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In an astral map, the moon symbolizes our emotions, our way of managing them and the reactions we have in front of a situation. The moon in a sign refers to the femininity of each one of us (man or woman), it colors our temperament, our character and the most instinctive part of the personality. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you discover yours (Note: for birth cities, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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In a natal chart, the moon symbolizes our emotions, our way of managing them and the reactions we have to a situation. The moon in a sign concerns the feminine side of each of us (man or woman),it colors our temperament, our character and the part of the most instinctive personality.

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The moon in the house tells us about the area of life where our emotions are expressed most freely, which makes us vibrate, which makes us react. It has a huge influence on our daily moods and, by extension, our popularity in the environment we live in. Here, for men and women, the meaning of your moon in a sign.

What is the importance of the Lunar sign in the individual?
The Lunar sign helps us to uncover certain mysteries that affect our behavior. Its activity tells us the way to follow in case of doubts, it enlightens us on our questions and allows us to understand that we all have abilities, to each to have the keys to assimilate them and know how to use them.

The operation of the Lunar sign:
Depending on the sex of the individual the Lunar sign acts differently. In women, it is more marked in their youth. The woman is connected to her Lunar sign from childhood, in contact with her Lunar sign she develops intuitions, she remains connected to her Lunar sign, she will reach her Solar sign in her adult life, unlike the Man, who in his young years is bound to his solar sign, it is from adulthood that he will discover the aspects and benefits of his lunar sign. The moon changes sign every two days, so it is very important to know, besides date, time and place of birth to get an exact result.

The Moon is analogous to house 4, and its home is in Cancer. She is exalted in Taurus and exiled in Capricorn. In a natal chart, the Moon indicates how you react emotionally to people and events. It evokes your sensitivity, your creativity, your joy, and your vulnerability as well as your adaptability. It reveals your sense of nuance, the way you express your tenderness and fantasy.
On the other hand, it also induces mood swings, instability, good and bad memories, as well as ups and downs that you could go through. It says a lot about your relationship with your mother and what mother you are to your children. For a man, it indicates what kind of woman he wants to be the mother of his children. If, for example, you have the Moon in Aries, you are enthusiastic then, minutes later, you can get angry over little things. This Moon also indicates that your mother has encouraged you to be bold and independent. If you have the Moon in Cancer, your mood is changing, and your mother and children are very important to you.

The house in which the Moon is located indicates what triggers your emotions, your sensitivity, and in what area you need security. If, for example, you have the Moon in house 4, your parents are guarantors of your feeling of security. If your natal Moon is in house 7, marriage is essential to you and your emotional balance. If your Moon is in house 6, you need a safe job. So do not wait any longer and find out where the Moon is in your natal chart and all it has to say.

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