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How to face your Gemini's weaknesses ?

Written by Mary

WARNING! The descriptions are deliberately outrageous and do not reflect reality! To make up for this unflattering portrait, quickly discover all your qualities! "The qualities of Gemini"

Smitten with thin scatter and inconstancy, they are incapable of concentrating in just any kind of action. They spin ten intrigues at a time, telling lies with arrogance and swindling with elegance. In society they quickly become tedious, rambling to and fro to make an impression of broad-mindedness, while they merely repeat the other people's statements. Therefore they seem to be superficial, having no profundity or breadth of thought at all. What is even worse, their ambiguous charisma helps them effortlessly attract easy meat into their dangerous traps or, like a heart of stone, they exploit their prey atrociously before devouring its raw flesh!

Weak points of Gemini in heart affairs

Geminians are inconstant and superficial
They forage with certain cynicism, without taking responsibility, without committing, promising nothing or telling lies!

Single: These are absent-minded and indiscreet lovers who prefer playing games to commitment, who entangle their prey in their obscure but brilliant speeches. They are liars.
In couple: They are volatile partners who play a small part in family life and often prefer hanging out with friends to taking care of their second half.

They get on well with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius
They don't get on with Virgo and Pisces

1st decan (May 21 - 31): People of this decan seek to be liked rather than to commit since their feelings are multiple and various, their attractions are easily changed.
2nd decan (June 1 - 10): People of this decan often draw a radical line between their private and socio-professional life. Each sphere becomes opaque to the other one, to the point of distorting the truth.
3rd decan (June 11 - 20): People of this decan are prey to constant mental agitation. This man finds it really hard to abandon himself to his emotions and doesn't get involved into his relationships. He easily succumbs to romantic friendship.

1st decan (May 21 - 31): This woman passes all her feelings and emotions through a reasoning filter and doesn't abandon herself. She strives to establish an ambiguous relationship since she finds the notion of naughty game quite attractive.
2nd decan (June 1 - 10): This is a butterfly decan. This woman seeks to get seduced rather than be the first one to love and she doesn't express her feelings.
3rd decan (June 11 - 20): These women are not romantic though in great need for love and consideration. They go in cycles through moments of spleen and are not easy-going.

Weak points of Gemini in friendships sphere

Geminians are talkative, indiscreet, ironic and scathing
As friends they are chronically nervous, inclined for criticism, often mockers. They are inconstant, superficial and inconsistent. By taking interest in everything they never immerse deeply into anything and find it really hard to find attachments.

Long-standing friendship:Geminians are troublemakers. If weighed down by a situation, when feeling hurt, they diffuse their anger in all their interactions, spreading around and ending up with a revolution they germinatedÂ… Sometimes even unaware of the same!
Party: They are unbearable, dreadful for go out with, mock everyone, seek attention but never take up responsibility for the tensions they provoke.

Important: if you don't recognise yourself 100%, don't panic, you can check out your Ascendant profile for adding to your portrait
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Weak points of Gemini in family life

Geminians are agitated, snoopy, nervous and opportunistic
Geminians are often undisciplined, not even rebellious but just attracted by irony, bravado, and game. They quickly grow tired of routine and in general flee from responsibilities and constraints.

In duet: They are instable, inconsequent and simulators. These are cerebral people who never give up on themselves, who control and criticize everything, without any delicacy or mercy.
In family: Parents Geminians are eternal teenagers who often hesitate to found a family: this represents too many burdensome responsibilities. These parents don't take themselves seriously at all and risk transmitting their instability to all the family through their irresponsible decisions. Children Geminians are in endless need of being busy, of having fun, they are terrorized by dullness, forced immobility and slowness. They are inconstant and superficial, never staying at one place. They readily display insolence and irony.

Weak points of Gemini in the career field

Geminians are undisciplined, disrespectful, changeable, provocative
Geminians are nervous and irritable which entails consequences at work and they don't know how to move forward anymore. Out of habit, they create an amalgam between diplomacy and hypocrisy in order to come off clear.

These are ruthless colleagues: they never get attached. They will only help their colleagues if there is certain yield for themselves.

As bosses they distill ferocious and destructive irony against too slow or exceedingly obstinate employees.

When independent, they are disorderly and live on the edge of their presumably ingenious ideas but never get more than a chaotic race.

Memo of the Geminians' weak points: unstable, cerebral, opportunistic, nervous

What is worst: Geminians are fundamentally inconstant: they find it extremely difficult to keep their job, partner or friends (but have they got any sincere friends?)

Advice: Preserve your flexibility and dexterity which induce good occasions. Your far-sightedness and sociability help you do great affairs at a happy moment. Your alert and witty mind makes you very seducing.
However your chronical nervousness incites you to criticism, often in a mockery way. You are inconstant, superficial and inconsequent. Moving from one thing to another, you reap nothing specific.

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