulfilling sexuality. The trine of Pluto and Venus will favor lovemaking. You're invited to take advantage of this, as a tense weekend is in store.

A large square will form with the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury. This is a blocking situation that requires restraint. Fortunately, the Moon's quickstep will quickly ease the tension.

Note also that on Sunday, Mercury will return to the direct course. The climate will be lighter, and movements, relationships, and communication systems more fluid.

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