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What are biorhythms? The theory of biorhythms is not universally accepted and it comes in for criticism from many people. The theory supposes that our intelligence, physical health and emotions follow positive and negative cycles from birth.

- The intellectual cycle lasts 33 days. During a positive intellectual phase, you will have an effective mind and a good memory, enabling you to concentrate with ease on abstract problems. On the other hand, if you are going through a negative cycle, the effect will be the opposite. You will be incapable of learning new things.
- The physical cycle lasts 23 days. During a positive phase, you will feel on top form and overflowing with energy. This is a good time to do sport as your physical prowess will be greatly enhanced.
- The emotional cycle lasts 28 days. A positive emotional cycle will make you feel cheerful. Your morale will be high and you will be in a good mood. Conversely, a negative phase will make you feel pessimistic and depressed.

How our calculator works: The critical day is the moment you move from a positive phase to a negative one, or from a negative cycle to a positive one. This is a day of transition, when you will feel unsettled, fragile and on edge. In biorhythmic theory, it is interesting to look at the three curves together: intellectual, physical and emotional. In a diagram representing your biorhythms, the horizontal line will show a demarcation between the positive and negative phases. If the curve is above the line, this will be a positive cycle. If it is below, it will be a negative phase. The critical day is determined by the place where the curve crosses the line.

Interpreting your biorhythm results: The highest point of the curve corresponds to the highest point in the positive phase. It is the same in the other direction. There is always a highest point or limit that cannot be exceeded, in positive and negative phases. During the negative periods, you should not hesitate to rest and look after yourself. Biorhythmic curves can help you feel in tune with your body. To calculate your biorhythmic curves, your time of birth can give precise results.

Biorhythmic theory uses mathematics and a study of statistics, linking this to human biology. Thanks to this type of calculation, we can know the different fluctuations we will experience over the course of the year in advance. You will be able to find out which are the good and bad days. For example, if you have to take an important decision, it is a good idea to consult your biorhythms and find out which will be a favourable day to take certain actions. Some sportsmen and women use this science to tackle competition in a more serene frame of mind.

In the United States, Japan and even in Europe, some companies use biorhythms to enhance performance. Thanks to the study of biorhythms, mistakes and accidents can be limited. For example, in a transport company, when a critical day for a driver is known, they can prevent him/her from going out on the roads.

In the case of surgical operations, for example, it is better to carry them out on a day when the patient is in a positive physical phase. This will enable him/her to make a better and more rapid recovery. Students can also use knowledge of biorhythms to assimilate knowledge more effectively.

When you are going through a heightened physical phase, you should not hesitate to take up sport, gardening or celebrate. This is a good time for physical action without fear of accidents. You will have the energy and a sufficiently alert mind to perform well at that moment.

The elevated part of an emotional phase will augur well for wonderful encounters in your love-life, creative flair, listening skills and being attentive. The elevated part of your intellectual cycle is a good time for attending a job interview, writing, invention and doing your accounts. Your brain will be receptive to all these tasks.

Biorhythmic theory can also be applied to relationships. This will enable you to know which periods are idyllic and which are less so. In one sense, it will enable you to consider conflicts in your relationship with greater detachment. You will be able to face up to things with greater wisdom.

Researchers have also established that there are biorhythmic curves for the universe. This enables us to get to know more about the different periods in our history.

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