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Weak points of Capricorn

Written by Mary

WARNING! this article does not pretend to describe you; it arbitrarily underlines the most common flaws of your sign! You will undoubtedly find great comfort in also discovering your best sides, your most beautiful qualities! "The qualities of Capricorn"

People born in the Capricorn sign are not as angelic as they seem to be! Insensible and perfidious, they cultivate a taste for concealment and trickery. They are capable of long-time premeditating a whole bunch of the most authoritarian acts. However they totally lack imagination and fantasy. They are as silent as a grave and down in the mouth. They attach real importance to their physical aspect; as they get older they transform into grumpish elders.

At work, beware anyone who might dare take their place. These people are climbers who only think of their career. They are ambitious and don't hesitate to smash their potential competitors on the way to their goals. Under their touch-me-not or laidback appearance this is a cool card, annoying and calculating, who becomes a real gloomy louse for his partners.

Weak points of Capricorn in heart affairs

Capricorns are pessimistic and paltry
This sign finds it extremely hard to exteriorize their feelings and you have to be both patient and tolerant to bear their silence and gloomy moods. These people are pessimists who hardly have any beliefs...

Single: They are tightward lovers who invest really wisely and are not prone to gratuitous acts. Their deeply personal sense of humour can sometimes be offensive and their rigid demeanor doesn't invite to relaxation.
In couple: They are severe and conventional partners. They estimate in general that, once their second half found, further conditioning is out of question and their romanticism fades away like snow in the sun. They are champions of laborious daily life...

They get on well with Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio.
They don't get on with Aries and Libra

1st decan (December 22 - January 2): This is an organized man who leaves nothing to chance. His areas of interest, collections, his perpetual curiosity leave little place for love. This is a social climber first and foremost, turned towards his ambitions only.
2nd decan (January 3 - 11): There is something fanatic about this decan. This is an upright man stubborn up to severity. He acts little and generally gives little room to feelings. He has learnt to only count on himself and is a perfect master of his impulsions.
3rd decan (January 12 - 20): This is a persistent man capable of working hard for a long time in order to achieve his goals. Loving him implies huge personal investment: you'll have to accompany him, help, support and especially revive his spirits!

1st decan (December 22 - January 2): This is a woman who hates being caught off guard and wishes to be the master of her choices in any circumstances. She often chooses a less mature and more infantine man who she'll be able to manipulate and tame and who will reconcile her with her childhood.
2nd decan (January 3 - 11): This decan is quick to feel undervalued. This is a woman who seeks to prove that she is right, that her words have to be considered. She is capable of sacrificing important things and shows she is tough, for fear of giving in to her repressed sensibility. She often takes her need of tenderness and understanding for a weakness.
3rd decan (January 12 - 20): This is a woman of character, she doesn't throw in the towel and doesn't make concessions. She is capable of playing in all the registers, from a young lady to a femme fatale, in order to achieve her goals. Loving her is making her dream, bringing grist to her mill, it means forgetting about your own self...

Weak points of Capricorn in friendships sphere

Capricorns are meek, greedy, constrained and pessimistic
This is a silent friend, not quite demonstrative but highly demanding. What's more, they have very few friends as their selection criteria are particularly severe.

Long-standing friendship: They are obscure friends who often have to be cheered up, you can but count on them when everything seems black: they will add more black colours to the picture, up to despair.
Party: Capricorns stand aloof when the party begins; when they manage to relax they grow jovial but can indulge in steel quips which will drop chills in the crowd. This is a sign delicate to invite, especially to a crazy party.

Important: if you don't recognise yourself 100%, don't panic, you can check out your Ascendant profile for adding to your portrait
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Weak points of Capricorn in family life

Capricorns would like to be serious but they are conservative, frustrated and surly
Capricorns rebel when disorder creeps in, management being disastrous, things being done in a senseless way. This is typically a resistant in the shadows who will not throw in the towel until everyone has reached compliance.

In duet: Capricorns are often sad and discouraged, they hardly have any beliefs and in their company it is worth having double faith!
In family: Parents Capricorns are known to be severe and cold. They assume responsibilities with determination without a micron's deviation but they require their children to display firm moral straightness as well as great respect for family traditions they establish.

Children Capricorns seem to be already born old. They don't appreciate other kids' company above measure and willingly stick with adults. Their cold reserve often hinders their politeness and they get depressed over nothing.

Weak points of Capricorn in the career field

Capricorns are frustrated, careerists, heartless and severe
A Capricorn person will make no problems to their seniors if allowed to work in their own manner, with clear and steady instructions. They don't like disorder and improvisation since these people are not too flexible.

This is a moralizing colleague who finds it hard to adapt to methods, codes and other objectives specific for team work. They aspire for their seniors' esteem, which should be taken with caution.
As bosses they are paternalistic and believe that their example of sacrifice for a career is a powerful motivation for their subordinates whereas this example scares them!

When independent they are pessimistic and often eke out their routine actions, exhausting themselves with frustration and shutting themselves in an inaccessible ivory tower. This is not even a pleasant merchant!

Memo of the Capricorn's weak points: pessimistic, paltry, constrained

What is worst: a Capricorn is fundamentally pessimistic: these people are capable of destroying the most beautiful dreams in just two scathing statements.

Advice: Stay sober, ambitious and patient: those are your greatest advantages. Your realistic rigour nourished with a touch of incisive humour plays a significant part in your charm. Remain the one who others can count on in any circumstances.
However your sobriety turns to defeatist resignation, your sense of economy makes you greedy or paltry and you transform your determination into conventions both rigid and unpopular!

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