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Weak points of Libra

Written by Mary

WARNING! this article is fun for you, but you also have a lot of qualities, do not be fooled by satire! Do not forget to read the complete list of your wonderful qualities to regain your balance! "The qualities of Libra"

Under their apparent goodwill they possess a demonic temper. Their diplomacy and a seducing smile turn them into delicious manipulators capable of the worst lies for getting accepted by society. Their complex and paradoxical personality makes them superficial, with a clear taste for luxury, ambition and vanity.

In what concerns relationships, even if they claim to be pacific, they however love instigating conflicts with a purpose of testing their partners' borders. Their desires are orders which must be immediately obeyed, under penalty of terrible scenes. However, a single wrong word can touch the deepest aspect of their nature and engender an endless rancour which they are unable to control anymore. Last but not least, they are not assertive at all.

Weak points of Libra in heart affairs

Librans are indecisive and narcissistic
Librans pretend so much that they become childish, frivolous and egocentric. Their hesitations significantly decrease their efficiency and their credulity predisposes them to scam, both financial and sentimental...

Single: People born under this sign are superficial and multiply their conquests without ever taking a decision, perfectly capable of leading a double life, never wishing to abdicate anything and promising everything without ever keeping their promises.
In couple: These are dependent partners who can't do anything on their own, awfully easily influenced but capricious and frivolous as well.

They get on well with Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini and Leo
They don't get on with Cancer and Capricorn

1st decan (September 23 - October 3): This man is in search of perfect interior harmony, of a balance that does not exist. He puts his love object on a pedestal, with a risk of never daring to come close anymore!
2nd decan (October 4 - 14): This is the most independent of the three Libra decans. Behind his affable and subtle looks this is a perfectionist who finds it really hard to feel full satisfaction with his love relationships.
3rd decan (October 15 - 23): Men born in this decan are somewhat obsessed with Ethics, Justice, Law, Rules which have to prevail in any society worth this name. They are conventional and only seek to be liked at any price.

1st decan (September 23 - October 3): This is an indecisive woman who does not know which part to take and often abandons herself to the most persuasive, most skillful and even most manipulating one. She is just too easy meat for inducing a feeling of triumph...
2nd decan (October 4 - 14): This woman is anything but indecisive, she makes radical decisions and reveals a surprisingly independent mind. She chooses solid bonds based on perfect relationships without any lies or hypocrisy.
3rd decan (October 15 - 23): This decan is too compromising. This woman wishes to do too good and often lacks firmness. Expectation, hope and dream take over and hamper her to concretize, so much she fears being deceived by reality.

Weak points of Libra in friendships sphere

Librans are easy to influence, they are credulous, dependent and superficial.
Librans get along with everyone in a superficial way, they've got lots of buddies, connections and acquaintances but they don't have any true friends, sincere and demanding, since they tend to look for easiness, both in their contacts and in all other spheres.

Long-standing friendship: This is a typical 20 year old friend, not quite irritating, always ready, lacking initiative but also aggressiveness. They don't disturb, they close gaps, a lovely accessory in case of a night out.
Party: Librans adore celebrations, drifting from one group to another, without any embarrassment; they are quite capable of leaving with a short-term acquaintance, having completely forgotten the friends who brought them here; their glaze can seduce and they use it to their benefit...

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Weak points of Libra in family life

Librans wish to be diplomatic but they are hypocritical, manipulating and lazy
Librans are childish and narcissistic. People born under this sign spend their days gazing at their own reflection in their close ones' eyes; under the guise of sociability they collect relations like others would collect stamps but they rarely form attachments, being too egocentric for this.

In duet: Librans are very dependent on their partner; without one they feel particularly unprotected. It is always up to the other one to be resolute, make tough decisions, take risks and systematically play the bad guy...
In family: Parents Librans find it extremely difficult to use their authority when necessary. Compromise doesn't work well with all the children and this parent's indecisiveness can cause very undisciplined and provocative behaviour.

Children Librans are easy to influence and lazy, with a tendency of endlessly putting off their decisions. They have to be taught to resolve since they've got real choosing problems, each choice leading to renunciation.

Weak points of Libra in the career field

Librans are nit-pickers, perfectionists, awkward and cowardly
In their strive to get along well with everyone, Librans aren't really natural with anyone. This is a slightly vague element of the hierarchy who blends outward sociability with deep egocentrism.

These are colleagues who can't manage to keep all their affairs to themselves. Exchanging points of view in a meeting or working toward developing something, they sow their folders and pens on their pilgrimage. They aren't really disposed to shouldering tough responsibilities.

These are bosses who find it hard to take drastic action: searching for best solutions, they however totally lack initiative. They need a dynamic and strong-knit team for prompting them in their projects

When independent, these people splurge fortunes for appearance, elegance and swank but reveal incapable of reviewing and investing in a judicious way without their protectors' advice.

Memo of the Librans' weak point: superficial, dependent, hesitating, credulous

What is worst: Librans are fundamentally dependent: little initiative or none at all and an inclination to expect everything from the Other One's part.

Advice: Retain your exquisite, amicable and well-balanced behaviour. Your search of harmony and strive for justice are the advantages that make you friendly and endearing. Your aesthetic sense applied to everything reinforces your charm.
But trying to be liked by everyone you don't get attached to anyone and quickly become dull, colourless and insipid. You only open out by way of your caprices, of your frivolous desires...

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