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Color of number 5: orange
Element of number 5: Air
Planet associated to number 5: Mars
Corresponding letters of number 5: E, N, W.
The 5 represents above all freedom and movement. It is associated with the five senses, which shows the importance of fulfillment for those who are under its influence. Its driving principle is to experiment. Moved by an insatiable curiosity, the 5 is not afraid to try things, to change behaviors, country of origin or entourage.
The 5 adore, moreover, share his impressions with others, get rich with what he brings ... Leave to continue his journey even further, without warning. It is not for nothing that the world has 5 continents! 5 is also important in Chinese astrology, which is based on five elements: fire, earth, air, water and ether. This implies a perpetual search for balance between these different essential forces of the universe. Instinctively, the 5 is still in this quest.
The qualities of number 5: mobility, optimism, energy, confidence, joy of living, sensory, creativity, extroversion, communication.
The defects of number 5: instability, irritability, inconstancy, exaggeration, eccentricity, frivolity.

The number 5 on the heart side

The 5 is a great lover or romantically beautiful, but it is not sensitive to the conventions. He looks above all for the exaltation of the senses: the 5 is not so inclined to platonic relations. He looks for passion and hates banality. Love, for a 5, is an adventure where everyone can express their true potential. We want to grow by the influence of the Other, which is seen as the best, the most exceptional. The 5 needs big romantic declarations, but also moments of sensuality. It is therefore demanding and is not made for routine. His taste for change may also be incompatible with a long-term, classic married life. Moreover, the breaks can be sudden, since it goes away when it is disappointed.

The number 5 at work

With his enthusiasm, the 5 is thrown into his career without asking any questions. He chooses a way or a job by passion, without asking questions. This is often the result of an instinctive attraction, especially for the branches that allow him to express his creativity. He is very good at imagining innovative solutions, out of the box, as they say. The 5 also has the ability to coach a team, He can also be a remarkable leader, inspiring. However, it does not waste time completing administrative records, nor to control and even less to be controlled. In the same vein, a 5 will not stand to stay all day behind his computer in the office. He needs exchanges and movement in his professional sphere too. Going out of the blue to negotiate a contract, that suits him perfectly.

The shape of number 5

The 5 is endowed with a muscular nature and carried with the effort. Movement and therefore sport, if possible in the open air, are essential. He will be able to evacuate his tensions or his frustrations. Beware, however, because it has a large reserve of energy, it must sometimes spare. With his craziness to try anything, the 6 does not live cautiously. He may have problems on that side. In addition, because of the influence of the air element, its lungs and airways may be the most exposed organs. Attention to excesses: alcohol, tobacco, too short nights: 5 tends to cumulate.

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