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In its original sense, an oracle is a person who practices divination. This word comes from the Latin orare (to speak). By extension, various divinatory supports are also called oracles, whether they are card games, dice, tarot cards, or other very old or even ancient media. There are a multitude of oracles of all ages, and in all places on Earth, we propose that you discover some of the most popular, the most unusual, or the most classic oracles here.

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There is no doubt that by reading these articles, you will find the oracle that suits you best, the one that seems the most reliable or the most relevant to you! So we offer you this selection of articles on oracles where you will discover the 53 cards of the oracle of Belline, the 61 cards of the oracle Gé, which count among the most well-known Tarot. They are safe values, rich in symbols and levels of reading. But you can also get to know the Runes, the Nordic pebbles, the Yi King from Chinese wisdom, and the mysterious Egyptian Tarot also called the Grand Etteila, the Gypsy Tarot with mysterious origins, the Persian Tarot, Kybomancie which is performed as dice throwing, the Tarot of the Angels and more...

The secrets of the oracles bring you the answers that you seek, make your choice among our articles and discover the messages that they bring you.

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