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Written by Daisy

Mars in Aries is making a maneuver. With Pluto in the vicinity, he encourages the signs of air and fire to free themselves from everything that hinders their freedom of action. Independent, reckless, warm, and a bit combative, these signs will shake up your bearings. Their reactions will be stronger than usual. The transfer of Jupiter in Gemini will confirm that you are on the right track. However, for their intentions not to be ineffectual, you will have to appease their contradictions. As for the signs of water and earth, they have the support of the energies of Taurus. However, Jupiter ends his stay in this sign on the 25th. So it is the moment for the latecomers to make their provision of opportunity. To do this, they are advised to favor those that are constructive and reasonable.

Indeed, this May promises to bring new opportunities that the children of the zodiac will have to put into practice. The background energy under Mars in Aries looks like an energy tsunami. The power of the planet is at its maximum, so don't push the doors open! The signs of fire and air will be hyper-dynamic, but acting is not reacting, is it? The other signs will sometimes have to temper this gust capable of both the best and the worst in their lives. Sometimes they will have to invest themselves completely in a project or a relationship. Jupiter enters Gemini on the 25th, and Pluto begins his retrograde at the very beginning of Aquarius, luck and transformation will concern the air signs, which are about to evolve by accepting a symbolic death of a part of their lives. Saturn in Pisces continues its quest for structure while Taurus now lives under Uranus's leadership, high frequency and palpitations are likely. It is a question of trusting the perpetual movement of life without clinging to its habits forcefully reassuring but declining! Mercury in Aries until the 15th breathes its wit from one beat to the next while words remain muffled and thoughts carefully distilled.

Horoscope for May 2024 for all zodiac signs:

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