What is your Life Path Number ?

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What is your life path? Just enter your full birth date (day, month and year) in this space.

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Do you know where your journey through life will take you? This is the journey your date of birth has predestined for you. In line with other aspects of your character, which are inscribed in your first name and date of birth, you will follow it with ease or otherwise, but you need to know it's the way to happiness!

It is very easy to calculate your life path: it only takes your date of birth, without further precision. Simply add up all the dates of the birth date and then reduce the total to a number between 1 and 9. For example: Rihanna: February 20, 1988

2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3
Rihanna's life path is 3

What is the meaning of a life path in numerology?
It is your destiny, the mission that is offered to you, the way forward that will ultimately be the best for your evolution and your fulfillment. This number is like an individual birth imprint and takes on more importance throughout your life.

By discovering your life path, you can open your mind to new concepts, think about other ambitions or different goals that you may not have thought of. The analysis of your life path will allow you to focus on the qualities you need to develop and the flaws you must avoid to follow the path that suits you best.

Your life path also describes the atmosphere in which you live and allows you to adapt more easily to circumstances and take advantage of situations rather than to suffer through them.
You have the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself, your potential, and the range of choices for your evolution. You will feel more in harmony with the world, developing what life is for you. You will gain confidence and assurance.

This path is sometimes difficult, in the image of life itself, you will follow it more or less easily but it is indisputably your path to happiness!

If the way of life is unavoidable, do not believe that everything is played out in advance: each of us keeps their freedom and their free will, but the road will be softer and easier if you understand the difficulties that you are likely to meet and what satisfactions await you.

On this basis, you can choose your methods according to your personal desires.

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