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Weak points of Cancer

Written by Mary

WARNING! this page is meant to make you smile, not to make you lose confidence in yourself! Before getting depressed, take a look at the list of all your qualities! "The qualities of Cancer"

Their emotionality on the edge and their dreamer aspect lead these people right to sentimentality. They possess unhealthy vulnerability and their mood swings are unmanageable for their close ones. They straightforwardly adopt a really exasperating Care Bear behaviour for crying on their close people's shoulder. In deep connection with their childhood, they find it hard to accept the cutting of the umbilical cord and to pass on to the adult world. Their hypersensibility is very annoying as it is impossible to hold them up a mirror without making them cry. They completely lack control over their emotions. Their regrets about the forever gone past times engender a grim and totally unproductive nostalgia.

Weak points of Cancer in heart affairs

Cancerians are capricious and vulnerable
They are champions of emotional blackmail, always holding a teardrop ready behind their dreamy Pierrot smiles. Their mood instability and capriciousness make them unbearable in daily life.

Single: These are tearful lovers who are only concerned with their own feelings and regress to childish behaviour whenever given an occasion.
In couple: They are capricious partners whose undecipherable moods are often the reason for endless disputes, for reproaches based on frenetic memory for subjective impressions.

They get on well with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces
They don't get on with Aries and Libra

1st decan (June 21 - July 1): This decan is emotionally dependent and unwilling to show initiative. These people hide in a shell of traditional or rigid principles. And they can't stand being alone!
2nd decan (July 2 - 12): People of this decan feel very fast and precisely what feelings you have for them and they easily play their charm for attracting and then manipulating a partner who will take care of them and act comfortingly.
3rd decan (July 13 - 22): People of this decan need a strong and protective partner. They tend to totally rely on the other one. They are not motivated by great ambitions, a taste of risk or success, being anxious by nature.

1st decan (June 21 - July 1): These women make enormous sentimental errors since they expect their Prince Charming and a potential father in addition. This is a woman who doesn't know how to break up any type of relationship and who manifests infantine and often excessive reactions.
2nd decan (July 2 - 12): This is a secretive woman who explores the other person's feelings, avoiding any sign of hostility towards herself. She seeks to preserve her comfort and happiness with their only criteria under adorable appearances...
3rd decan (July 13 - 22): These women often disguise their weaknesses under exacerbated motherly attitudes, possessive and exclusive with their close ones. This is a fearful woman who often lives in apprehension of potential disasters.

Weak points of Cancer in friendships sphere

Cancerians dramatize, they are naive, lunatic and suspicious
Their lunatic moods make them capricious and vulnerable. Their chronical anxiety pushes them to dependencies that can be harmful at times and their plaintive nature can discourage the best intentions.

Long-standing friendship: Cancerians dramatize and take zero account of real facts, solely relying on their impressions distorted by their overflowing emotions. They are suspicious, slightly paranoid and are often snared by their own contradictions.
Party: They don't adapt, depending on their mood they can make a show, to great shame of their close ones, or lock themselves in a well-visible melancholy which will discourage the best intentions.

Important: if you don't recognise yourself 100%, don't panic, you can check out your Ascendant profile for adding to your portrait
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Weak points of Cancer in family life

Cancerians dramatize, they are naive, lunatic and suspicious
Cancerians are indolent by nature, a submissive type of person, their sensibility is not offended since if they feel hurt they oppose and stand up for a long time, obstinate to any influence. This is a capricious sign that you'd better not rush.

In duet: Cancerians are hyperemotional and in endless need of being reassured like kids, very picky for proofs of affection and can be stifling, exhausting and affectively avid.
In family: Parents Cancerians are brood hens who oppress their offspring with paternalistic and obsolete advice, with unjustified anxiety and emotional threats which turn to blackmail just too fast (while thinking they are model parents).

Children Cancerians are hypersensible, their moods are changing. These are kids greedy for food and for signs of affection. They are disorderly due to their hoarding, timid, suspicious and introvert.

Weak points of Cancer in the career field

Cancerians are inconstant, passive, tormented, hypersensible
Cancerians are very dependent on their emotions and feelings, their work is erratic as well as their assiduity. When they make up their mind to take up an initiative, their false perceptions and vulnerability are however open doors to error.

As colleagues they are whiny and make the ones around them pay for the least annoyance suffered from beyond; they punish by heavy silence full of bitterness, sealing the atmosphere.

As bosses they take their subordinates for kids and don't really trust anyone. They are not always as courageous as they expect others to be...

When independent, they are lunatic and forget their commitments, finding awkward excuses for getting out of business and weeping as soon as a problem occurs.

Memo of the Cancerians' weak points:: anxious, childish, cyclothymic, vulnerable

What is worst: Cancerians are fundamentally capricious: under their languish they always achieve their goals.

Advice: Preserve your feelings' delicacy and your protective affection. Your prudence shelters you from harsh blows and your responsive sensibility endows you with really subtle charm.
However your moodiness makes you capricious and vulnerable. Your chronical anxiety pushes you to harmful dependencies and your plaintive nature can discourage the best intentions. Stop dramatizing everything!

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