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Weak points of Leo

Written by Mary

WARNING! Leo also has a lot of qualities, do not take these descriptions too much to heart! To complete the portrait of Leo, savor the article that includes your many qualities! "The qualities of Leo"

Their demons rapidly transform them into a megalomaniac creature puffed up with arrogance and intolerance. Egocentric and vulnerable, they can't stand being relegated to the background. They need to shine at all costs, capable of anything for putting themselves in the spotlight. They consider themselves born from Jupiter's thigh, believing that everything is due to them, while they are simply endowed with an opportunistic intelligence. Their only interests spin around luxury, bluster and swank. They think they are exceptional whereas basically they only live by the others' glances. They are only in search of powerful relationships capable of flattering their immeasurable vanity. Lucidity and humbleness are not among their qualities. They are real snots, behaving like pampered and spoiled kids, authoritarian and despotic!

Weak points of Leo in heart affairs

Leos are vain and authoritarian
Their legitimate pride easily turns into arrogant vanity. Their magnanimous authority transforms into dominating paternalism and their broad-mindedness is obscured by dogmatism destructive for their affective relationships…

Single: They are arrogant lovers who relish to run the show in their own fashion by putting themselves forth as a star and using their partner as an underpart.
In couple: They are dominant partners who admit no oppositions and keep a tight hand on their couple, with the only goal to satisfy their own interests. They react in a tyrannical way once someone does not agree with them.

They get on well with Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius
They don't get on with Taurus and Scorpio

1st decan (July 23 - August 2): This decan cultivates a superiority complex which makes him look for the ideal partner, not overburdening him with feelings but corresponding to his idea of social status.
2nd decan (August 3 -13): This decan is a great lord who also is in great need of being the focal point of his various relationships. He loves being loved enthusiastically. He can't stand mediocrity or vulgarity.
3rd decan (August 14 - 22): This is the most exigent of decans. He is jealous and exclusive in his affective relationships and when betrayed, his rancor is eternal. This could even spoil any chances of rebuilding his life.

1st decan (July 23 - August 2): This is an outright and very elitist decan. She only grants her confidence to a very restricted number of people and is highly demanding in the choice of her relationships. In fact, this woman doesn‘t have so much self-confidence.
2nd decan (August 3 -13): This decan needs more than anyone to be admired, recognized, flattered, encouraged, accepted… She compensates by an imperial attitude and meticulously chooses her relationships in the most prestigious context possible...
3rd decan (August 14 - 22): This is a self-sufficient woman who engages very little. On the other hand, she is the first to advise, to deliver lessons. The one who will manage to live in her intimacy will experience a particularly hectic daily life.

Weak points of Leo in friendships sphere

Leos boss around, they are patronizing, dogmatic and intolerant
Leos the arrogant can't stand any reconsideration, they find it extremely hard to follow any authority and act as despots whenever they like. If they revolt, their leader talents transform a dispute into a revolution really fast.

Long-standing friendship: Leos require an enormous lot of attention and a high dose of diplomacy as they react at ¼ of a turn as soon as they suspect a decrease in popularity, a blot on their reputation.
Party: They wish to be the centre of general interest and don't count their efforts for being the party King… At everyone else's expense! Their tolerance can provoke tensions, even trigger fights.

Important: if you don't recognise yourself 100%, don't panic, you can check out your Ascendant profile for adding to your portrait
Calculate your ascendant: Rising sign calculator
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Weak points of Leo in family life

Leos wish themselves prestigious but they are vain, intransigent and choleric
Leos rely on their environment for going up the stage, surviving in the shade of their prominent personality taking up all the place is not evident. Their strokes of anger are sudden and theatric.

In duet: Leos look at themselves in the mirror of the other one and are equally demanding and self-satisfied in their affective contacts. Their desires are quite often excessive and the best willingness is not sufficient to satisfy their grandiose appetites.
In family: Parents Leos expect gratitude. They are proud of their children and readily imagine them at the top of human hierarchy. They know what they want in the education context. It is up to others to adapt, there's never too much of it for flattering them!

Children Leos can be tyrannical if their exacerbated tendency to self-affirmation is not channelled. However, their self-confidence is fragile, they should learn to listen to others in order to avoid prejudices and common beliefs.

Weak points of Leo in the career field

Leos are dominant, contemptuous, excessive and insolent
Leos can't stand any constraints, they need to be admired, flattered, though they have little consideration for their colleagues. They want to run everything and admit no compromise, systematically estimating it's them who are right.

As colleagues they are unsubordinate and always know better than their seniors or colleagues. They demarcate their territory and mean to stay bosses at their place.

As bosses they are in a hurry to achieve their goals, avoiding constraints to be observed; they take no account of people to take care of nor of info to be verified.

When independent, they've got costly tastes and can wreck their boat by enormous and unjustified spending. And since they accept no contradiction…

Memo of the Leos' weak points: vain, authoritarian, conventional, theatric

What is worst:Leos are fundamentally arrogant: even when obliged to recognize an error, they've always got a "but" for proving they are right anyway.

Advice: Assume your creativity and enterprising mind. Your loyalty and enthusiasm make you an excellent leader and your natural authority brings you respect and recognition that you need.
However your enterprising mind is fast to turn to megalomania, your righteousness changes to narrow-mindedness and intolerance, your thirst for recognition and honour considerably weakens your - false - self-confidence...

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