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Aquarius personality profile

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and final Air sign, symbolising midwinter. This sign is ruled by the planet Uranus - the planet of change! Aquarius is associated with the Eleventh House, the house of friendship, plans, dreams and hopes! Learn about Aquarius baby's profile.

The decans of Aquarius

- The first decan begins on 21st January and ends on 31st January. This decan is ruled by Venus. Those born in the first decan are very optimistic and could even become eccentric.
- The second decan begins on 1st February and ends on 10 February. It is ruled by Uranus. Aquarius born in the 2nd decan are very thoughtful and need to throw themselves into real intellectual challenges.
- The third decan begins on 11 February and ends on 18th February. This decan is ruled by Neptune and is very sensitive, with a strong tendency to be dreamy!

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Horoscopes for Aquarius

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Personality and Profile of Aquarius

Aquarius are frequently endowed with a razor-sharp mind and unparalleled intelligence, which often borders on genius. They are infinitely intuitive and have an unusual way of looking at things. Behind an apparently cold exterior, Aquarius are very sensitive.

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Eccentric and inclined towards humanism, Aquarius have a well-developed rebellious spirit and are attracted to defending great causes and values associated with freedom, equality and justice. They like all kinds of crowds and do not know the meaning of the word ‘solitude'. You will never be bored in their company.

Aquarius give over and above to others, without expecting anything in return. All the same, underneath this apparent self-sufficiency, Aquarius have a strong need for recognition!

They are astute, and interested in the unusual and personalities that are different. They prefer spirituality to materialism and complicated cosmic messages to the daily grind. This is a sign with opinions on everything and wanting freedom above all else. Freedom to follow their own path and thoughts. It is a sign that, when taken to its logical extreme, can seem unrealistic, eccentric and removed from everyday life.

Aquarius have stable relationships and friendships. This is a sign with great inner strength, that will draw as deeply as possible on his/her energy levels: an elusive sign!

Strengths of Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign that enjoys life, is never bored and is very emotionally stable. Aquarius are on the look-out for all kind of new ideas to share with others. Being in their company is a real opportunity, as they will know how to help you forget sadness, black moods and feeling down!

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Weaknesses of Aquarius

Aquarius are capricious, nervous, eccentric and terribly lacking in restraint. Their self-sufficiency often irritates those around them, who will need to be very forbearing in their efforts to reassure them and enable them to fulfil themselves. They do not hesitate to try to reason things out for themselves, even going to extremes: this tendency is quite simply part and parcel of their agility of mind and their refusal to accept convention.

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Particular Symbols of Aquarius

Their ingenuity is sometimes surprising and irritating at the same time, but Aquarius are independent types with an excessive tendency towards overdoing things and even chaos. They like flora and fauna, as these represent regeneration. Their favourite flower, the orchid, is like them: both complex and gracious.

Career of Aquarius

At work, Aquarius appreciate freedom in the broad sense of the word: freedom of both thought and action. They will particularly flourish in work of a humanistic nature. Generally, anything connected with the new attracts them. They are very curious and need diversity and change. Innovative and scientific technologies draw them in particular. Perfectionists and ready to do anything to maintain their autonomy, they can also show an emotional side, especially in their way of resolving conflicts. They are idealists.

Differences between Male and Female Aquarius

The Aquarian female is complicated and passionate where love is concerned! She is very shy and can sometimes seem somewhat detached, giving her an air of being very independent and worldly. Be careful then of appearances, as this is also a woman who will seem as if she can cope with all kinds of demands! She needs a lot of tact and sensitivity to be able to blossom completely on the relationship front, as otherwise, she would be likely to shut herself off sensually.

The Aquarian male wants to experience a relationship full of sensation with his partner. He is very much on the look-out for novelty in his love-life, friendships and social life. His desire is to be fulfilled in all areas!

Emotional Profile of Aquarius

Independent like all Air signs, Aquarius often show signs of excessive behaviour. Their self-assurance can be annoying in the same way as the detachment they like to cultivate. These self-sufficient individuals in reality conceal a very sensitive, not to say hypersensitive side. They are difficult to pin down and more or less devoid of jealousy, but bent on freedom even when they get involved. Conversely, they are also on the look-out for stability. They nevertheless find it difficult to deal with relationships; for this reason, their trust constantly needs to be won.

Sexuality of Aquarius

Aquarius are definitely unique lovers, being so unpredictable and bent on freedom. No-one will ever be bored with this Air sign, that combines independence with a need for assurance, despite appearances to the contrary. Unemotional and quite eccentric, this is a sign that gives as much freedom to his/her partner as they themselves need in order to be fulfilled. They are very sharp-witted and intellectualise all relationships, including on a sexual level. Combining the unexpected and the familiar, they are not too keen on convention and have a tendency towards excessive behaviour.

Portrait of Aquarius

Element: Air sign
Strenght: Tolerant
Weakness: Unstable
Personality type: Rebellious and curious
Keyword: Humanist
Outlook: I act
Physical: Legs, heels
Color: Grey
Gemstone: Sapphire
Metal: Lead

Signs that have affinities with Aquarius:
- Aries
- Gemini
- Sagittarius

Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance :
- Capricorn
- Cancer
- Pisces
Opposite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Leo.

Astro Celebrities of Aquarius

Famous Aquarius include:
- Shakira
- Justin Timberlake
- James Dean
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- Jennifer Aniston
- Robbie Williams

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