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Weak points of Scorpio

Written by Mary

WARNING! the list of defects does not mean that you have them all, it is rather an ironic description of your sign! Nobody is perfect or totally bad, your best qualities are there! "The qualities of Scorpio"

The seducing monster dozing inside you is dangerous; you haven't stolen your bad reputation. You are capable of the best as well as the worst: perfect manipulator, you never express yourself better than in adversity. Your prey must be sturdy to resist crises, excess, your bad temper, your suspiciousness and sickly jealousy. Destruction, self-destruction, mental torture are your most demonic resources; the one thing you're striving for is making your beloved ones suffer! You juggle between love and hatred, are often accused, not without reason, of being paranoid, distrustful and scenting evil everywhere. And in order to defend yourself you manipulate your whole tiny world by spitting your poison with high precision!

Weak points of Scorpio in heart affairs

Scorpios are obscure and obsessed
Their overflowing passions make these people suspicious, jealous and compulsive. Their desire to seduce easily transforms into obsession and their stubborn rancour can provoke destructive reactions. They are possessive and rancorous.

Single: These are lovers who hide well their perversion behind seduction too powerful to be honest. That is the very type of cruel and destructive predator who it is difficult to resist.
In couple: These are partners who complicate the relationship with pure sadism. They have fun plunging their partner into torment, having no match in bringing trouble into the most perfect of couples...

They get on well with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.
They don't get on with Leo and Aquarius

1st decan (October 24 - November 3): This type of man arouses passions, either of attraction or of immediate rejection. There is something exorbitant in his attitudes, he likes pushing the limits away. This behaviour puts women to tough test, reconsiderations are constant...
2nd decan (November 4 - 13): This is a decan difficult to discern, instinctive, impulsive and carnal. This man is tormented by curiosity and feels the need for carrying out experiments. Maintaining a relationship in couple will be difficult for him; he blossoms when far from the beaten paths.
3rd decan (November 14 - 22): This man aspires for fusion with his partner. More simply, his sensuality stimulated by his need to seduce and to be seduced makes him no fidelity champion. This doesn't prevent him from being jealous and possessive, so huge is his thirst for the absolute.

1st decan (October 24 - November 3): This is a woman who it is difficult to lie to whereas, from her part, she finds it really hard to formulate what she feels. Her immediate reactions range from irrepressible attraction to most total rejection.
2nd decan (November 4 - 13): This is a free woman not disposed to surrender. She is a nonconformist, even a provocator. She is in need of filling up her existence in order to feel alive and not inclined to compromise.
3rd decan (November 14 - 22): This woman is an idealist, subject to love excess and lacking stability. She strives to appropriate her partner and devotes herself without limits. She is suspicious and permissive at the same time.

Weak points of Scorpio in friendships sphere

Scorpios are secretive, they are intransigent, cruel and inquisitive
Scorpios are jealous and suspicious friends who can develop tenacious rancour and elaborate machiavellian vengeance. It would be better not to entrust them your secrets, which they can put to use!

Long-standing friendship: These people are demanding and manipulating friends who have to be monitored all the time, who you have to beware and who hide their strategies under apparent amiability; they have no equal in discreet investigation into different people's lives...
Party: They are capable of starting a tsunami by picking up anyone in any manner. They have fun by discreetly making a mess at the party, it would be better not to invite them!

Important: if you don't recognise yourself 100%, don't panic, you can check out your Ascendant profile for adding to your portrait
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Weak points of Scorpio in family life

Scorpios strive to be reliable but they are secretive, destructive and stubborn
Scorpios are compulsive and intransigent. People of this sign populate their close ones' life as well as their own with their anxieties, obsessions and suspicions. This is a tough sign impossible to tame.

In duet: Scorpios are rather libidinous and are more interested in nocturnal delights (or not!) than in constructing a relationship which they wish to be torrid and therefore, to their mind, complex, even utopian.
In family: Parents Scorpios have to take care not to hurt their offspring in the course of a gush of anger as their criticism is especially well tailored and sensitive children might get destabilized. They are possessive parents, very resolute in their affirmations which sound like sharp blades.

Children Scorpios tend to get shut down in silence, they chew over the same contrariety without end. They have to be lent a hand to find some hobbies but they are bad losers and when hurt they can nurse long-term rancour.

Weak points of Scorpio in the career field

Scorpios are harsh, hateful, distrustful, and rebellious
A Scorpio is a dark element of the org chart, these people's actual intentions are never clear and their sense of manipulation makes them diabolic strategists when their interests are at stake.

These are colleagues whose workplace is only transparent for themselves. Passwords, keyed drawers, not a single hint. If they feel betrayed, people of this sign can transform into a veritable predator, sophisticated and cruel.

As bosses they are of the type to get armed in the shadows, to accumulate complicated and unstoppable strategies for obtaining what they desire and bringing others to follow their objectives.

When independent, they lurk on the lookout for all opportunities that could colour their day. They've got a very sure instinct for detecting their competitors‘ and customers' flaws and turning those to their advantage.

Memo of the Scorpio's weak points: mysterious, obscure and obsessed.

What is worst: Scorpios are fundamental manipulators: this is a secretive creature who weaves complicated nets in the shadows.

Advice: Stay attentive to your inspirations and passions. Your depth and lucidity make you really seducing and your instinct does the rest. Your regeneration power is impressive, and you get through in your endeavors.
But your brilliant intuition is not always so reliable, your charm quickly becomes sulphurous and your bad temper does not always compensate your passionate impulsions. Which by the way scare your potential partners away...

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