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Weak points of Sagittarius

Written by Mary

WARNING! Take a step back: this does not concern you personally, this is a deliberately outrageous portrait of your sign's shortcomings! It is high time, after reading your potential defects, to discover all your best assets! "The qualities of Sagittarius"

Despite these people's good reputation they are like a shooting star, superficial and devoid of critical mind. Neglecting details, they improvise in disorder, with no actual efficiency. They are unpredictable extraverts, jacks of all trades running round in circles, failing to keep their promises and parroting everything they've heard. These people are out of any discipline and, for lack of rigorous method, their daily life quickly turns to huge muddle, not to mention that they are always late. Their permanent dissatisfaction makes them feel jealous towards the people they wish to be like. Their inconstancy and familiarity annoy everyone around, when they don't start sermonizing rigid and well-intentioned morals. They are too sensible to tittle-tattle and know better than anyone what is convenient for the others; they spend time blaming the miserable ones who are going through a crisis.

Weak points of Sagittarius in heart affairs

Sagittarians are absent-minded and moralizing
People born under this sign are quick to get excited and get bored equally fast, their good faith does not prevent blunders and flip-flops; in addition these people always feel as if in a competition and can render a relationship really exhausting due to their agitation.

Single: These are lovers who don't keep their promises, seeking to have fun above all and not prone to running after responsibilities. The major part of their seduction is about rather superficial sham.
In couple: These are partners who can't stay in one place, who are in need of endless offers of something new or an adventure. You also have to support their benevolent, if not paternalistic, lessons.

They get on well with Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra.
They don't get on with Pisces and Virgo

1st decan (November 23 - December 2): People born in this decan tend to intellectualize everything: their feelings, desires and impulsions. They are in deep need of conquering or being conquered. At times they cultivate lightsome romantic friendships or establish a conformist life in couple which they will rely on for developing their ambitions.
2nd decan (December 3 - 12): People born in this decan need to go beyond their routine and discover new horizons. This man is seduced by huge spaces, strangers, exotic women. He is in search of a relationship without jealousy, made up of carelessness and comradeship. He often finds it a bit hard to stick with one single person.
3rd decan (December 13 - 21): This is the most serious of the three decans but his ambitions have to be put before his feelings; he expects to be impressed since he needs to admire the one who he will love. He looks for company worth himself, for those who will remain faithful while sustaining his high class. This man is sensible to physical beauty and elegance.

1st decan (November 23 - December 2): This decan is a bit naive in love, these women look for simple and developing relationships but they can't stand routine, which is often contradictory. In their spontaneous sincerity the woman born in the 1st decan can sometimes walk past an awesome story just for lack of depth in a relationship…
2nd decan (December 3 - 12): This decan doesn't cheat in what concerns feelings. These women are affectionate, expressive and adore feeling conquered, even if it is always up to them to decide in the end which turn the relationship will take. There is a lot of idealism in her concept of the couple which she hopes to shed from necessity.
3rd decan (December 13 - 21): These women are slightly authoritarian, moralistic and sometimes intransigent. This is the woman of conviction, generous and dynamic. She will contribute a lot into a relationship but will require as much back. Her keywords are confidence, fighting optimism, solidarity and personal investment.

Weak points of Sagittarius in friendships sphere

Sagittarians are agitated, not really punctual, outrageous and restless
Sagittarians are friends who are often exhausting due to their vitality and agitation, their good will doesn't resist well to their negligence, oversight and pranks both assorted and varied…

Long-standing friendship: These are rowdy friends who it can be difficult to introduce, blunders and awkwardness are their specials, even if they do everything in good faith…
Party: Sagittarians are enthusiastic when it comes to going out for having fun. They rapidly spread agitation not convenient for everyone but which takes up all the space; they are capable of dancing all the night long without realizing they go overboard.

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Weak points of Sagittarius in family life

Sagittarians intend to be bon vivants but they are restless, tedious and negligent
Sagittarians are quick to get excited and rebel as soon as a situation does not look "appropriate" to their eyes. Their personality pushes them to revolt if they feel their rights have been violated, they get on their high horse and then come down to earth outright for claiming and bringing their supporters together.

In duet: Sagittarians are instable, up multiple fronts at a time and often superficial in their affective relationships, taking for acquired what has to be conquered every day.
In family: Parents Sagittarians have to learn to control their ardour towards tempers cooler than theirs. These people are adventurers who never stay at one place and who will find it extremely hard to focus on their children without systematic pontificating.

Children Sagittarians are greedy for exploits, their natural turbulence has to be channelled. They need to express their overflowing vitality and it is hard for them to follow regulations but they accept constraints if the latter are reasonable.

Weak points of Sagittarius in the career field

Sagittarians are pretentious, excessive, careless and rebellious
Sagittarians are nonchalant, in perpetual and often tedious agitation. They lack patience and don't compromise with the work rules and quality.

As colleagues they are moralistic, respectful towards hierarchy and regulations. But if the job framework does not present the same rigour, they are capable of revolting, of leading their own tiny revolution and damaging themselves by recurrent excess.

They are authoritarian bosses who make no compromise with rules though it would be helpful to take other points of view into better consideration.

When independent, they are impatient in their expectations and take risks as soon as the situation seems steady. This is very dangerous for certain decisions, especially in the financial field.

Memo of the Sagittarian's weak points: excessive, absent-minded and moralizing

What is worst: Sagittarians are fundamentally agitated: they never leave anyone in peace and impose a frenetic rhythm to everyone around.

Advice: Maintain your cheerful nature, your exuberant vitality and your wisdom both ingenious and honest. Your expansive aspect makes you achieve better success than anyone, helping you to dig deeper and learn more. Your philosophy is positive and contagious!

But your overflowing optimism makes you unpredictable or nonchalant, and overabundant enthusiasm gives rise to agitation and to detrimental excess. Your high morality should not make you a pretentious or moralizing person.

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