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Monday, July the 6th
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Qualities of Cancer
Qualities of Cancer
Each sign\'s hidden side
Each sign's hidden side
Communicating with others
Communicating with others

Weak points of the signs

  Written by Mary

Their impulsiveness leads them to most awkward and unreasonable acts. A sight tickling of their nerves is enough to make them transform straight off into a furious Aries ready to destroy anything on their way. As egoistic as they are, anger is growling when their desires are not fulfilled at the earliest possible moment.

Thus, they are artful at displaying charm and authority to lead their company a pretty dance. They also can transform into a jolly rascal if they feel abandoned. Or what is worse, into a malign creature if their heart's desire slips away from them. However they much too often underestimate their adversaries and could in return happen to be defeated.

Indeed, to improve your self-confidence, your well-being, and to achieve your personal goals, whether in love, friendship, family, or work, we invite you to browse your qualities. But also to discover those of the other signs of the zodiac. You can better know your loved ones and the people you see daily because it sometimes happens that we have theoretical knowledge about the astrological personality of other signs.

For example, behind the impulsiveness of Aries hides a friend and sincere partner full of goodwill. Taurus does not only think about their personal comfort; they are gentle and romantic, and maintain harmonious relationships. Gemini is not only brooding; they are helpful, easy-going, and funny. Cancer is not merely whimsical and resentful but protective and loving. Leo is not only indomitable; they are full of qualities with heart. Virgo does not only seek to control everything; they are also considerate and devoted. The legendary indecision of Libra is nuanced by their sympathy and diplomacy. Behind the mysterious Scorpio hides a seductive and helpful being. Although naïve, Sagittarius is deeply courageous. Capricorn is not just a stubborn and introverted being; they are caring and loyal. The rebel Aquarius is willing and honest. Despite their abrupt changes of opinion, Pisces is peaceful and adaptable. Learn everything about the defects of each sign here: "Signs Qualities"

Weak points of Aries
Find out straight off all of the Arieses' flaws in love, fitness and social life…

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Weak points of Gemini
Find out the weak points of the Gemini sign who is inconstant, superficial, talkative, indiscreet, ironic and scathing

Weak points of Cancer
Find out straight off all of the Cancer's flaws at work, in love…

Weak points of Leo
Did you know that a Leo person is vain, authoritarian, condescending, dogmatic and intolerant?

Weak points of Virgo
Get to know the weak points of the Virgo sign who is critical, strict, mean-spirited, severe and cowardly!

Weak points of Libra
Do you know that the Libra sign is indecisive, credulous, dependent and superficial, in love, at work and in social life?

Weak points of Scorpio
Find out here the weak points of Scorpio, the mysterious Water sign, capable of the best and the worst alike!

Weak points of Sagittarius
Find out here the weak points of Sagittarius, a superficial shooting star and a jack of all trades!

Weak points of Capricorn
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Weak points of Pisces
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