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Weak points of Pisces

Written by Mary

WARNING! Do not be impressed by this deliberately excessive article, you have a lot of qualities! To discover your best sides, quickly read a list of your best qualities! "The qualities of Pisces"

Pisceans can reveal to be machiavellian. Easy to influence and dominated by impulsions of chimeric passions, they indulge in living in psychodramas and all forms of abuse. Cunning and picky, they are champions of trickery art and of delirious mythomania. For them everything is a pretext for complaining and whining. Clarity and neatness are not really their strong points... They hate facing reality and always prefer lies to the truth. It is easier for them to take back roads than to follow straight lines.

They swim in troubled water drifting with the current, without really knowing why and how since they are indecisive, elusive and irresponsible. They totally lack realism; haze, decay, chaos, depression and sadness are their assets... The fact is you have to always beware of the still waters that run deep!

Weak points of Pisces in heart affairs

Pisceans are utopian and confused
People of this sign strive to be romantic but they are above all submissive and dependent. Incapable of taking initiatives, they tend to base their whole existence on their second half, avoiding specific problems.

Single: These people are indecisive and lazy in love, waiting to be approached, eyes filled with tears. Afterwards they drown their prey in a flood of platitudes which they believe to be poetic...
In couple: These are whiney and gluey partners who feel perpetually frustrated in their desires of osmosis, totally unrealistic and in any case not quite welcome.

They get on well with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn,
They don't get on with Gemini and Sagittarius

1st decan (February 19 - 28): This decan develops an often ambivalent attitude in his love relationships. This man wants to love and be loved without knowing what is due to the possible, to fantasy or to normality. This confusion makes it easy for him to go into blaming.
2nd decan (March 1 - 10): This is a man who tends to dramatize everything and to suffer from irrational fears. He is therefore anxious, demanding and emotional. He needs a strong woman for absorbing his anxieties and nebulous existential crises.
3rd decan (March 11 - 20): This man is often confused and inaccurate in his heart impulsions. He is easily overwhelmed by his emotions. He endlessly mistakes satisfaction of a desire for absolute love, alternating tenderness and grumbling.

1st decan (February 19 - 28): This woman finds it hard to sort the real from the imaginary, she is in endless wandering between intuition and reason; but in general it is the dream that captures her and she finds herself frustrated with reality, with no success in ripening her feelings.
2nd decan (March 1 - 10): This decan embraces love as mystical vocation. She loves "religiously", sacrificing herself but with a strong sensual connotation. This conception of love makes her demanding and prompts her to adopt a defensive attitude once the emotional whirlpools become too intensive.
3rd decan (March 11 - 20): This decan is particularly easy to influence. This woman is prey to her passionate turmoil and rapidly gets anxious. She is susceptible and can therefore display excessive reactions; she is a victim of her too large sensibility.

Weak points of Pisces in friendships sphere

Pisceans are elusive, naïve, irresolute and negligent
These are friends who you have to call back or who emerge when in need of a favour. Their nonchalance is contagious and their disorder wreaks havoc on their way.

Long-standing friendship: They are careless friends with empty pockets, wallowing in an imaginary world where they are of no use. They easily burst into tears since they love being comforted.
Party: Pisceans should be under constant supervision since they are extremely attracted by artificial paradise which shows them life and people at a more beautiful angle. So they need to be diverted and occupied all night long in order to avoid bringing them home dead drunk.

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Weak points of Pisces in family life

Pisceans pretend to be devoted but they are inconstant, lazy and disorderly
Pisceans are idealists, capable of idiotic sacrifices for saving a nebulous case. They are not reliable mates and you'd better seek advice from someone else, even if they believe that their instinct is infallible.

In duet: Pisceans merge in their partner, losing their whole personality. They've got moderate repetitive demands, very close to everyday love realities. They are exhaustingly dependent and drown instead of invigorating their second half.
In family: Parents Pisceans destabilize their children by their communication methods beyond ordinary. Since everything is often based on the unsaid but kids need more specific reference points, more structure, more logic.

Children Pisceans are hypersensible, easily influenced and highly imaginative, to the point of colouring the truth. They tell lies for the sake of pleasing. These are lazy kids and always know someone who does things better than themselves.

Weak points of Pisces in the career field

Pisceans are clueless, credulous, illogical and short-sighted
Pisceans obey their hierarchy out of easiness, out of laziness. When they don't agree, rather than facing things, they dodge, creep inside, and hedge. They are very skilful at vanishing in the scenery and sabotaging the whole environment, without a sound but with great efficiency!

These are colleagues whose workplace is easy to recognize by the overflowing chaos sneaking to their neighbours. They lack ambition and spread themselves thin in chitchat or in secondary occupations, in chronic disorderliness.

These are elusive bosses who delegate responsibilities to the most devoted ones and arrange to do as little as possible in complete privacy; they have no team structuring talents at all and cruelly lack practical sense

When independent, they dash towards smash-up if they are not supported by an accountant but also by a nurse and a psychologist; this is a disorderly and naïve businessman, a first-rate pigeon.

Memo of the Pisces' weak points:negligent, utopian and confused

What is worst: Pisceans are fundamentally elusive: they always know someone who does things better than themselves.

Advice: Nourish your marvelous imagination which, in alliance with your intuition, grants you immense creativity and endows you with enchanting charm. Your selflessness and compassion towards the weakest ones make you a charitable and philanthropic person. But excessive imagination cuts you off from real life, credulity, confusion and utopias nourish the tendency to laziness and to dependency both careless and submissive...

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