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Complete personality profile of Pisces

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Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and symbolises the end of winter. This sign is ruled by the planet Neptune (the God of the Sea),the planet that creates doubt! Pisces is associated with the Twelfth House, the house of trials and emotions. Learn about Pisces baby's profile.

The decans of Pisces

- The first decan begins on 19 February and ends on 28th February. It is ruled by Saturn. Those born in the first decan have a very rich inner life and hope to achieve a quest which is often unattainable.
- The second decan begins on 1st March and ends on 10th March. It is ruled by Jupiter. Pisces born in the 2nd decan are philosophers and interested in all human issues.
- The third decan begins on 11th march and ends on 20th march. It is ruled by Mars. Those born in the 3rd decan can have two personalities: either an inward-looking personality; or a nervous personality.

To note: For those born on February 29th, please contact us at this address: [email protected] so that we can determine your decan, which also depends on the place and the time of birth.

Learn more about the Pisces rising sign.

Horoscopes for Pisces

You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of Pisces:
- Daily horoscope for Pisces
- Monthly Horoscope for Pisces
- Seasonal Horoscope for Pisces
- Yearly Horoscope for Pisces

Personality and Profile of Pisces

Pisces are born dreamers and are very kind and attentive to those close to them. The main problem they encounter is their difficulty in getting a foothold in reality, and as a result, in managing everyday affairs, making them very volatile individuals.

All about your baby Pisces "Astro Baby Pisces Profile"

Pisces have personalities which are difficult to gauge. This Water sign is variable by nature and has difficulty in finding where he or she stands, sometimes being the victim, sometimes the aggressor. This duality is not easy to cope with. Pisces is a sign that lives in harmony with his/her emotions: sometimes in a good mood and positive; sometimes negative and nonchalant! It will therefore be up to those around these individuals to learn how to live with them and deal with their changeable moods.

Pisces are people who, on occasion, play games to enable them to bear life's constraints. Therefore, as a means of self-preservation, they can become manipulators and liars in the extreme. Turning to secrecy enables them to follow the course of their emotions without disadvantage. Also, rather than be forced to break with their habits, they often prefer to conceal their real nature.

However, Pisces are romantic, sensitive and very poetical. They demand all kinds of proof of affection and need to feel trusted before they open themselves up completely. They often seek out a strong sign to reveal themselves, have courage, innovate and embark on large projects. Preferring to stick to the position of ‘follower' rather than ‘leader', they generally lack initiative and do not always push for the means to achieve their great ideals. Being guided and propelled along will enable them to savour life's pleasures - because that is what they are looking for.

This Water sign appreciates everything connected with the arts in general and especially music - which enables Pisces to express their sensitivity and emotional outlook.

Strengths for Pisces

Pisces is a sensitive and emotional sign, showing great patience and devotion. Pisces are modest in all situations, sometimes giving them an air of being detached from things and reality.

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Weaknesses for Pisces

Pisces have difficulty in asserting themselves, out of concern about upsetting people. Because of this very lack of initiative and wanting to ‘run with the hare and hunt with the hounds', they often adopt the stance of victim. They can thus lose opportunities through lack of initiative and spend their lives wallowing in futile regrets.

Pisces, we reveal to you your most secret defects with our analysis "Pisces defects" !

Particular Symbols for Pisces

Pisces have a taste for the mystical, for anything that brings a change from everyday routine. They also like luxury and anything connected with creativity. They are easily impressionable and have a low pain threshold, though are very sensitive to the misfortunes of others.

Career for Pisces

At work, Pisces, which is a Water sign par excellence, appreciating everything that is closely or even loosely connected with this element. Pisces feel at ease in an environment that gives them enough freedom, as they can only just about tolerate discipline. They are really at home in tasks that combine the arts and creativity. They excel in jobs with a human vocation, such as social medicine and education. Their sensitivity is like a sonar, enabling them to discern other people's needs with astonishing accuracy.

Differences between Male and Female Pisces

The Pisces female is generally gentle, romantic and very much a dreamer. She is capable of completely merging into the personality of her other half to make him like her and be able to hold on to him. She is very devoted and affectionate, and finds it difficult to say ‘no'. Pisces men are excellent fathers, who enjoy their role in bringing up their children. They are very attentive to their other halves, romantic and deeply affectionate. They are sluggish and mutable by nature, living on their emotions. They will sometimes have a tendency to run from their responsibilities out of fear of commitment.

Emotional Profile for Pisces

Sensitive, romantic and a good listener, this Water sign is concerned about well-being: his/her own and that of those around him/her. This sensitivity to others is an asset, as Pisces are always interested in and attentive to their surroundings. To preserve the latter, Pisces sometimes get involved in complex strategies, which can even go as far as lying. In fact, even the constraints of their love-life weigh heavily upon them and that is why they are often said to be ‘escapists'. However, a dominating factor of this sign is the search for unity. This Water sign is very often over-emotional, but is a good at listening to his/her loved-one.

Pisces Sexuality

Pisces are born romantics. They are attentive and often perspicacious, but find it difficult to make themselves understood by their object of desire. In fact, because they sometimes swim in trouble waters, they are often emotionally described as ‘complex', because of their naivety and tendency to be torn between several emotions. They are unstable lovers, not to say unfaithful, but they also want love more than anything else: enjoying life is their real objective. They also like dressing up to look glamorous and very sexy.

Portrait of Pisces

Element: Water sign
Strenght: Perceptive
Weakness: Runs from confrontation
Personality type : Intuitive
Keyword: Versatile
Outlook: I understand
Physical: Feet, veins
Color: Blue, green, violet
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Metal: Tin

Signs that have affinities with Pisces:
- Cancer
- Scorpion
- Capricorn
- Taurus

Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance :
- Geminin
- Libra
- Aquarius
- Leo
- Sagittarius
- Aries
Opposite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Virgo.

Astro Celebrities for Pisces

Famous Pisces include:
- Eva Longoria
- Jessica Biel
- Bruce Willis
- James Blunt
- Justin Bieber
- Sharon Stone
- Luc Besson

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