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How to face your Virgo's weaknesses ?

Written by Mary

WARNING! this list of defects is deliberately ironic and obviously does not depict your real personality! Also discover your assets and your magnificent potential by following this link! "The qualities of the sign of Virgo".

The crazy Virgo dozing in herself is a whole program all on her own! This is a veritable rebel who says no to any form of authority and does the absolute inverse of what she is asked to do. Rather cold and severe styled, these people totally lack spontaneity. Their close ones get rapidly annoyed by their habit of blurting out snap judgements on all the things. In a word, this is a pain in the neck type splitting hairs and taking themselves seriously all the time. They get offended for the tiniest reasons and their natural skepticism quickly transforms into a total paranoia. From the neurosis point of view, they cultivate their obsession with details which brings them to acquiring a sickly type of maniac behaviour. Useless to add that these people are not really sociable and often grumpy. Which proves that the wise Virgo acts all in extremes!

Weak points of Virgo in heart affairs

Virgos are critical and strict
Their rigour rapidly changes to depressive maniac behaviour and their quick-wittedness turns to sarcastic cynicism which makes them unpopular. They are haunted by objectless anxiety induced by insignificant details and they are poor at relaxing!

Single: They are timid lovers who murmur faint and unclear compliments. They are always dressed up to the nines in a more maniac that seducing manner.
In couple: These are suspicious partners who put their feelings to the background and are mostly interested in the thousand domestic details that the relationship induces. They are in serious lack of romance!

They get on well with Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus and Cancer
They don't get on with Gemini and Sagittarius

1st decan (August 23 - September 3): People born in this decan are intellectual, rationalizing their feelings and emotions. They are often conservative in love, preferring approved recipes like marriage to passionate but unstable adventures.
2nd decan (September 4 - 13): People born in this decan are affectively inhibited and find it hard to verbalize their feelings. They easily confuse emotion and weakness and this permanent self-discipline shapes their strong character playing the card of modesty and subtlety.
3rd decan (September 14 - 22): People born in this decan are in permanent existential crisis, striving to justify each of their actions and emotions. They are demanding and picky in their relationships, so selective that they sometimes lose all the chances of finding their soulmate.

1st decan (August 23 - September 3): This is a strong-willed woman who manages her feelings as an accountant, with balance sheets and, now and then, overwhelming debts to her potential partners. She is somewhat like a praying mantis...
2nd decan (September 4 - 13): Women of this decan stay back and easily blend into the background. They are dedicated up to sacrifice in order to calm down their pervasive culpability, criticizing others as much as herself.
3rd decan (September 14 - 22): This woman is the highest perfectionist, demanding and picky. She seems hyper organized, multiplying her plans and reviews, whereas she only seeks to organize the great affective confusion in which she often floats.

Weak points of Virgo in friendships sphere

Virgos count, they are shabby, severe and trepid
Virgoans' nervous fragility can't stand any improvisation or amateurism. This discreet sign has not headed plenty of revolutions, but in their corner these people weave a whole strategy for manipulating situations in discretion.

Long-standing friendship: This sign has a modest, needy and tame temper. However these people don't understand mockery or jokes and get offended over a tiniest matter for a long period. Impossible to foresee a wacky vacation in their company!
Party: They can ruin a night out by their endless criticism and poor figure. They are afraid of everything, not very cooperative and constantly recall the smallest dangers, when they aren't lecturing!

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Weak points of Virgo in family life

Weak points of Virgo in family life
Virgos wish to be efficient but they are cold, awkward and anxious. Virgoans are modest up to transparence... When they don't go crazy, next door to hysteria. Their scrupulous calculations make a perpetual balance sheet of all the tiny imperfections their close ones have, undermining their self-confidence.

In duet: Virgos count on their partner in all life's practical aspects; not a brisk of imagination, no sense of humour, and fears as much unlimited as unjustified.
In family: Parents Virgoans rarely let affection come in place. There is nothing spontaneous or natural in them. They fall into the trap of trying to do too well and don't allow themselves any right of making mistakes...
Children Virgoans need being involved in a useful and concise way since they are timid and anxious; they lack self-confidence and possess a restless and impressionable temper. Their imagination is far from overflowing...

Weak points of Virgo in the career field

Virgos are nit-pickers, perfectionists, awkward and cowardly
People of the Virgo sign are focused on their occupations and totally lack hindsight. They don't possess a global vision of situations and constantly stall on unimportant details. There are lots of sand grains in their career.

As colleagues they are distant, introvert and frenetic. A typical ant or bee. But when deprived of any recognition, a boss risks having to do without them due to nervous depression or outright revolt act, or even both...

As bosses, their ambitions are modest but they remain highly demanding to the quality of products or services to be offered.

When independent, they find it hard to feel responsible and lack a touch of imagination or of legerity. Everything is designed to be practical, efficient and profitable.

Memo of the Virgoans' weak points: cynical, perfectionist, picky, rigid

What is worst: Virgoans are fundamentally cerebral: they are capable of sealing the ambience with their criticism for a microscopic detail.

Advice: Nourish your intellectual capacities, your moderation keeps you out of numerous misadventures and your professional consciousness promises you a stable and discreetly profitable career.
However you lack hindsight and have no sense of humour, you get into a huff for trivial remarks or micro errors. You are a champion of projection, blaming others for your own irrational anxieties.

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