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To get your biorythme, it's simple: Enter your date of birth (day, month and year) below:

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To know more about Biorythm, discover our article : Biorhythms: follow your different physical moods and fluctuations

Biorhythms reflect the cyclical functioning of the human being. Three different cycles have been observed:

- the physical cycle of 23 days
- the 28-day emotional cycle
- the 33-day intellectual cycle

At the time of birth, these three cycles are at 0, and it will take 58 years to find themselves, together, in this median position. In the meantime, they will evolve sinusoidally between a minimum and a maximum, shifting and crossing each other regularly.

We suggest that you calculate your biorhythm for a specific day or period.
To do this, simply enter your date of birth (day, month and year),and we will draw your emotional, intellectual, and physical curve. The curve's amplitude is determined by a sinusoid between +1 and -1 according to a mathematical formula taking into account the number of days since your birth and the duration of the cycle. By observing these cycles and crossings, we can determine the positive and negative moments in each of these three areas.


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