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Weak points and flaws of Aquarius

Written by Mary

WARNING! Do not get on your high horse right away: this is a satirical portrait that obviously does not reflect reality! You also have many qualities that are described in this article: "The qualities of Aquarius"

Avant-gardistic to the backbone, the monster dozing in them comes out in the form of an outlandish alien impossible to harness. This is the very type of changeable and whimsical individual. Superficial and versatile, they do anything in order to be interesting. They adore pretending to be a rebel desiring to change the world. But in reality their little person never accomplishes anything worthwhile since they are usually in twenty minds, all that when they don't stupefy you with their deviations. Stubborn and quickly irritated, they consider their eccentric methods to be the only valuable ones and show exceptional intolerance in debates over ideas. They are complicated in love and establish their own rules at all costs. These people are incapable of loving truly and their chronic independence makes suffer more than one person...

Weak points of Aquarius in heart affairs

Aquarians are detached and individualistic
This sign pretends to be free and independent and will always seek to impose this autonomy, which makes them avoid responsibilities and blame their partners.

These are eccentric lovers who easily trick their prey under their intellectual appearance. They get attached quite rarely and always feel free to do as they please.

In couple:
These are unpredictable partners who find it extremely hard to picture themselves in couple in the future, they think of their own development above all and their methods are not convenient for everyone...

They get on well with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius
They don't get on with Taurus and Scorpio

1st decan (January 21 - 31): This decan possesses an art of relativizing his feelings. He feels free to love whoever and whenever he wishes. This libertinism is in reality a difficulty of living in non-conformist relations, he refuses possessiveness and reveals to be very tolerant towards infidelity.
2nd decan (February 1 - 10): This is a "pure and harsh" decan. For this man love is more physical than sentimental. His body needs exultation but his heart easily goes astray in affective meanders. This is an indomitable, lucid and deliberate being.
3rd decan (February 11 - 18): This decan possesses an immense abstraction faculty which reveals to be a weakness. This man is easily influenced since he is an unconscious victim of his emotional turmoil. He can react either by harshly repressing it or by forgetting his own needs.

1st decan (January 21 - 31): For this decan love has to be an instrument of liberation and by no means of submission. She imposes particular conceptions. She lets others choose her more than she herself chooses and the relationships she develops are never peaceful.
2nd decan (February 1 - 10): This is a free woman who takes little account of established order in her affective life. She doesn't intend to pass her feelings through the social filter. She has a powerful instinct and what she perceives makes her distrustful to her own emotions. She loves making experiments.
3rd decan (February 11 - 18): Depending on the periods of her life, this woman can be either dependent, victim of her chimeric passions or of blind attachments or detached from her emotions, without displaying any particular willingness and living along with circumstances.

Weak points of Aquarius in friendships sphere

b>Aquarians are contradicting, intolerant, provocative and scornful
They are individualistic friends who develop great humane ideas but don't put them to practice as they don't get personally involved.

Long-standing friendship: These are unpredictable friends who it is difficult to count on and who adore delivering philosophic lessons while not obeying any law. They are too individualistic for team activities.
Party: Aquarians stand out due to an original attitude which makes everyone around feel disconcerted. Whether it is liked or not, this is not a question they ask themselves. They use the absurd aspect of the celebration for having fun... All on their own.

Important: if you don't recognise yourself 100%, don't panic, you can check out your Ascendant profile for adding to your portrait
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Weak points of Aquarius in family life

Aquarians pretend to be original but they are chimeric, indisciplined and radical
Aquarians are born rebels, they react as soon as they believe their freedom of expression or of action is limited or brought into question. They are the first ones to transform in their turn into a despot when they have the power.

In duet:Their expectations are often exaggerated and they easily get disappointed, not really inclined to make arduous efforts for keeping the flame alight.

In family:Parents Aquarians often esteem that they are in the right against everyone else and that their eccentric methods are the only worthwhile ones, that their education system is a universal recipe.
Children Aquarians possess an eccentric nature that comes out at an early age. They need to act otherwise than ordinary mortals, which gives rise to severe whims or to deliberately provocative behaviour.

Weak points of Aquarius in the career field

Aquarians are disobedient, individualistic, unpredictable and cold
Their rebellious character can create problems and their eccentricity provocative at times risks damaging them if they don't bring a bit more passion into their personal contacts and a certain degree of self-discipline into their activities.

These are colleagues who find it hard to obey by reflex, out of principle, they don't agree. They had better be given liberty of methods and, to the extent possible, of their timeframes.

As bosses they easily become unbearable due to arrogance and disdain, even towards their own superiors. They delegate with a light heart: less to do!

When independent, their business is often rather incongruous. They are obstinate and even if their methods don‘t work, they never take any advice, which makes their success instable or ephemeral.

Memo of the Aquarian's weak points: detached, provocative and individualistic

What is worst: Aquarians are fundamentally inadaptive: their obstinacy and intolerance often hinder their evolution.

Advice: Protect your independence and humanism both friendly and freeing. Your innovator talents, your inventive, up-to-date and self-sufficient mind throw you open the doors of loyal friendships and palpitating projects, far from any humdrum.
However your rebellious nature and your invariable behaviours isolate you in the social sphere. Your humanistic ideas have no effect in your daily life and remain only ideas... Empty ones...

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