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All about Your Personality with Your Sun in Sign

Written by Alison

In astrology, the influence of the Sun as a sign and in its house helps to better understand your personality, how you work, and how you thrive. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you find out your Sun in sign (Note: for cities of birth, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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The Sun travels through the 12 constellations in one year. So it stays about a month in each sign, and this represents the basis of astrology.

In astrology, the sign occupied by the Sun at birth represents basic energy, the foundation of our personality, and the base on which the temperament, intellect, emotions, and character of a person are constructed. Symbolically, the Sun represents strength, self-confidence, virility and, to some extent, health.

Depending on whether it is more or less well placed, the Sun dispenses will, vitality, combativeness, and ambition. But it can also induce pride, selfishness, arrogance, or susceptibility. The house in which the Sun is located indicates in which sector a person blossoms the best, in which area one can best express oneself, it is a territory and a terrain of predilection.

You know your solar sign, and you know what its general characteristics are. However, your solar sign says a lot about you and your relationships with others. It evokes the power you have over others, the nature of your courage and your will. It expresses your ardor, your enthusiasm, and your sense of effort. It describes the nature of your assurance, your sincerity, and your sense of commitment. The Sun illuminates your personality and your natal chart. However, the house in which your Sun is located can amplify, modify, or attenuate its effects in a significant way.

If, for example, your Sun is in Aries and it is in house 1, it takes on all its dimensions, it makes you an entrepreneurial, daring person, who causes luck. But if your Sun in Aries is in house 12, things are very different. You stay behind, and your audacity is considerably lessened or non-existent. If your Sun is in Scorpio and in house 5, the myth of this sign is broken because it blossoms in the arts and with their children. If your Sun is in Leo and in house 10, you are an example to follow for each Leo because you can reach the success that makes this sign a legend. If your Sun is in Aquarius and in house 2, money matters a lot to you. So, do not stay on conventional wisdom! Dare to know more about your Sun and the house it occupies in your horoscope.

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