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Understanding number 7

  Written by Alison

Your personal number is 7

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Color of number 7: purple
Element of number 7: Water
Planet associated to number 7: Uranus
Corresponding letters of number 7: G, P, Y

Synonymous with spirituality, absoluteness and knowledge, 7 is a mysterious number. We find its symbolism in many religions or myths: the 7 days of the week, the 7 colors of the rainbow or the 7 chakras, among others. In other words, the 7 is the reflection of the divine world in the natural world.

The 7th represents a unique goal, which we call all his wishes. The person born under this influence has great wisdom and greed. Often, he relies on himself to advance in life and loneliness does not bother him. This allows him to draw from it the resources necessary for its progression. Note that the entire life of a 7 is strained towards this idea of improvement, even if it does not necessarily translate into material success.

The qualities of number 7: authenticity, spirituality, depth, wisdom, prudence, inner life, quest, erudition, prudence.

The defects of number 7: introversion, muteness, confinement, skepticism, egoism, rigidity, lack of practicality.

The number 7 on the heart side:
The initial thrust of 7 is mainly to discover itself. He is not afraid of loneliness and does not necessarily want to build relationships, let alone focus on a couple. Although he lives in two, he will always keep a great place for a one-on-one with himself. However, especially when he is young, the 7th can be contradictory. He aspires to a sentimental balance that would reassure him. Then, he would be the first to claim his independence. Or, he cannot help, by his attitude, to curb the ardor of the Other. Distrustful, introverted, withdrawn, he does not express his feelings too much and thinks that everything flows freely. It can also be disconnected from the realities of everyday life, unable to think about it. On the other hand, he has a penchant for platonic loves or atypical relationships, strongly based on spiritual exchanges.

The number 7 at work:
With a strong power of concentration, the 7 is made for studies. Moreover, he is much more interested in intellectual specializations than in manual trades. The ideal, for a 7, would be to be hired and paid to continue his research throughout life. He could either devote himself to science or, more often, to questions of ethics or philosophy. As a team, he does not always know how to share and is impervious to the imperatives of production. He does not seek glory but knows how to be serious and reliable, within the limits of his mission.

The shape of number 7:
Let's start with good news for the 7. Namely, the mind directs the body, which is especially true in its case. Everything will depend on his inner confidence but if he cultivates this wisdom, the 7 will be fully able to address the physical glitches or changes in his body. When it comes to healing, 7 also prefers natural remedies, especially plants. Thanks to his reasonable way of life, even ascetic, he does not commit excess. While meditation helps him find inner calm. In addition, the icing on the cake, the 7 is one of the lucky ones who age with philosophy, or who know how to take advantage of it. In relation to the negatives, the 7 must watch his back, his joints and beware of colds.

Understanding number 7 - 1 comment

I like it I don't like it
Gemini pinkie, sign for Gemini
Posted the 20/06/2019 at 08:08
my wish is to get a new house or renovate the one I got
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