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How to face your Aries's weaknesses ?

Written by Mary

WARNING! This is a satirical portrait that should never be taken literally! To be more complete, discover the qualities of your sign! "The qualities of Aries". Their impulsiveness leads them to most awkward and unreasonable acts. A sight tickling of their nerves is enough to make them transform straight off into a furious Aries ready to destroy anything on their way. As egoistic as they are, anger is growling when their desires are not fulfilled at the earliest possible moment.

Thus, they are artful at displaying charm and authority to lead their company a pretty dance. They also can transform into a jolly rascal if they feel abandoned. Or what is worse, into a malign creature if their heart's desire slips away from them. However they much too often underestimate their adversaries and could in return happen to be defeated.

Weak points of Aries in heart affairs

Arieses are too idealistic and too hasty
Their impulsive and impetuous nature makes them act first and think afterwards! Even obstacles have a stimulating effect on them and all at once they are ready to come up to the ring and to rise to all the challenges. They easily fall in love and can be disappointed equally fast.

Single: They are exigent lovers, egocentric and impatient, not really keen on a serenely romantic ambience and rather directed towards action...
In couple: They are tiring, agitated partners instinctively targeted to their personal interests. They love themselves by means of their relationships...

They get on well with Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius
They don't get on with Cancer and Capricorn

1st decan (March 21 - April 1): This decan is exclusive, demanding and audacious up to unconsciousness!
2nd decan (April 2 - 11): They often prove to be awkward, uselessly braggartish since, being full of energy and really active in their actions, they lose self-possession faced to their emotions and sensibility.
3rd decan (April 12 - 20): The more they love, the more authoritarian, sometimes paternalistic they can prove to be. The point is that they find it hard to assume emotions related to their feelings, as if this supposed weakness.

1st decan (March 21 - April 1): These women are audacious instigators who seek to exteriorize their energy by overexposing their femininity, unaware of the place they take.
2nd decan (April 2 - 11): These women are never in doubts as to their feelings but their direct and impulsive behaviour doesn't secure them from strokes of distemper difficult to control.
3rd decan (April 12 - 20): These strong-minded women go out of mind when they fall in love. They are often dazzled with their own emotions and their desires are quick to fly to their head.

Weak points of Aries in friendships sphere

Arieses are quick-tempered, intolerant, provocative and reckless.
They are exhausting friends not really disposed to compromise and always concerned about what their friends can yield them.

Long-standing friendship: They've got a short memory, are absent-minded and forgetful to the others' needs. They get back up in a wink and can degenerate polemics into a setpiece battle due to their headiness.
Party: They are strong-willed and not quite apt to compromise, their provocative aspect can give rise to whirls in their company and they are never the first to shut up, even if they should.

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Weak points of Aries in family life

Arieses are suspicious, agitated, rowdy and violent, in word and in deed
They are peevish partners who are only concerned with themselves and are cruelly short of diplomacy; they easily confuse independence and egoism, liberty and indifference.

In duet: Their expectations are often exaggerated and they easily get disappointed, not too much inclined to make arduous efforts in order to keep the fire burning.
In family: Parents Arieses are demanding to their children, tending to impose them their own tastes or opinions which can generate severe adolescent crises.

Children Arieses need endless solicitation and physical activity which turns them into kids of arduous vitality. Their memory is not quite good and their impatience contributes quite a lot to making the lessons hard to learn.

Weak points of Aries in the career field

Arieses are stubborn, flurried, opportunistic and absent-minded
Arieses' work is done all in hurry-scurry when they are not interested, however it can be incredibly long when they get carried away and persevere in a research or a close-up. They are rebellious and disobedient workers who only do whatever they wish and find it extremely hard to work in a team.

They are enterprising colleagues who think they have all the solutions and will someday attempt to trample their work neighbours' meadows.

As bosses they are tyrannical and take little account of their employees' personal objectives and needs. Their desire always dominates general interests and they don't admit any opposition which they immediately turn into critical matters.

When independent, they don't accept anyone's advice and risk losing themselves through their crushes, blues rushes or strokes of insanity...

Memo of the Arieses' weak points: egocentric, impulsive, explosive, stubborn

What is worst: Arieses are totally egoistic: they always think about themselves first.

Advice: Nurture your dynamism meticulously. Your willpower and even combativity often makes you look seducing and your vivacity can yield you lots of opportunities. Your audacity gets you to the top of attractive challenges...
But your egocentricity, aggressive at times, can be shocking, your impatience makes you miss great deals, your imprudence is sometimes dangerous and your lack of tactfulness pushes you off eventual affinities.

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